Thanks Dad!

Look with your eyes, and hear with your ears and pay attention to all that I show you. {Ezekiel 40:4}

A letter written to My Dad…

You are my mystery!  A marvelous mystery! I love to play hide and seek with you and search you out daily.  To look for you in the most unusual places. I am amazed by you! How wide, how high, how deep is your love for me. You love to surprise me and send me sweet kisses from heaven in the most peculiar ways. I love to play games with you!  You are the Game creator and maker and life with you is so eventful and you love to play all the time and you love to let me win! 

Our game days started about 5 years ago.  I remember the first day that I began searching for you so vividly!  I was praying and asking you for healing on Logan’s body as I held him so close.  He was so tiny and only 3 months old.  We were at McDonald’s in the play area and a random song began to play over the speakers.  Blue skies smiling at me, nothing but blue skies do I see… at that moment I began to look out the window and saw a blue bird flying over to a tree.  Then a blue volkswagon bug drove by. It was then that our game playing began.  At that moment my faith in you began to stir and grow and I knew even then in my heart that you were sending me a sign that it was all going to be ok.  That my baby was safe in your hands.  The words to the song, the blue bird and the blue VW car was a sweet sign that you were hearing my heart’s cry.  From that day on, each time I saw a blue VW bug I would call out blue skies and smile. 

Then Landan and I began having fun with a new version of the slug bug game and called it the love bug game.  We renamed each of the cars by colors that inspired us as we looked at them. Red VW bug was Jesus, yellow was sunshine, pink and purple were sunsets, black was power and dynamite, white was perseverance, green was new beginnings, cream was clouds, orange was forgiveness, brown was the cross, silver was thightning (a side note: one day during a storm I mixed the words lightning and thunder together and it came out thightning and it has stuck ever since. We all laughed hysterically!) Each time we saw a VW love bug instead of slugging each other, we would call out its new meaning. It was a seek and find expedition that we looked forward to each time we jumped in the car. There was this one place on Davis that had a VW repair shop and I always knew that was my jack spot place.  I would begin calling out all the names and would count each one.  Some days our love bug numbers were up in the 30’s and 40’s!  It was so fun calling them out one by one.  Sheer delight and exuberance would arise when we opened our eyes to see. I began to get so excited and sometimes would scream out “Oooh there’s _____” and Landan would at first get alarmed and think something was wrong because of my excitement.  I learned to tone it down a bit so that I did not alarm my children and husband as much!  

I remember one day Amy and I were at Panera Bread talking about Embrace Grace and I looked out the window and said oooh there’s Jesus!  She say’s whaaaat??? where???? I laughed and said oh, it’s just a game that we play and went down the list of the colors and meanings of the love bugs.  She said, “Only you salina would take the time and really look and see something like that” … The games began getting so much more fun after the beginning of the love bugs! 

God you began to show me signs on billboards, trucks, graphics, and my new favorite is license plates that speak to my heart.  I will be driving and see numbers on a plate and my mind begins searching for a meaning… or there will be words like MOTIV8, JOY2U or ENLYTN or SWTNESS or so many more and my heart begins to smile on the inside and get so happy!  I keep a ladybug note pad close by to record all the cool ones so that I can recall them later. It literally lifts my spirit and gets me excited to see the signs you show me daily.  I even pondered if I could have my own personalized license plate… what would it be?  Last week was the highlight of all plates so far…the letters THXDAD was on a jeep that I parked behind and I had to capture a picture of it.  I said “Oh thanks DAD!”  My heart began joyfully thanking you God, my most amazing Dad for all the big things and little things, happy moments, treasures, delights, highlights, cherished moments, all the signs that you enrichly bring to me daily. I had secretly been longing to see a ladybug for months now.  My sweet friend Kerrie sent me a text pic of one that you sent to her that appeared on her wall during our embrace grace class and she said you impressed upon her heart to pray for me. Thanks Dad!  I replied back to her text and said oh I have not seen a ladybug in such a long time, except the dead one on my stairs that I noticed yesterday. I would love to see a live one!  Then, seriously not even 5 minutes after I began thanking you Dad, you sent me a lady bug that flew over my head.  I only caught a glimpse of her wings as she flew into the branches of the tree beside me as we walked home.  I literally contemplated climbing the tree to search for her. Another five minutes go by and I am walking up the sidewalk and you send me the sweetest kiss!  A ladybug lands on my nose, and she just sits there and I am utterly shocked and trying to take a picture of her.  Logan is enjoying the moment and saying mommy she’s on your cheeks now!  Let me take a picture of you both, but then she flew away to quickly before we caught on film.  Thanks Dad! I so loved that!  Then a few minutes later Logan was in the backyard and picks this purple flower and comes in and places it behind my ear and says pretty mommy!  Ahhh, that was so precious! Thanks Dad for my sweet boys and their love for me!  The ladybug was something so small that I had asked you for, and you surprised me with not only 1 but 3 today!  I have lots more ladybug stories that you and I have shared together and I will always remember each one!  And I love that you call me your lady bug girl! 

Oh and back to the love bug cars, we have seen some pretty cute lady bug love bugs, red with black polk-a-dots, driving around and it makes me smile.  Landan says, “Hey mom, that would be a perfect car for you!”  I laughed and thought yeah if only we could squeeze all of our things into that tiny bug… I love to seek you out Dad!  In the little things and big things, you are always there just waiting to be sought out and to be seen!  If we just take the time to look, to really open our eyes and take a moment to capture the signs and creation that you have placed before us.  If we just take a moment to hear, and really open our ears to hear what you want to say to us.  I heard a commercial this morning that said “God can speak anywhere, anytime, anyplace… will you be listening and looking for Him?” My hearts cry is that I will always take the time to hear you speak to me in the ways that you love to speak, and to look and see the things that you have to show me daily.  I ask you for revelation in the things that you are showing me. Open up my eyes to the things unseen. Show me how to love like you love me. Break my heart for what breaks yours.  Everything I am for your Kingdoms cause. I love you Dad! You are the Best!

**I just had to add this little piece!  I just finished typing this letter and drove to pick up Logan from school 5 minutes later.  I pulled up to park and what do I see in front of me?  You guessed it, the very same white jeep with the license plate THXDAD!  I have only seen this jeep 2 times, once last week and then again today!  Whoa!  Thanks Dad!

The more I seek you, the more I find you, the more I find you, the more I love you! Kari Jobe

What is your favorite game to play?  Maybe your favorite childhood game or something that is fun to play with your little ones.  I challenge you to begin a game with God and search for Him.  He will reveal Himself in very fun and creative ways!  All you have to do is ask, then keep your eyes open and look for Him.  Ask God what game would you like to play with me? We would love for you to share your game day experiences with us!

Thanks Dad for speaking to all your little ladies and lavishing your love upon your “love bug” ladies!  They love you and I pray that they can grasp the love that you have for them!

I pray that you may have the power to grasp how high, how wide, how deep His love is for you.  {Ephesians 3:18}

Written by Salina Duffy

2 thoughts on “Thanks Dad!

  1. Salina, I love this. You inspire me to see God in my every day life. Never before I met you did I know he would speak to me through nature, cars, colors, animals, bugs, EVERYTHING! Billboards, songs, sunsets! There are no boundaries to how he can show us his love. He is limitless and its not a matter of if he is showing us, its a matter of IF WE SEE IT. If we are looking, ready to receive his love. I am so thankful to know you and call you my friend. God definitely brought his life into my heart when I met you, and ever since then, I have seen him in a totally different way. I love your heart and you are so transparent, there isn’t a negative bone in your body. You speak praises, love and grace over everyone you know and I love knowing you. Xxoxo

    • Dylan,
      I love your heart and love that you grasp how He loves to speak to us in SO many creative ways! Your eyes are opened and your ears are tuned to His voice! I love you so much and am so thankful for you!

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