Happy Mothers Day to all the Single Mommas

Well, it’s Mothers Day. I’m sure for a lot of you it brings many mixed emotions. Sure you love being a mom and it’s a sweet holiday for sure. When your kids are toddler or school age, they love making their cute hand-made cards or a little craft they made at school that always warms your heart. But for a lot of single moms, it feels like a day where what you really would love is some appreciation and validation for everything that you do for your child or maybe even to be able to sleep without a baby as your alarm clock or even to have a few hours to yourself just to catch your breath for a moment.

When your “baby daddy” is not in the picture, (or is too involved in everything OTHER than being a father) and when your babies are little, there is no one that makes your Mothers Day any different than every other day in your life right now. It’s a day full of wiping noses and bottoms, spoon feeding oatmeal that always seems to get everywhere BUT the mouth,  chasing your child around the house to make sure they are safe, bouncing and rocking and doing your baby’s “special trick” that makes him or her fall fast asleep no matter how ridiculous you look doing it, oh and let’s not forget all the sweet kisses and cuddles and baby smiles that make your heart melt and make it all worth it.

Someday, your sweet baby will grow up to be a teen/adult and buy you the cheesy flowers and chocolates and maybe the generic lotion but more importantly, will look back at how strong and courageous their mom must have been when they were small. Raising a baby at a very young age and being the sole provider, disciplinarian, nurturer, chef, maid, chauffeur, nurse and everything else will inspire them to not give up. Most importantly, God sees you. He sees all you do for your child, His child. God gave you this sweet miracle blessing to nurture and teach them to be all that God created him or her to be – He trusted and chose YOU! Out of all the women in the entire world, He chose you to entrust this baby in your care on earth. He sees all that you do and He has not forgotten you. He is SO proud of you! Just know this is just a season and it will get easier. They grow so fast you have to cherish every moment – even the hard ones.

You’ll have your future husband soon enough – God is preparing your heart for him as well as preparing your future hubby’s heart – waiting for that perfect moment when your world’s collide and everything changes. And then when that happens, you might get your cheesy cards, flowers and chocolates … but for now, just rest in knowing that what you are doing in God’s Kingdom by choosing life and raising your baby alone, is priceless.

I love each one of you and there are no words to express how much I admire how hard you work every day. Keep staying strong and cherish these sweet moments just you and your baby drawing closer and closer to God – you’ll look back someday and think about how this was a “sweet season” of your life soon enough.

Want to end with the lyrics to a Justin Beiber song that he wrote to his mom when he was younger…


You worked two jobs
To keep a roof up over our heads
You chose life for me
No you never gave up
I admire you for the strength you instilled in me

You were so young
You were just my age when you had me
Mom, you were so brave
There was nothing that would stop or get in our way
And I know you will always be there for me

So when you’re lost and you’re tired
When you’re broken in two
Let my love take you higher
Cause I still turn to you

It was ’94
The year that everything started to change
From before, You had to be a woman
You were forced to change your ways
To change your ways

Then you found the Lord
You gave your life to Him
And you could not ignore
The love he had for you
And I wanted more of your heart

So when you’re lost and you’re tired
When you’re broken in two
Let my love take you higher
Cause I still turn to you

I don’t know what I’d do if you left me
So please don’t go away
Everything that you are is who I am
Who I am today

So when you’re lost and you’re tired
When you’re broken in two
Let my love take you higher
Cause I still turn to you

Cause I, I turn to you

 Written by Amy Ford

One thought on “Happy Mothers Day to all the Single Mommas

  1. I love reading the things you write. Your words are beautiful and filled with love and inspired by God. Yes, the road is hard being a single mom, especially with three children, but I cherish everyday with my kids, even though they make me want to scream and cry every now and then, but it’s all worth it. I wish that I would have waited on God to send me the man that I was supposed to spend the rest of my life with, but I followed my own desires and they failed me, as they always will, because it’s God’s will, not our own. But, the joy I get from my children makes it all worth it and I would suffer through it all again for my children. They deserve nothing but the best and I intend on giving them the best that I can. For any mother out there thinking that they cannot do it, that they cannot give their kids what they truly deserve….yes you can. With faith and trust in God, you can do anything! I believe the road gets easier, but we have to travel through the valley before we can reach the mountain top.

    Here are the lyrics to a song about mothers and children…this song always touches my heart when I hear it or sing it…I hope that it inspires all you wonderful mothers out there:

    The Finished Product

    “God gave us a special task, it’s a job that we treasure. His hands made and fashioned a little gift to bring us pleasure. He counted us worthy to bring your life into this world. Now, He waits to see what your life will be, oh magnify the Lord.

    I remember you first smile, and how it touched my heart. I’ve known you were a special child from the very start. And I recall your first steps, and how they thrilled us so. We prayed to God above, that in His love, He’d guide each step you’d go.

    Then came your first words, spoken in a childish way. How we longed for our dear Lord to be pleased with the things you’d say. And how we strived to hide His word in your soul to cleanse your way; and purify your heart, please don’t depart, don’t ever go astray.

    Now, we know the time has come when you must start to school. How could we send you to a place where our Lord is ridiculed? Where blasphemies and mockeries are uttered by the score. What would it do to little you? Oh, you deserve more.

    For all you are is what we make you and you deserve the best. We want to plant in you a faith that will withstand every test. We must not fail to train you up in the way that you should go. Everything we say, every move we make, every place we go, every step we take; everything we do will all influence you. What will God say, when we give to Him, the finished product?”

    ~The Sugargrove Singers~

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