The “Over”Day

 Regardless if it was yesterday, two weeks ago, tomorrow or weeks from now, my son Lolo always refers to those days as the “over” day.  Any day other than today in his mind is the “over” day.  His translation of “over” is pronounced by saying {uh-ver} and it makes me giggle every time he says it!  

 So the “over” day Gateway had a V Carnival for all volunteers and their families.  Amy and I went with our families and we went on many fun kiddie rides like the spinning bear-cups, mini dragon rollercoaster and more.  We rode the ferris wheel and LuLu just giggled the entire time, and LoLo said this makes my brain tingle… I just laughed and laughed at their reactions and explanations of what they were feeling. 

 Oh to be a kid again!  

 I remember when my little man Landan was younger he would ride a rollercoaster or ferris wheel and say “it gets my bobo.”  How funny is that!  The way that kids describe the rush or thrill that they get from the rides is hilarious.

 Well, there was this one ride called “The Skymaster”. I looked at it and said “ooh I want to ride that”  and looked over at Amy… she hesitated at first but then somehow I talked her into it. The Skymaster was like a pendulum style coaster that gets momentum going and then starts to do flips up in the air and turns you upside down and holds you suspended in the air for a bit.  Then continues to flip over and over again.

 Amy and I sat down in our seat, buckled up and the carny guy came over to bring the cage down over us and secure the pendulum.  Amy said, “oh I don’t know about this, I think I want to get out,”  but she was already in and buckled.  He told her you can’t back out now… “I said come on Amy you’re gonna be thanking me once it’s over that I talked you into this!”  

 The Skymaster ride began and at first we just rocked back and forth for a while, but then the momentum started going and we began to flip and were suspend upside down.  We laughed, our tummies were all jumbled up and our bobo’s were being lifted off the seats each time we hung upside down, up and over and all around.  I just kept giggling like LuLu had done on the ferris wheel.  

 I heard a whisper in my ear from God… “this is going to be a WILD RIDE” as we were suspended up in the air.  I knew exactly what He meant when He said it too.  He was talking about our adventure with Embrace Grace and how He is expanding and enlarging us.  I told Amy what I had heard and she laughed and said “I knew it was going to be something!”  She hugged me tight after we touched the ground and she said “thanks for talking me into riding it!”

 God is our Skymaster.  He wants us to go on an fun adventure with Him and really enjoy it!  He wants us to buckle up our seats and be like a kid again (in a sense) and enjoy the thrill. 

 We may not know what tomorrow or the “over” holds in store for us.  We may be up and down and all around at times, but He has a plan.  He is right along beside us on the ride and loving to see our reactions and giggles and even our tears.  He says “Do not be afraid!”  

 Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now, and don’t get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow.  God will help you deal with whatever hard things come up when the time comes.  Matthew 6:34 (the Message)

 I never have to be afraid. Your love never fails, it never gives up, it never runs out on me. Your Love.  – Jesus Culture  

Written by Salina Duffy

7 thoughts on “The “Over”Day

  1. Love this! Makes me think about that other Jesus Culture song “I have a plan for you. I have a plan for you. It’s gonna be wild. It’s gonna great. It’s gonna be full of me.” So glad I’m on this wild ride with you!

    • Seriously!!! This song has been on repeat in my heart and on my phone over and over and over again this past week!! LOVE this song and LOVE you!! It is gonna be GREAT!!

  2. Man… I so needed this- its almost 2am and I just fed Ella… I ended the feeding thinking, “Will I have to feed her again at 3, 4 or 5, too- then up before 7am with Brinley. I am So beyond tired and worry constantly about whether Ella will eat right all day, take good naps, play by herself, sleep at night or how many times she’ll be awake, and whether I’ll be a sane, nice enough mommy for Brin depending on those things. I needed to be reminded that in all situations, no matter how wild the ride, if God is directing it, I can just survive one moment at a time with Him. He’s got it covered. Even though I cry many days out of the week right along with Ella all day (much like today), He’s with me and I am assured and sweetly reminded after reading this he has something for me to gain through this experience, through the tears and all. Thank you for this post, Salina! So good(:

    • jackie i had “God bumps” as i read this reply from you. this was so on my heart even yesterday as i prepared for this post. was thinking of all the late night & early morning feedings, teething, changing, all the day to day duties that mommies have that can get so mundane because it’s the same over and over again. God wants us to cherish even these moments and to know that He is right along beside us cheering us on saying “YOU ARE A DOING A GREAT JOB & YOU ARE A FABULOUS MOMMY!” for your little ones! love you!

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