He Gives and Takes Away

Have you ever had to close the door on something in your life that you were so reluctant to let go of? Or maybe there is something you’ve been feeling like you NEED to close the door on … but you just can’t quite do it. You fear losing that thing and being empty afterwards or just feeling a loss.

We have seasons where God gives and takes away. It could be relationships, material things, dreams, jobs, the list goes on and on … We’re always either gaining something or losing something.

I love that old worship song, “You give and take away, You give and take away … My heart will choose to say, Lord blessed be Your name.” 

Last week I was struggling with a decision regarding a relationship and truly closing the door. My head was telling me that it was necessary to close the door FULLY but my heart just didn’t want to. I didn’t want to let it go. What if the person might change in the future? What if things would get better eventually? I struggled internally and the more I prayed about it, the more I felt like God was leading me to close the door.

I said, “OK God, if You are really wanting me to close this door, I need you to give me a sign and make it really obvious because I am just having a hard time with what I feel like you want me to do.” And as soon as I prayed that, I heard God say, “Amy, don’t you know that I will redeem what was lost?” WHOA. I already knew what “redeem” meant but I went ahead and looked it up because I just really wanted to take in everything that God was saying.


“Don’t you know that I will {replace or recover} what was lost?”

Later that morning, I got my “sign” that I had been asking for that made it SO obvious that I had to close the door. The person just didn’t have their heart in the right place. I thanked God for showing me what to do and I closed it in my heart. Done.

I’ve had to do this kind of stuff in the past with things and He has always replaced with so much more. Once I had to release one of my very good friends and I was so sad about it, and the very next week I met a girl on my Heartquest trip and we have been very best friends ever since. He replaced a friendship that wasn’t that great anyways with a lifelong treasure of a friend.

Maybe you got let go of a job recently … God has another one lined up for you.

Maybe you had to let go of a guy you were dating that wasn’t lining up with your values … God is preparing your future husband right now.

Maybe you had to let go of a good account at work because they were asking you to do illegal or immoral things … God will bless you for doing the right thing and replace with even greater account.

And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them. {Romans 8:28-31}

God loves you and He is FOR YOU. Even when things don’t make sense and you can’t understand why something didn’t work out, God does. Just trust Him in this process and we can learn and grow as we line up our will with His.

Maybe there is something you are holding on to that God has been asking you to let go of and He can’t bring your amazing replacement until you do. Ask Him for a sign, He will show you! 

Written by Amy Ford

4 thoughts on “He Gives and Takes Away

  1. Amy, I went through this a year or so ago! I had to let go of my baby daddy and his fsmily even tho I really didnt want to. But when I finally did, my now husband stepped into my life!!!

  2. It is amazing how God speaks directly to me through these blogs in an extremely blunt way. I feel so blessed to be a part of Embrace Grace, and I know it is giving me new strength and courage to be the best mom I can be every day. Thank you for having a heart for girls like me.

  3. Sometimes giving up is easier then working it out, and quite possibly making something beautiful out of chaos, especially a beautiful son who deserves a mom and dad. I made my mistakes in life, and I was immature in my thoughts and ways. We both were, god bless you.

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