So Charming …

ImageI haven’t wore it in a while because I’m always on the computer working and it just gets in the way and jingles too much but I still LOVE it. I love all the meanings of each charm and how God showed me through nature or circumstance around me, His dreams for me and how much He loves me. Salina still wears her ALL the time and God speaks to her so much through nature. Every time I have an out-of-the-ordinary encounter with nature, I call up Salina and ask her what it means … and she always has an answer. I pulled out my journal read through what God showed me and Salina:

Ladybug :: God loves his little ladies. It’s a promise of His love and was given to Salina about all of us and His Embrace Grace mommies and babies. 

Butterfly :: New Life, New Beginnings, Transformation

Deer :: God showed me a mommy deer with her baby following and they were crossing a stream and taking a drink. I need to be a mom to my kids and lead them to His still and quiet waters. 

Book (open) :: this goes with the prophecy I received, that I need to write a book or stories that God has been writing on my heart. ** This is happening right now! 

Bee :: this goes also with a vision someone had of me (that didn’t even know me), of a busy, busy bee flying around pollenating His word into women’s hearts around me. 

Chair :: Mercy Seat. To go before God and stay clean and pure before Him. 

Teapot :: This came along after I served in the kitchen on a HeartQuest  … to always be serving everyone in my life. 

Baby Carriage :: this is my Embrace Grace charm. To always be praying for the mommies and babies. 

Broken Chain :: Alyse bought me this one. It represents my freedom in Christ and I have been set free. 

3 Colored Crystals :: Jess, Mackenzie and Landry – their birthstones. To always pray for my children. **I need to buy Judah one now!

Lizard :: to stop having a life of “busyness” – take time to rest. 

Tiara :: I am a daughter of the King. (I have 2 of these)

Crystal Cross :: Just a cool cross 🙂

Hummingbird :: Don’t make a “buzz” about myself. It’s not the Amy-Show everywhere I go.  **And my sweet friend Beth added a new meaning to this: JOY. 

Letter :: God has given me love letters from Him – just a reminder to just listen for it. 

Pearl :: Alyse gave us pearls on our HQ. She has written a beautiful story of how a pearl starts out as a grain of sand and it is formed by the waves crashing over it over and over … and how sometimes we have to go through hard times in our life to be formed into a “pearl” – the woman that God created us to be. 

Lightbulb :: It says “The Lord is my Light” on it. It represents my Radiance trip I went on. To radiate His light everywhere I go. 

Wedding Ring :: to always pray for Ryan and our marriage. 

Best Friend :: it is half of a broken heart, a best friend charm and Alyse has the other half of it. We are HQ bf’s and hold each other accountable. I have a diamond crystal also on it that is her birthstone and she has mine on hers. 

Prayer Box :: a cool little prayer box that Laurie bought me. I can put little prayers inside. 

Sword :: to always fight to keep my freedom in all areas of my life.

Bridge :: also from prophecies I have gotten from 2 different people, 2 different years. That God sees me as a bridge, a connector of people to God. 

Moses Basket :: this represents the baby that was saved at a Planned Parenthood a few years ago. 

Snowflake :: Salina bought me this one. He washed us white as snow. No stains and no stones. 

Mirror :: Laurie bought me this one. It represents for me not to be consumed with my outside but more on my inside. 

Fire :: In the Old Testament, if you wanted to talk to God, you would go to the tabernacle and there were a series of steps you had to do before you could even go into His presence. In the tabernacle there was always a fire burning for the sacrifices made and the fire had to always be tended to, never go out.  And if the fire DID ever go out, that is when they knew they needed to take the tabernacle (it was move-able) to another town and set up where God wanted them. So this fire represents to me to always stay in His presence, tend to the fire, never let it go out in me. 

Crystal Heart :: always keep a pure heart. 

Raccoon :: do not wear a mask. Just be me.  

Bird on mailbox :: God hears our prayers. I will blog a story about this soon! 

God is speaking to you all the time … Just open your eyes and see! Is there any nature or a material thing that God uses as a sign to you for something? If you’ve never thought about it before, ask God to start speaking to you in that way – and even buy yourself a charm bracelet! Journal what you see and hear and then come tell us! 

 “For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see his invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse for not knowing God.” Romans 1:20 

Written by Amy Ford

2 thoughts on “So Charming …

  1. Thank you, Amy, I love the way you are looking for Him everywhere, and that you are being a vessel for His healing light and love. And I especially love the fact that you have not one, but *two* tiaras! Thank you for your radiance!

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