Rest & Replenish in Battle

Sorry it’s been a little quiet so far this week. Our family got hit with a nasty stomach virus. It started with Landry on Friday. The teacher called me and told me that Landry had vomited and she needed to be picked up. The rest of the day Friday it was non stop and then Saturday she just laid down all day doubled over because her stomach kept cramping.

Sunday Mackenzie was supposed to get up at 6 am for her first triathlon that she was SO excited for but woke up at 3 am puking. It basically was an avalanche effect after that. We all were affected except for baby Judah. He has such a great immune system.

Our little “bug” that we were attacked with, got me thinking about a few things. First of all, how everyone always says when we are sick to drink plenty of fluids and to rest. We don’t really have to do much at all. Our bodies are capable to fight off the uninvited trespassors while we are resting. The fluids that we drink keep our body hydrated and revitalizes our body with energy to keep fighting. We don’t feel it or know it but there are all kinds of battles going on just while we’re resting and in a few days, things usually get better.

If I had tried running around doing whatever I knew to fix what the symptoms were, I would be delaying the process of healing. If I thought working out would make it better, or maybe eating some kind of magic food or just anything other than resting, it would have been a waste of time. Yes, maybe I could have taken some medicine to relieve the symptoms but the culprit (ie the virus) wasn’t going anywhere until my body finished fighting it off.

So you know where I’m going with this right? ūüėČ

So what if we applied these principals of rest and replenishment for the spiritual battle going on around us? There is always a battle going on in the spiritual. The scripture says that our enemy, satan, prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour {1 Peter 5:8}. Satan is always whispering His lies, stirring up our past, or just plain drama, to try to get our focus off of God and what He has called us to.

God can fight our battles. I have been in situations where I got into a disagreement with someone and satan would start in on the lies. I would think stuff up that the other person was talking bad about me behind my back and I wasn’t there to defend myself. I would get myself so worked up about it and wonder if I should just go call everyone I know and tell my side of the story “just in case” the other person got to them first. You know how it goes, basically it all just consumes you.

I started taking another route the past few years and it works SO much better. Just rest and replenish. God is there to fight your battles.

REST: Don’t try to fight when God can do it for you.

“The¬†Lord¬†will fight¬†for you; you need only to be still.‚ÄĚ {Exodus 14:14} “You will not have to fight this battle. Take up your positions; stand firm and see¬†the deliverance the¬†Lordwill give you, Judah and Jerusalem. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. Go out to face them tomorrow, and the¬†Lord¬†will be with you.” {2 Chronicles 20:17}

REPLENISH: Spend time in the word and with God

“Like newborn babies, you crave pure spiritual milk that by it you may grow up in salvation” {1 Peter 2:2} ¬†“Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.” {Psalm 119:105}¬†

I’m telling you this works! There are times when I let stuff eat me up, only to find out God was fighting for me the whole time. I spent all that wasted time worrying about something that I didn’t have to. He had my back. He was my Defender and Protector.

Just like when we are sick, our body does what it is supposed to do, fight our battles. The same is for God, He wants to fight our battles, we just have to rest and replenish, He will fight for you.

Have you ever just gave your worries and battles to God and let Him handle? 

Written by Amy Ford



2 thoughts on “Rest & Replenish in Battle

  1. Amen sister! This is so true and works every time when we let go and let God fight our battles! Love this truth, so many nuggets here.

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