What’s In A Name

I posted a facebook status today about how much my #4 baby is SO loud!! It’s not that he cries … it’s more of constant hollers and yells and squeals and whoops … such a boy. Every time we go out to eat, I’m always walking outside with him before the check even comes because I am worried he is disrupting people’s dinners. He is almost 9 months old but I can see him when he gets a few months bigger, he will probably want to start pointing and hollering and talking a lot.

When we got pregnant with Judah, I knew for sure he was a boy. God had told me … before he was ever even conceived. I’ve always been struck by the story of Rachel, Leah and Jacob. In a nutshell, Jacob totally fell head over heels in love with Rachel. He didn’t have any money to buy her for his wife from her father so he made an agreement with her dad that he would work his land for 7 years to get her. So he worked and worked and at the end of 7 years, it was time for him to take his bride.

What Jacob didn’t realize was that Rachel’s dad was super sneaky and he had agreed to let “his daughter” marry Jacob (he never said which one). So Jacob still thinks he is getting Rachel and they have this big party and they bring out the oldest sister, Leah, instead. Jacob didn’t know he was Leah because she had a veil on and they consummated the marriage, then afterwards realizing it was Leah and not Rachel.  Jacob was SO upset.

He married the wrong sister.

So Jacob was stuck with Leah but he worked another 7 years for Rachel and finally got to marry her as well – so he was married to both of them.

Leah was always jealous of Rachel because it was so obvious that Jacob loved her way more. But Rachel could not have kids and Leah could … so she kept thinking that I’ll just keep having Jacob’s kids and eventually he’ll fall in love with me since Rachel can’t. Each time she had another kid, she kept praying that Jacob would love her … but it never worked. By the time she got to her 4th, she decided to give all of it to God. She was tired of trying to make this man love her and her happiness was all pending on the outcome. She wanted her joy to come from God – not in a man. So she named him Judah which means praise. She gave birth to him and then said, “And now I will praise the Lord.”

We thought that was so cool when she finally just gave it to God, even though her life wasn’t going the way she had hoped it would. When we named our #4 Judah, we felt the same way. We just wanna praise the Lord.

I made Judah a rockstar nursery and all my closest girlfriends threw me an AMAZING rockstar baby shower.  He definitely has genetics to be a musician someday and have some musical talent – by naming him Judah, I’m speaking that into him. His name means praise and I believe that all his little hollers and yells are a beautiful sound of praise to the One that created Him.

With each of my kids names, their personalities and who they are, match what their names mean.

Jess Michael :: {God’s Gift & Who is Like God} At the time of getting pregnant with jess at 19 years old, I really had no idea how this gift would impact my life. God knew what He was doing. Jess is a leader and has a heart to be like Jesus – I’m SO proud of him!

Mackenzie Ryan :: {Fire-Born & Little King (or Queen)} Mackenzie is very feisty and has a great personality. She also is very classy and poised – even her posture is always perfect. She walks around like a little queen although she is so personable and spunky. LOVE her!!

Landry Rose :: {Rose of the Land} Landry is the girliest girl you have EVER met. She LOVES anything princess, girly, pink and purple everything. She is beautiful and is so sweet. Totally her!

Judah Brave :: {Praise & Brave} He is my praise baby – anytime a song or music comes from tv, he just stops immediately to watch – then when they start talking again, he ignores again. He LOVES music and is always hollering when songs comes on like he is trying to sing. I know Brave will show itself some day!

Our words are powerful! Even in our name! Do your kids’ names have a special meaning or story behind it? Share with us and if you don’t know how to look it up, let me know and I’ll look it up for you – I LOVE names! 

Written by Amy Ford

12 thoughts on “What’s In A Name

  1. Keira Sage, means little peace/wisdom.
    And even as an almost two-year-old she embodies it! She is so smart for her age, she watches people and learns. And even with her singing, she brings peace to my heart.

  2. Raeleigh Ann – red meadow/ favor, grace.
    When I think of red meadow I think of Bambi!
    And she is the most sweetest girl and is so graceful!

  3. Layla Grace- Dark beauty, grace

    The story of Layla is about a poet who falls in love with the beautiful princess, Layla. She is cosnidered the most beautiful in the land. In Arabic, the name Layla is a sign of respect and great beauty.
    When I looked up Grace I got these words: Inspired by grace, eloquence or beauty of form, kindness, mercy, favor.
    Now Layla is only seven months old but God just recently gave me a revelation about her name. When I chose the name I really had no idea what it meant I just liked the way it sounded. However, God told me this…

    … Layla will be a highly respected leader (princess). She will lead with eloquence, kindess, mercy and be in my favor. She will be an inspiration for generations to come because of her Christ like beauty and wisdom.

    Really awesome! I speak that over her every day now. Even when I didn’t have a purpose for her name God did. I can’t wait to see Layla grow up in Jesus and in this word spoken over her. She’s my love!

  4. Noah Isaac (Comfort & Laughter):
    “Noah was a just man, perfect in his generation, and Noah walked with God.”- Gen 6:9

    Sarah and Abraham were told to have a child in their old age, and when God told Abraham, he thought he was joking, hence why he named his son Isaac, meaning laughter.

    In my pregnancy I really was seeking comfort and laughter. Noah is the sweetest, most kind hearted little boy, with the most silly sense of humor.

    Harper Leigh (Harp player & in the meadow):
    You’re thinking you big hippie. No, no.. Harper Lee wrote, To Kill A Mocking Bird. One of my most favorite books. A book about Judgement and Justice. I read the book at least twice in my pregnancy.
    “You just hold your head high and keep those fists down. No matter what anyone says to you, don’t let ’em get your goat. Try fighting with your head for a change…it’s a good one, even if it does resist learning.”–Atticus, To Kill a Mockingbird.
    The above quote made me think of Deuteronomy 31:6-8, which is a verse that God spoke to me through.
    When I was pregnant with Harper, my oldest sister didn’t support my pregnancy one bit, her middle name is Leigh. God told me that’s exactly what her middle name should be, and wouldn’t you know that very same sister is completely in love with Harper.

  5. Brinley Elizabeth – Virtuous Princess & God’s Promise

    One meaning of Brinley is virtuous, princess. I didn’t know that when I named her and I use to have issues with the word “princess.” But God spoke to me when she was only a few months old about being his daughter (If He is the most high King, and I am His daughter, I am royalty… I am a princess… Brinley is a princess… and that idea of a princess is a beautiful thing!)

    Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies.
    Proverbs 31:10

    I have always loved that verse, especially since I found the meaning of Brinley’s name
    And a friend recently posted about how the root of virtuous means, “force on earth.”

    Elizabeth means God’s promise. It is also my middle name and I wanted to share it with her, because I knew together we would see His promises to us unfold.

    Brinley Elizabeth is God’s princess; she is priceless; she is a promise of love and hope (which, if you remember, her last name at birth was Hope;)
    And even at two and a half years old, she is definitely already a force on earth, with boldness, courage, and joy like I’ve never seen. She inspires me to live out loud.

    Ella Renae – Bright Light; Torch & Reborn

    Renae is my mother in law’s middle name, also. We wanted another family middle name with a great meaning.

    You are the light of the world — like a city upon a hilltop cannot that be hidden. (Ella)
    Matthew 5:14

    This means anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. the old life is gone; a new life has begun! (Renae)
    2 Corinthians 5:17

    These are the two of my favorite verses when I think of Ella’s name. She will be a light to everyone she meets. Her light will shine so brightly it will not be hidden.
    And I think of butterflies when I read that second verse… Transformation and rebirth… She is my butterfly baby.

    We pray over our girls for God to call them to Him at an early age and soften their hearts to hear His voice call their name!

    The gatekeeper opens the gate for him, and the sheep recognize his voice and come to him. He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out.
    John 10:3

  6. Kade Anthony:
    Kade means from the wet-lands or round. I like to think the round means well-rounded, which he is! He is happy, loving, smart, funny and has the cutest and sweetest little personality and also has a little spunk and spark to him as well!

    Anthony means flourishing which I love as well because Kade is always naturally just overflowing with love and passion for whatever he’s doing. No matter if it’s coloring a picture or speaking about God. He is always overflowing with love and my number one goal as a mama is for Kade to be flourishing and thriving in his environment regardless of any statistics that our life falls under. And I must say, so far, I feel like we are far passing statistics and he is definitely growing, learning and excelling in everything he does!

    I loved reading this! And I love everyone who commented on it! I love your kids names and I also love all the kiddos whose mama’s posted! Names are amazing and I love the meaning behind them! This was a definite plus to my day reading this because just earlier I was looking up names and for my next one I love the name Jace because it means Healer! 🙂 xo

  7. It took us a while to come up with a girl name for our second child until I felt strongly that her name was supposed to be Gabrielle. It means “God is my strength.” As it turned out, something happened when she was days away from being born that landed me in the hospital. I had a fetal monitor on as a precaution, and because of that they saw that our baby girl would stop breathing for long spells. She was delivered by emergency C section, and they never figured out why she stopped breathing. She was born totally healthy. God was surely her strength and He saved her precious life!

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