Above and Beyond

God can do anything you know- far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams.  {Ephesians 3:20}

In preparation for our Embrace Grace class last week about Habitation, open hearts and open doors and was searching for stories and scriptures that would speak to the girls hearts.  In the middle of my searching, I received a call from a friend.  She is co-founder of Food for the Soul.  They meet the needs of hungry kids and families here in Keller by giving to local schools, filling backpacks with meals and so much more!  She said she had received a call from Open Door Ministries in Joshua, TX that had some diapers and items that we may be interested in for our girls and their babies.  She said she would send me more details soon.  I was so excited.  Mainly because my friend Wendy and I were just praying over the phone together for our classes that night for Embrace Grace and Love and she even mentioned in her prayer “God open the doors of Heaven.” Seriously, no joke, less than 5 minutes later the call was received about Open Door Ministries having stuff for us.

That night at Embrace Grace we shared about Habitation and opening the doors of our hearts.  I received a text right before class started with more details and was literally jumping up and down!  This was my rose for the night! Laura said there were 4 pallets of diapers, feminine products, kleenexes, toilet paper and more ready for us to pick up on Wednesday at 11 am.

My husband hitched up his trailer on Wednesday morning and was scheduled to go to a job at Possum Kingdom.  I asked him if there was any way possible that he could reschedule the appointment for another day and drive to Joshua (the town where we both grew up and went to school together, and even fell in love!) and pick up some pallets from Open Door Ministries.  He agreed and was on his way to Joshua to pick up diapers.  We really had no idea how much he was picking up until he arrived and they opened the storehouse.  He said the food pantry was stocked so high with boxes and boxes of food and they were offering him some hot sauce, bananas, basically anything he wanted he could have they said.  He said thank you so much, but I will leave that here for others. I am thankful and grateful for all that, but I really am here to pick up some diapers.

They began searching and then loaded up the fork lift with crates of diapers.  Cory called me and said you are not going to believe how much they have loaded on the trailer.  There is actually 5 pallets and they are full to the top with diapers, wipes, girlie products and more…. Just wait ’til you see it.  He had to stop over at his uncles house and borrow a tarp to place on top of the cardboard boxes to keep the diapers from all blowing out of the crates and onto the street.  Wouldn’t that be a sight to see as you are driving down the highway, and diapers begin flying onto your windshield. Lol! So after his detour and securing all the diapers in tow, he headed home to show me his trailer full of goodies.

He pulled up in the driveway and I rushed home to see.  I was amazed and full of sheer delight.  We both were climbing up on the trailer and digging in to see what all we had been blessed with for the babies.  He was saying look at these, oh and look at these. There is so much here!  I was beside myself!  The more I began to dig, it seemed the more there was to behold.  Boxes were busting at the seams of the cardboard with bags of diapers spilling over.  It was totally beyond what I had imagined!

I began sorting through all the different sizes… preemies, newborns, size 1, size 2, size 3, size 4, size 5, size 6, pull-ups, little swimmers, it was never ending… seemed like they just kept going and going!  Finally got to the bottom of the first pallet and saw 2 cherry seeds… For those that know the stories and theme behind our semester of girls with the cherries, this is a story all in itself.  But I have been keeping a collection of cherry seeds and pass them out as “cherry blessings” and pray over the wombs and their babies as they are handed out.  To see the cherry seeds at the bottom of the box was such a bonus for me! It was like God saying I am blessing my girls with an abundant harvest of fruit and the laboring that you all have been doing is producing a bountiful and beautiful harvest. Whoa God, we receive! I tucked the cherry seeds into my pockets and excitedly began digging into the next box.

After about 3 hours of sorting, I looked up and saw a truck waiting to pull through our subdivision gate, and I began to laugh and motioned for him to stop for just a second. I just had to take a picture.  It was the Above and Beyond Landscape truck that I see periodically and rejoice each time I see it. This time I knew in my heart that God had blessed us above and beyond what we could ever ask, dream or imagine… in DIAPERS!!!

My heart was so happy!

I trust in your love my heart is happy because you saved me. {Psalm 13:5}

The landscaper smiled and drove down the road and he had no idea what I was so elated about.  Something that Jennifer reminded me of was a word that God had given to us last semester when a lady brought a huge load of new baby items to our class and left them at our front door of class. God said I am going to bring things to your front doorstep.  That evening I went home and an Above and Beyond business card was attached to our front door.  I knew things were coming! And to our front door for sure!

We just moved into our new home this week and our new neighbors were driving by as I was unloading and just looking at the enormous mounds of diapers.  Some even stopped and asked “is there something we should know about you two? Are you expecting a lot of babies?”  We laughed and told them all about Embrace Grace and the mommies and babies.  Such a reward and a blessing it is to see them touched by God’s hands of love, mercy and grace.

So after more digging, sorting, and stacking up diapers and wipes, I looked over at one of the boxes I had been crawling around inside and realized something and actually had to lay down in the grass in my front yard, before I fell over from sheer amazement and awe!  I saw a white sticker on the cardboard box titled donate- OPERATION BLESSING!!  For those that read the blog post back in August about Operation Blessing it was something God laid on our hearts to reach out and be a blessing to others by word, deed or gift.  And now God was rewarding and blessing us ABOVE and BEYOND by this operation blessing of diapers galore! Another thought I am having right now even as I type is that on our summer family vacation I was writing down things in my cherry notepad from signs, billboards, trucks that caught my attention and the very last thing that I wrote down after our trip was from an 18 wheeler truck that said Operation Blessing.  Now a few months later that seed that was planted in my heart is coming to fruition. To see all of this unfolding is beyond my comprehension at times! God is soooo good!

Leaders came to our garage and loaded up their suburbans and vans full to the top with diapers on Monday and we drove to Embrace Grace class with smiles on our faces.   So happy and excited about what God was blessing these sweet momma’s and babies with. During class the leaders went out and stacked up piles and piles of diapers galore in different sizes. We passed out little coupons to each mom for them to pick out diapers for their babies and little ones.  The mommies walked out the door of Gateway and were blown away by the huge mounds of diapers at their feet to choose from.  Such a blessing beyond words.  They were blessed beyond measure!

These are some of their reactions and messages from facebook:

 I got child support today and thanks to embrace grace and all of the diapers and wipes I got for cam, I can use child support to buy her warmer clothes and fun stuff we can do together like chalk and learning games ♥ thank you so much for Monday night! – Sabrina


The boys riding with the wall of diapers lol. God always provides for us mommas who have faith ♥ – Jordan


Diapers for everyone! God takes care of His girls & their babies!!! How can you not praise a faithful and amazing God like the one we serve!!!!??? Loveee – Dylan


Thank you so much for the diapers. I was scraping change at the bottom of my purse to go buy some after class and then I was blessed with not just a little but A LOT! -Taylor


Operation Blessing~ Praying and believing for more Operation Blessings to pour out onto the mommies and babies of Embrace Grace and Love!

The Lord’s hand of blessing will rest on Jerusalem. {Isaiah 25:10}

Oh and 1 more thing I just remembered.  After our very 1st Embrace Grace semester, we passed out a single diaper with a cute little ribbon and note attached to it reading: “You are changing the world one little diaper at a time.” 

The diaper changing can sometimes seem like it is never ending, but God sees every little diaper that you change, every little bottom that you wipe, every little face that you wash, and He says thank you my daughter for caring, loving and nurturing your children that I have blessed you with.

Written by Salina Duffy

8 thoughts on “Above and Beyond

  1. this is soo beautiful!!! i was wondering where all these diapers came from!! i am so so thankful for this!! i was almost out of diapers monday and now im set for atleast the next month if not 2!! and i also go a bunch of pull ups which he wont need for a while but still SO AMAZING!!! ❤

  2. This is awesome! Really shows what an awesome God we serve. So thankful for your alls faithfulness in this beautiful ministry. You are the hands of Jesus to so many. Blessings upon this ministry & everyone involved.

  3. I want to say thank you and thank God for all you do. This hits home for me as my daughter/granddaughter are ones that were blessed by God with diapers! She tried calling me that night to share but I had already turned in for the night. So I got a call from her the next morning. She said “Mom, I don’t have to buy diapers for like 2 years.” She went on to tell me what happened and said her back seat and trunk were FULL of diapers and Pull ups. PRAISE THE LORD was my response. GOD IS GOOD….ALL THE TIME!
    Thank you for your ministry. It’s how God brought us to Gateway!! Thru my daughter. I wish my church had something like this when I was a teen mom, instead of looking down on me.
    In Christ,

  4. I am still completely amazed how God showed up and spoke so loudly and clearly through Operation {diaper} blessing!!!! I SO honored to be apart of this ministry. GOD’s hand is over all of us, and he truly does above and beyond for these mama’s that choose Life!! Wow!

  5. Wow Amy!!! This is Amazing! When I talked to you Monday and could hear the excitement in your voice it was great to hear of the diaper donation, but I didn’t even imagine this Much-and just being able to have insight on the different meanings of things along the way just brings sweet insight! Praise God for Blessing these Mommas & their precious little ones!

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