Letting Go

Sometimes letting go of what is “comfortable” and “safe” seems SO hard. Maybe it’s a lifestyle that you’ve always had and never known another way. Maybe it just “feels” like it’s right, even though all the facts say otherwise. Maybe it’s a job you keep hanging on to even though you’re boss and coworkers are verbally abusive and rude … maybe it’s that friend you keep hanging out with even though she consistently does things that you have been trying so hard to not fall back into … maybe it’s the family member that watches your baby for free even though you don’t agree with the way she cares for you child … maybe it’s the guy that you keep doing everything you can to make the relationship work just because he’s the baby daddy even though he never puts you first or even second in his life …

 So my question is, by not letting go of these things, what amazing job/friend/babysitter/boyfriend are you missing out on that God has for you?

 I remember one time I got into this really weird fight with a super close friend. I had been there for her through a horrible break up, a birth of her daughter when was all alone, and even through the death of her father. I was the first person she would call and I was her rock through a lot. I am not just saying this, I seriously was a GREAT friend to her. Well one day out of the blue, there was a misunderstanding between her and my husband while discussing business decisions her father had made. It is a very long and boring story but in a nutshell, his heart was pure and he tried to convey that to her but she decided she wanted to believe the worst in him (looking back, I can see how she was still very hurt by her father’s passing and anything said during that season could have been taken the wrong way). With this misunderstanding, she called it quits on our friendship and basically said she never wanted to talk to me again. I was crushed. I couldn’t believe after all I had invested in our friendship, she would throw it away.

 I left for my heartquest the very next week with this fresh wound on my heart. I decided to give this worry to God and I had tried to save that relationship but the door was closed. So I was moving on … and when I was there on my heartquest, I met my very best friend in the whole world, Alyse. God brought me the BEST friend. And even when I got home, I met another girl named Angela that we just immediately connected and have been super close ever since. I really felt like because I didn’t try to chase something that God didn’t want me to have, He blessed me with not only 1 great friend, but 2!

 I remember another time a few years ago, an Embrace Grace girl called me and she was very upset. She had a horrible weekend and she was so worried about what she should do.  She said she had been walking through her apartment complex the previous day, when out of the blue, these 2 girls she didn’t even know walked up to her and told her that their really good friend had been messing around with her boyfriend behind her back for months and they felt like she needed to know. This girl was crushed. She was pregnant with his baby and wanted it to work with him so bad but he had seemed so distant lately. I tried to console her and told her maybe she should just take a break from him and  spend some time in prayer without distractions and really seek God on what she should do about this situation. She then said to me, “Well actually I have been praying every day for the past week for God to show me if I should be with him anymore but I just can’t hear him speaking to me.”  It seems God is speaking loud and clear right now! He is answering your prayer and showing you what to do.

 Well, she still ended up staying with him and went on with a rocky relationship.

 I know it’s hard to let go sometimes … but at what cost? God has BIG and AMAZING plans – He loves each one of you SO much. 

 Holding onto what you are powerless to change is exhausting and impossible. The real fulfillment and joy comes in life when we release control and let God take over.

 God wants to be first in your life. Seek first the kingdom of God, and all these other things will fall into place (Matthew 6:33) Give him control of your life, not part of it, ALL of it. Let Him carry the burden for you. His blessings and plans for you is to prosper you and give you hope and a future. He is FOR YOU. 

4 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. This was such a great reminder! I know sometimes God can’t give us new stuff until we get rid of the old stuff. Thanks for writing this! A hard pill to swallow at times but the fruit of it is verifiable and worth it! 🙂

  2. Such a good reminder to stop and seek God – in all things! That’s how I want to live everyday. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you for the stories of hope in letting go, of the Lord’s faithfulness to love us when we put ourselves in the place to receive His love. Great message!

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