Free to be ME!

Today is a day of Celebration!  It’s a day where America celebrates our Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776.   Let Freedom and Liberty Ring!

You may be celebrating this day with friends and family at the lake, or the beach, or watching a parade, or having a picnic, or maybe you have a day off from work. You may be planning to watch a spectacular firework display and oohh and ahhh at all the amazing colors in the sky.  Yes, today is a day worth celebrating for sure.

A few years ago on the 4th of July the meaning of Freedom took on a whole new perspective for me.  I began to see things differently.

When I was six years old I remember hearing a gentle whisper at church (when I was in the bathroom of all places).  It was just me and God in the bathroom stall.  I was so little and I know that it was God speaking to me, even at such an early age.  But, I began to listen to the louder voices that told me you really did not just hear that, you are just imagining that, you can not possibly do what you think you just heard, you are just a kid, who will listen to you?

I listened to those voices and agreed with them for a long time. I began getting older and seeking my independence from my Mom, and others that I had normally looked up to.  Wanting to do things my way, when I wanted it, how I wanted it, my way, my way. I really felt that I could do all this, this thing called life, all on my own, that I did not need others in my life to tell me what to do.  I was big enough right?  I was old enough to make my own decisions.  I walked in a season of rebellion, not even really wanting to listen to God and what He wanted and desired for my life.

Wow, was I ever mistaken.  I discovered that not only did I need my Mom in such a big way, I had a dependence for Jesus in my life that I had not experienced before.  Sure I had believed in Jesus and said my prayers, but I did not know how dependent upon Him I truly needed to be. I began to really depend upon His way, His truth, His will, His timing, His choices for my life.

You see, Jesus always gives us a free will and our own choice. He will not force himself upon us.  He will wait until we are ready to depend upon Him.  When He whispered that secret to me when I was just a little girl, He gave me a choice to believe the truth, or choose to suppress it so far down inside of me that it was forgotten for many, many years.  I believed the lies that I had heard.

You will know the truth and the truth will set you free. John 8:32

Now I am choosing to believe the truth.  He has gently been reminding me of those whispers and I am trusting Him and believe that He is strong enough for me.  That it is not in my own strength that I can accomplish what He is asking me to do.

 God arms me with strength, His perfect way sets me free. 2 Samuel 22:33

But, it is when I place my hand in His hand and say Jesus I can not do this alone.  I am fully dependent upon you.  I need you Jesus to come to my rescue. You will deliver.

Sometimes I believe that I can do anything yet other times I think I’ve got nothing good to bring. But you look at my heart and tell me that I’ve got all you seek. I’m free to be me and you’re free to be you- Free to be me by Francesca Battistelli

We are:

Free to live

Free to give

Free to love

Free to be me, the girl that Jesus created me to be.

May this 4th of July be a sign of declaration of your DEPENDENCE upon Jesus.  He paid the ultimate price for you. To give you freedom. When the fireworks display a beautiful spectacle with a vibrant array of colors in the night sky, may you experience the true meaning of freedom in a whole new way. This land was made for you and me

 You are free to be you!


Jesus take my hand. Show me what to do. I know you understand what I am going through.  

I will trust you.

Written by Salina Duffy 

2 thoughts on “Free to be ME!

  1. We loved this, it was very moving. encouraging & inspirational!! We love you and how you are letting God use you to minister to the least of these.

  2. Salina,
    You are such a gifted writer! Every time I read one of your blogs they inspire me! Such a beautiful declaration of Dependence! Which gives the ultimate Independence! Keep up the good work! Love you bunches!

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