Winner of Dream Big Challenge!

A few weeks ago I challenged our readers to a Dream Big Challenge!  I received awesome submissions it was hard to choose. Nothing gets me more excited than women dreaming big and actually taking the steps to achieve it.

I’m SO excited to announce that my sweet friend Olivia Boyd is the winner!!

Olivia was in Embrace Grace a few semesters ago and I instantly fell in love with her. She is a little shy but when she speaks, everyone listens. Her heart is SO sweet and she LOVES life to the fullest. She has a giggle that is contagious, the cutest freckles ever, a sparkle in her eyes and I love the way she takes every day moments and make lasting memories with her gift. Olivia is a photographer and owns Olivia Brooke Photography and her dream is to be able to do this full time so she can have a flexible schedule. She wants to be able to spend as much time as she can with Layla while being able to do what she loves – shoot!

“The reason why I love photography so much is to show people how extraordinary they are and how beautiful God made them … especially when they can’t see it themselves. God gave me this cool talent to see the world like no one else sees it. I want to show the world and people how I see them and how God sees them!” – Olivia 

After the Dream Big Challenge was posted, Olivia went into action:

1. became an official business owner of Olivia Brooke Photography by getting her business license.

2. bought an ad in our church business directory. It was expensive for her but she just went for it. (We go to a giant church so this will be very helpful!)

3. made her pricing guide, business plan, contract, terms of agreement, and signed up to get her tax ID number. 

She’s legit!!

“I mean basically I’ve loved photography for as long as I can remember. It started out without a camera though. I just saw things different from other people. Now I’ve learned how to show people what I see, which is really fun for me. I honestly love going into a shoot and hearing girls or parents worried the images will be terrible because they think they aren’t beautiful or have hyper kids, but after they see the images they’re like, ‘what that’s me?’ or you’ve captured my child’s personality so well. That’s so rewarding to me. Showing someone how gorgeous they are and giving them that boost of confidence would be worth taking pictures for free. I just love it. At first I thought God had given me a useless talent ministry wise, but after I got pregnant and joined Embrace Grace, He opened me up to a whole new world. He showed me how I could bless these girls and people simply by doing something I love.” – Olivia

I am SO proud of her. She isn’t just thinking, “maybe someday I will …” or “after this or that happens, then I will be able to pursue my dream.” She is a young single mom and she isn’t letting anything stop her from dreaming BIG and making it happen.

I have used her several times and have been blown away every time by how unique and special each photo was. She has a gift and she knows how to use it. Check out her website for rates and contact info!

“I mean that’s me. The quiet girl with big dreams and eyes open taking in the world in a whole new light.” – Olivia  

8 thoughts on “Winner of Dream Big Challenge!

  1. Wow, so inspiring!

    Olivia, thank you for sharing your story and blessing others with your amazing talent! It will be so fun to hear how he blesses you by taking that jump. Go God and go Olivia!!

  2. Hi Olivia, This is Janie Raynes from Kings River Worship Center Church where your dad and mom went , I know just how proud they are of you, but I want you to know how much I am to. For a young woman to go after a dream and gift God has placed within you is so exciting and challenging and very responsible. I pray God’s blessings upon your life and may he be with you and your baby and always be your strength and peace no matter what you face. Your pic’s shown are fabulous, wish you were here we need a family pic done. 🙂

  3. Hi Olivia, This is Dennis Miller long time friend of your parents. Congratulations and proud of you for recognizing your talent and using them for HIS glory. I totally get the, “to see the world like no one else does”. If we can all get those great pictures out and share more WOW!!!

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