A quick hello.

We are so excited to announce our new Embrace Grace blog! We will have a fun variety of unique topics that will not only cater to just teen or young moms but also anyone that has a heart for LIFE. I am consistently and constantly amazed by the strength these young moms have – choosing life for their babies no matter what the world might say or think. Their selfless and courageous decision is inspiring. I feel so blessed to be able to walk alongside so many girls during this miraculous season in their lives. I have front row seats to miracles that God is doing in these young girls’ hearts.

Follow us. Bookmark us. Check back often. We will be posting articles about hot topics for teen/young moms as well as having inspirational testimonials posted by girls that once walked in your shoes, and some that are even still walking it out right now.

Are there any issues that are heavy on your hearts right now that you would be interested in reading about? We always love suggestions!

4 thoughts on “A quick hello.


    I hope so many single pregnant girls come across this when they’re feeling desperate and women (and men) from all walks of life see it too so they can get a glimpse of how it feels to walk in the shoes of these girls and how they can be encouraged!!! I have so many ideas but I think it would be very inspiring to write about:

    How lifelong hopes and dreams are not destroyed or put on back burner just because you got pregnant!
    That God can work EVERY SINGLE DETAIL out for good!
    What it means that He died for us and that He can wash us white as snow!!!
    And definitely to share some of the awesome and exciting miracles we’ve seen with salvation stories and huge blessings with provision and situation and everything! The Woah! God stories!

    🙂 love love love everything about this, about Embrace Grace and definitely about Amy

  2. This is really inspiring. I love that you are going to let girls tell their stories of how they overcame with God’s grace. I enjoy hearing other’s stories and sharing mine and seeing that we all have been brought together for a purpose and this blog will be able to reach so many other girls and families. Amy and Salina, you women are so wonderful. Y’all are doing a great work for God and I know that He is proud of the work y’all do to glorify Him. Y’all inspire me and push me to be a better Christian. I love y’all and I thank y’all for everything y’all do. Without you two, I would not have made through some of the things that I had to get through, especially Salina. You took me right under your wing and I have grown so much from spending time with you and talking with you. I love y’all very much. God bless you two!

  3. I could not be more excited about reading the revelations that God is using through this ministry. I love your Heart Amy. To help, motivate and encourage generations of women. The mighty call on your life is clear, and I’m so proud to watch it all unfold. May God give you insight and wisdom from his spirit as you reach out and change this generation.

  4. Awesome that you are doing this. Excited to see what you have in store. Following. Let me know if you need anything! I am a teen mom myself to a beautiful 9month old girl.
    Lahhsweet Life is my blog, based on my experience. it is uncut and very “straight up”
    Incredibly blessed, hope to hear from you soon.

    xoxo, Kayla Hurley of Lahhsweet Life.

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