Field of Dreams

I remember standing with a huge group of people, our church family, on the dirt of where Gateway Church is now, in Southlake, before the church had even broke ground. They held a special dedication ceremony and then also a foundation (ground-breaking) ceremony and invited everyone to come and be a part of the celebration.  I still have some of that red dirt and confetti party string that we collected in a glass jar from the celebration that I have as a keepsake.  Kids were playing in the dirt and everyone had a joyous time!  Worship was amazing!

A sight that I will never forget was the line of cars pulling onto the gravel road (that is now called Blessed Way). The car headlights were beaming as they pulled in and the line of cars backed up a long distance down the highway.  Expectant hearts were just waiting to come and be a part of this ground breaking ceremony.  At that moment when I saw the line of cars, something leapt in my heart and I heard a whisper, “If you build it they will come”.

Some of you may have heard that quote on a movie called Field of Dreams.  This hit drama from 1989 starred Kevin Costner as a farmer named Ray that is walking in his cornfield and hears a voice that whispers “if you build it, he will come” and then sees a baseball diamond. And he is convinced that he is supposed to plow under his cornfield and construct a baseball field.  His wife and daughter agree to the plan, but their neighbors and whole town think that he is out of his mind.  They said he could lose the farm, go bankrupt, and other things could go wrong. He continues building the field, then hears 2 other whispers “ease his pain” and “go the distance”.  It is a fabulous movie that I have always loved. There is so much depth and meaning to this movie that can be relatable in so many ways to our own life.

When I heard that tiny whisper “if you build it they will come” while standing in the dirt, I saw a picture of so many thousands of people coming to Gateway Church to see Jesus!  During construction and before the church was completed, they had a “prayer hut” that was a small trailer that anyone could go, pray and stand believing for what was to come.  The word “h-u-t” Pastor Robert had named was for Him-Us-Them.  Gateway Church new home location in Southlake on Blessed Way had their first service in November 2010.  What an amazing day to witness! Hearts were joined together in worship for His glory!

I have since heard that whisper again, “If you build it they will come,” but this time it was for Embrace Grace.  If you build a safe haven, a place for them to come and feel so loved and embraced, “they” (the mommies and babies) will come!  The blueprints and plans for what God originally laid on our hearts for this ministry has been growing and expanding in so many ways since the very beginning when the tiny seed was planted in our hearts at Pink Impact 2008.  I know that even greater things have yet to come!  We are seeing those plans unfolding daily and it is such a joy as each new “thing” appears!

We recently celebrated mommy grace at the pumpkin patch.  What a harvest!  We had a photo op in front of the corn field at Hall Johnson Pumpkin Patch and I heard that whisper again walking towards the corn field … “if you build it they will come!”  Such a harvest of babies we have already had and we are continuing to grow daily! Our 99th  Embrace Grace baby is being born at this very moment I am typing this!  We had some of our very first Embrace Grace babies at the pumpkin patch that are now almost 4 years old along with lots of toddlers, little ones and newborns.  They sat on the pumpkins and went on a hayride and the pregnant mommies even had their tummies painted with pics of pumpkins.  Tons of fun!

Another whisper that was on the movie was “ease her pain”.  We have all experienced pain, heartache and wounds in our lives.  It is inevitable in this fallen world.  But, through Embrace Grace we want to be able to help to ease “her” pain, your pain, and bring life giving words and healing to the situations that have been endured.  By leading you to the hands of Jesus where you can receive His special touch.  In His hands you receive healing, restoration and freedom!

One early morning before I had really opened my eyes, I heard a whisper “go the distance” and thought hey, that sounds familiar.  Wasn’t that on that movie field of dreams??  So, what does go the distance mean Jesus?    “Go the distance: It’s more about the journey than you think…walk along the path that I have laid out for you. Some roads may seem steep, but I am there with you every step, leading the way.  I will light up even the darkest nights.  I will take you through the road blocks when there seems to be no other way around.  I will pave new roads.  I will create bridges and pathways through the water.  I will see you through the hurdles and obstacles that will come your way.”

The word distance can be defined as the space between two things or point, or as a distant region. To go the distance is defined as “to finish or complete something, especially something challenging or requiring sustained effort.

In my own life, I have many “things” that are worth going the distance for.  My marriage, my family, my home, my church family, and Embrace Grace and Love!  I am fully committed and devoted to going the distance, no matter what!  Period!  As I know all of us leaders at Embrace Grace and Love are fully in too!  We will go the distance!  We will help to ease her pain.  We will continue to pray and build it, EG, as Jesus leads us to. The plans He has for us are BIG and we are dreaming BIG and continuing to see His plans unfold.  What a beautiful journey that we are honored to be a part of.

I had a montage of dreams this morning and as I awoke, it left me wanting to pinch myself and see if I was really awake. In my dream there were 2 different pastors from Gateway Church.  One is our intercessory prayer Pastor Mary Jo Pierce.  I love the significance of the dream that God allowed me to see.  It was a picture of her with this convertible car completely full and overflowing with baby gifts.  She was ecstatic of the gifts that were going to be given away to the Embrace Grace mommies and babies at the shower.  I also kept seeing one of our mommies that was just about to deliver and my heart was praying over her in my dream.

The field of Dreams for Embrace Grace is growing daily and such a joy to see them being fulfilled! Our dreams, hopes and prayer is that Embrace Grace will be adopted into churches nationwide and this ministry will produce an abundant harvest of mommies and babies for the Kingdom. It’s all for His glory!

Will you join us and add to our Field of Dreams… your prayers, hopes and dreams adding to our field…imagine the harvest that will produce!  God only knows what will be brought forth!  And He says “the best is yet to come!”

So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask Him to send more workers into His fields. {Matthew 9:38}

Written by Salina Duffy


4 thoughts on “Field of Dreams

  1. Salina Loved Loved Loved this!! Makes me cry with joy for all these amazing God given babies!!! So proud of you and Amy
    Love ya both

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