Semester #9 Baby Shower

A lot of people ask how they can get involved in Embrace Grace – well it’s that time where we definitely need you!

We just started a new semester of girls – girls that have either just found out they are pregnant with a baby they never planned on having, or maybe close to delivery, or a few that have just had their sweet newborns. The age range this semester is 16-24 years old. Each one has their own unique story … a new season that is starting in their life.

There are a lot of unknowns and expectant hearts of what their life will look like in a few months. Some overwhelmed with fear and loneliness but come to church on Monday nights holding on to that glimmer of hope that a change is coming. That God will meet them where they are at and take care of them. 

The beginning of the semester is hard as a leader. Hearing each of their stories and how desperate they are to just have peace in their life. Some are trying to make it work with baby daddy and try to make a family out of their unexpected blessing, some are completely alone because the baby daddy left them and could not take the pressure of being a dad so young, some do not even know who their baby daddy is but just decided that their baby deserved a life and that God would provide an earthly daddy some day.

It’s hard at the beginning because I just want to hug all of them and cry with them. I want to encourage them and tell them it’s rough right now but God is here with you and things get better.

What’s cool is this is semester #9 and so we’ve had 8 semesters of seeing amazing miracles happen. Things that cannot be explained but the only thing that makes sense is God … God shows up and shows off. He woos their hearts to Him and blesses them more than they could ever imagine. He takes their mess of circumstances and makes something beautiful out of it – a life. And a lot of times, this gift of life, is what saves the mommas life.

We have the shower coming up on Sunday, November 11th at Paradise Cove at Lake Grapevine for the Embrace Grace Southlake and Frisco groups – that is 34 girls that have an unplanned pregnancy. This is where you come in … this is where you get to bless them for choosing life.

You can “adopt a girl” for the shower. You get a specific list of needs that the girl has for her baby. You will know a little about her like her age and if she has any prayer requests and what she is having (if she knows yet). You and your group that helps provide her list, can pray for her and even be in contact with her if you prefer.

You purchase all her gifts and bring them to the shower wrapped with her name on it. You then sit around her and watch her open her gifts and get to know her and cheer her on. It’s SUCH a fun occasion and it is so cool to see the girls expressions when they show up and see all these women that have come to bless them, that don’t even know them. These awesome givers want to love these girls and look past the sin but love her as a person – it’s life changing for everyone involved. 

This is a fun way to give back!  Sometimes this shower is what got the girls to come to a church in the first place. This is our opportunity to show them what grace and mercy and God’s love looks like. You get to be the hands and feet of Jesus!

Some past testimonials/thank-you’s:

To all of the amazing women who made all of this possible, I don’t even know where to begin.  I feel like you deserve so much more than just a thank-you. I wish you knew how much you have blessed my daughter and I. I think it is so awesome what you guys did for us. You didn’t look down on me or judge me, you just did the complete opposite. I will never forget this. I didn’t even know such caring people existed. Embrace Grace has changed my life forever. You taught me I am not a horrible person like I thought I was and how much God loves me and my baby. You gave me the courage to raise my daughter and made me believe I am going to be a great mom. I don’t know where I would be right now with out all of this help. Thank-you again.

Love Dianna


A thank you to my angels,

Words cannot begin to express the thanks that I have for all the wonderful gifts that I received for my beautiful daughter. I never knew that women I have never met could show so much love and compassion for me. When I started Embrace Grace I didn’t have any idea what the true meaning of grace was, the definition of grace is: the exercise of love, kindness, mercy, favor; disposition to benefit or serve another; favor bestowed or privilege conferred going to the shower I got to experience true grace. I am so thankful for everything that was given to me! I know that I have everything I need to start my life with my beautiful new bundle of joy, and I hope that I will have the strength and power to show another girl that is in my situation the grace that you all have shown me someday. Again thank you for being my angels and for showing me that love, compassion and grace still exist in this world.

Thank you with all the love in my heart,



To who made the Embrace Grace Shower possible,

I do not know where to begin to tell you my gratitude for what you all have done. The shower was not only a blessing for all the amazing gifts we received, but also for being able to see what real Christian women represent. The kindness and generosity that you ladies showed us, complete strangers. It really meant the world to see that these women, strangers do not judge us or look down upon us for the choices we have made. That is honestly a day that I will never forget. I can not thank you enough. Embrace Grace I can honestly say changed my life. I was broken into what I thought were tiny little pieces, then April who I call my angel invited me to this family. They showed me that I was worth something, that I am strong. They taught me the power of forgiveness and the power of prayer. I am no longer broken and without a doubt it is because of Embrace Grace and the love and support they showed me. The next semester I will be sharing my testimony in hopes that it may touch just one girl, and let her know that there is always a rainbow after a hurricane. Embrace Grace is just a stepping stone to get you over that river you never though you could cross. Thank you all again so much. You are proof angels do exist.



You can access the gift lists on the Gateway Bless website and pick a girl to buy the gifts for. Lists are here:

If you don’t want to commit to an entire list but would like to help by sending a gift card or just purchasing one of the gifts, just comment here or email us at – we are so excited about what God is going to do in the hearts of these sweet girls this semester!

Written by Amy Ford

2 thoughts on “Semester #9 Baby Shower

  1. Amy, I love to sew. If I made an asortmant of baby blankets and burp cloths would you be able to use them to distribute between the girls. Not sure how many I can get done but would love to contribute. If this works for you let me know if more boy or girl are needed or unknown. If baby names are known I can embroider. Also by what date would you need them?
    I’m looking for a way for God to use me. Yesterday morning I came across this in fb and it just clicked. I make baby gifts all the time. Hopefully this will work for you.
    Jerine Pieratt

    • Hey Jerine! We would love to have the special baby stuff! i know the girls will love it!! I’ll email you later tonight how many boys/girls we have and you can just see how much you want to help with – SO thankful!! The shower is 11.11.12 if you had time to do before then! And would love to see you there!

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