1 Year.


Tissue paper was flying as the birthday girl opened her gifts. She would pull each present out, inspect it quickly and then toss to the side because the gift bag always looked way more fun. Abby was the star of the party and every move she made, the family and close friends would watch in awe. We would all follow her around on her little trails she would decide to go on and giggle every time she did something cute (which was the entire time).

 I think the entire party I was either laughing or crying. There was so much love for this baby you could just feel it. Even though Abby was only celebrating her first birthday, her life already has impacted many.  

Most of you have read or heard the story of “Jayd.” She was a sweet girl that I had the honor to walk through a season of her being pregnant at 16 and made the brave decision of choosing adoption. (If you haven’t read it, I suggest you read here http://destinyinbloom.com/love-big/) She had baby Abby last May and her life changed forever.

I want to introduce you to the face and the real name behind “Jayd.” Her name is Jordyn and she is STILL my hero.

Jordyn decided that after 1 year, she was ready to reveal her true identity. Along with this reveal, Abby’s birth father and boyfriend Josh would like his story to be heard (watch for his blog post tomorrow). He has been there with Jordyn from the dedication ceremony, at every visit with Abby, to the 1st birthday celebration. His life changed drastically this past year and he is excited to share his part of the journey.

Through this journey, Josh and Jordyn’s relationship has only strengthened. They have had each other to lean on in moments of mixed emotions. They both have grown closer to God and more confident in who they are. They are starting to see the impact on lives by sharing their story with others.

For Jordyn, this year has had its ups and downs of emotions. She gets to see Abby every other month and it is her favorite thing to look forward to. She still rests confidently in her decision to choose adoption, even on the hard days when her heart misses Abby so much. She just looks at her face and sees how happy she is with her adoptive family. She is being raised in such a great family and is loved by so many.

As I sat watching baby Abby opening her gifts while her adoptive mom, birth mom and birth dad sat next to her helping her, it just made me wonder that if girls that wanted to pursue an abortion knew that this could be an option, would they be more willing to save their baby’s life?

When a brave pregnant girl chooses adoption, there are usually 3 choices: open, semi-open or closed. But what if there is another choice?

The only story of adoption in the Bible was the story of baby Moses. His mom had to let him go so he could live. And even after letting her baby go, God still allowed her to have an integral role in her child’s life. Later in life, he knew who his birth mom was and loved her.

So what if there was another adoption option? An option that had more strategic visits and connections that strengthened the bond between birth mom and child? Sure there would need to be structure and rules made to enforce protection of adoption mom and this option isn’t for everyone … but I’ve seen firsthand how, with the right adoptive family and the right birth mom and dad, it could be a relationship that is life-changing for everyone.

We will post frequent updates on Josh and Jordyn and how their lives unfold. God has such great plans for the both of them. They want to be a light and voice for the unborn and to bring awareness to adoption.

Even when it’s not easy, the reward is great.


Josh (birth dad), Tanya (adoptive mom), sweet baby Abby, Jordyn (birth mom)







Written by Amy Ford

Photography by Rachel Kevil

17 thoughts on “1 Year.

  1. This touches my heart! Adoption is a beautiful thing also, there is something called an semi open adoption. The birth parents never get to see baby, but they get updates about their child! Jordyn is an amazing girl and I’m so glad to call her friend!

  2. Beautiful adoption story! I LOVED reading this. Jordyn & Josh your story will positively influence so many to consider adoption.

  3. Tears are streaming and my heart is overflowing with joy. Such love!! Jordyn you are still my hero too and I am honored to call you friend. My human mind can’t even comprehend the way your story is going to impact SO many lives and SO many generations. God is using you in such a big way. Thank you for sharing your life, your heart, and your experience with us. Showers of blessings to you and Josh. Love you!

  4. What encouragement to see so many lives restored ,set free,growing in Love. This kind of adoption gives me so much hope for our future generations. Thank you for your willingness to take the narrow road. Sharing your story will encourage and change the course of history for many .May you all see abundant good fruit and blessing for your sacrifices. Love you

  5. The love and admiration that I have for you both is beyond words!! May the Lord bless you as you tell your story and as He is preparing you for this amazing journey. Y’all are so precious! ❤

  6. I love this story for many different reasons! I am an adoptive momma to a beautiful little boy that is 11 months old. I have an incredible relationship with his teen birth mom (she’s 17) and lives in Texas, in fact, she’s attended at least one of your groups. She’s amazing, she’s my hero and I’m so blessed by her! We have a pretty open adoption. She sees him occasionally and I send lots of pictures to her and even have a facebook set up of the baby for her to see videos and updates any time she wishes. I hope and pray to adopt again someday, that’s how God is choosing to build our family and I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂 Thank you for sharing this story of a Gift of Love!

  7. Jordyn, you are such a strong and brave girl and I am so blessed and fortunate to know you and to know your story. God is so faithful and you are such an inspiration to girls everywhere! Adoption is always an option and I love you so much! I can’t wait to hear both of yalls story and I love seeing pics of Abby she is absolutely perfect! God is so amazing and he shines right through you and he’s all around that sweet babygirl. She is lucky to have you as her mama, what a brave girl you are!!!!!

  8. Abby is seriously one of the prettiest babies I have seen. Literally. You story is going to change peoples lives. I know I don’t know you but I really hope I meet you soon! I am SO proud of both of you guys!

  9. Wow! Tears in my eyes!! Love getting to see little parts of Gods plan unfold, what a precious blessing. You can see the joy in these precious faces…God is so good

  10. Look at the love and confidence surrounding that baby. The comfort of roles. Abby knows who Mom is, and how much Mom loves her, but she also knows Jordyn and Josh love and cherish her. This is an extended family well on its way to many years of happiness. Abby will never have to wonder about her birth parents and why they made the decision. She will be able to call Jordyn and Josh and just ask. Beautiful.

  11. Jordyn, my love for you overflows! I will always remember your prayer box when you placed all your prayers, thoughts, requests and concerns inside and gave them to God. He heard every one of them and has held your heart and been by your side at all times. Even when you might have felt like you were on the merry go round at times; (we still have to go on our carousel ride together 🙂 I am so forever touched by the grace and love shown by you and Josh for precious baby Abby. Praying for so many others to Embrace Adoption the way that you have. You are paving the way for this new journey of adoption for the birth parent’s, adoptive parents and the child. Such a beautiful story to see unfolding and new chapters to be written. Showers of blessings to all of you!

  12. Y’all got me crying at work!! I LOVE these pictures! You can see just how much love there is for Abby and the amazing work that God is doing in everyone’s life that’s involved!! Jordyn and Josh, you guys are seriously my heroes and I absolutely love every second of being around you! You shine light into every room that you enter and bring a sweet fragrance that lingers when you leave. I know that God has incredible blessings in store for you! Love you!!

  13. Every time…. I am left with tears and a full heart. Your story is being heard sweet friend. Your boldness and transparency is changing lives.

  14. I love you both for what you have given Abby and the adoptive parents. Your unselfish love has made their lives perfect. God will reward you all with his love. Love you Jordyn and Josh so much.

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