Hear. Believe. Obey.

I had the opportunity to be apart of something called Heart Quest. To sum up an experience like that is impossible but my best way to describe it is a “Get Away With God”. The night I was preparing to leave for Heart Quest I found a journal that had not been written so I could have a clean journal for my new adventure. Mindlessly I started drawing on the front page; once I had finished I looked at it and it was a huge beautiful tree that took up the entire page. I had no idea the significance of that picture.

On our day of fast I was sure that I was suppose to be on the water, but the Lord had other plans for me. When 45 minutes had passed and the river was no luck I turned into the trees. The moment I did everything went from luscious and beautiful to dead and sharp. I sat beside a purple flower and did my first study. Once I had finished the Lord told me to get up because this was not the spot for me. So I got up and kept walking through the trees. I came up upon an open rocky and ridged area. I sat on a large rock by a purple flower but the Lord told me it was not the place for me… He told me to head further up. The only problem was it was heavily wooded and looked very difficult, but it had light at the top so I thought there could be hope.

After reaching the top with scratches and cuts I found myself on the edge of a cactus field.
In anger I thought I should have just stayed where I wanted to be. I had made it the majority of the way through the field when I looked up and saw a beautiful tree… The tree I had drawn.  When I reached the tree, the Lord told me why. He told me that just like in life I took the long way around. Later that day He took me for a walk. He took me down the hill and showed me that if I had let go of my own agenda (to be by the water) that we would have made it to our destination so much sooner, but I chose to follow what I wanted and had to make it through hardship and struggles because of it.

The Lord always has a plan if we will just listen to Him. If we follow what His plans are our lives can be so much easier. HEAR. BELIEVE. OBEY. 

Written by Sierra Hays, 18 years old, missionary in Honduras

3 thoughts on “Hear. Believe. Obey.

  1. You are so precious! I wish you so much happiness and that God covers you with his peace, serenity and grace while you are over there serving! I love what you wrote and God bless you for following His will for you! xo

  2. Such life giving truth and principles you have shared with us. You are an artist in many ways! So touched and blessed by your amazing heart and compassion by giving of yourself over in Honduras and being the hands and feet of Jesus! Love you so much!

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