Their buckets will brim with water, their seed will spread life everywhere. {Numbers 24:7 MSG]

My son Logan started kindergarten a few weeks ago.  He excitedly tells me all about his adventures and activities when we walk home together.  Some days he says “but Mom, school is just so long, it’s like a full day!  It just goes on and on!”  Oh to be 5 again!  One afternoon he brought home a picture of a bucket that he had colored that was titled “I AM A BUCKETFILLER”!  I asked him to tell me all about being a bucketfiller.

He says that his teacher showed them that we all have imaginary buckets.  Some may be really big, and some may be really small or some in between.  Whatever the size, you can help fill someone’s bucket daily by doing something kind. Something as simple as a hug or a smile can fill someone’s bucket.  If I obey my teacher and follow directions, then I am filling her bucket.  When I help to hold open a door, share my crayons, or invite a friend to play on the playground, that is helping to fill their buckets.

I asked him what fills his bucket, and he says candy! People being nice to me, my brother playing basketball, daddy taking me fishing, and mommy helping me with homefun.  These are easy ways to fill my bucket.

I thought it would be fun to bring lots of buckets to our Embrace Grace class this past Monday and have sticky notes for all the girls to give their ideas on how to fill other’s buckets. Here are some of their responses:

How can you fill other people’s buckets: give encouraging words, compliments, sweet words and love, cupcakes, kisses, clean their house, be courteous, offer help, make them smile, helping someone in need, inspiration, compassion, kindness, singing, showing respect, childcare

How can other people fill your bucket: friendship, say I am the best mommy, help so mommy can rest, babysit, give massage, tell me I am doing a good job as a mom.

How can you fill your baby’s bucket: love, nurture, diaper changes, sooth, rub his back, be rocked to sleep, more time with daddy, pamper, give her my undivided attention and love her forever, everything I never had, finishing my nursery.

How can God fill your bucket: give strength, peace, happiness, joy, love, rest, comfort, provide extra funds, calm fears, watch over me and my baby during delivery, keep my baby healthy, show me I’m not alone, watch over us, answer my prayers, relaxation, unconditional love, reassurance, confidence, faith, knowledge.

How can we as leaders of Embrace Grace fill your bucket: love, soft spoken words, be supportive, give advice, teach me lessons, wise words, write me an encouraging note, watch my babies, having a social “date”, listen, talk with me, offer hope, help with baby stuff, comfort, support, be a friend.

Joyfully you’ll pull up buckets of water from the wells of salvation. And as you do it you’ll say “Give thanks to God. Call out His name. Ask Him anything! Shout to the nations, tell them what He’s done, spread the news of His great reputation.  {Isaiah 12:3 MSG}

Let’s think of creative ways to be bucketfillers daily.  You never know who might cross your path that needed that sweet smile that you give, also by lending a helping hand, reaching out to those in need, praying with someone that needs to be uplifted, giving that encouraging word, lovingly taking care of your baby and so much more! You are filling their buckets! God will fill your bucket to overflowing.  The more that you pour out to others, the more He will pour back in to your bucket! Has your bucket been filled lately? How did that happen? Share with us!

Written by Salina Duffy


3 thoughts on “BucketFiller

  1. I love this!!! And I love what the EG girls wrote – SO sweet. We did “roses and thorns” last night and Landry’s rose was “my mom helped me with my homework” – SWEET. Something that’s not anything to me, just a few minutes of sitting down with her and teaching her and showing her – was her BEST thing that happened all day! That is the sweetest thing EVER!

  2. This was PRECIOUS!!! Thank you so much for sharing this! What a simple but HUGE LESSON to learn and even be reminded of. I want to be a bucket filler too!!

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