Thank you!

We were so blessed by the baby shower. We counted around 429 gifts that were picked out and purchased with love for each one of these sweet mommas. We were so overwhelmed by so much love in one place and it definitely was a day we will always remember. We just want to say we are thankful from the bottom of our hearts that so many people came and/or blessed a momma. You made an impact on all of us and we love how God comes through every single time for his mommas. Here are the thank you’s from the baby shower. We are still waiting on a few more to come in and we will post those as soon as we receive them. Thank you again! 

The Embrace Grace shower was…AWESOME! I loved the feeling of “love” in the room from all the families that donated.  I really, really with all my heart appreciate everyone and every gift I received for my baby boy! He’s truly loved and not even born yet! The amount of care I received from everyone is just so overwhelming.  You don’t know whether to cry with tears of joy or laugh and say, “I see you God.” I got a lot more than I expected and I will never forget that day.  I recommend EG to all girls in our situation.  Open your hearts and let God lead you on the right path.  I’m not lucky, I’m blessed and thankful for my EG leaders and the families that donated. You will FOREVER live in my heart!

 Love, Chanel S. {Frisco}


I feel so completely blessed to have met these women.  I was so scared at first.  I remember emailing Kathleen about my problems and saying “I understand if I have too much going on to join.” But she and everyone else accepted me and all of my imperfections.  I came to this group hanging by a thread, to hitting rock bottom, to finding God’s love and finding His path. No amount of “thank you’s” could ever be enough for what these ladies have done.  I love all of them, even the ones I haven’t met 🙂 I can not repay what they’ve done for me, but I will NEVER forget them.  I will always love them.

 Thank you! Megan M. {Frisco}


Saying thank you is not enough to share with you how grateful I am. The blessings God has given me through you all are amazing! God has used you in my life in ways you will never understand.  He has used you to pull me out of the dark hole I was once in and placed me in His light. The gifts you gave Hope and myself are amazing.  I can’t say thank you enough, but THANK YOU! The love I feel is overwhelming and such a blessing.  It has brought me so much peace.  Thank you and God bless! Love, Dani H. {Frisco}


Thank you so much for blessing me with all the gifts you got for my family. I can not express how much y’all helped me and took a lot of stress off of me. Love, Nikki K. {Frisco}


To Everyone that helped with the Baby Shower,

 I am so thankful and blessed with what everyone did to help all these mammas! 🙂 I am very blessed to have found Embrace Grace.  I really didn’t imagine it was going to be this helpful and wonderful.  I know there are good people out there in the world, that’s no doubt!!  I just couldn’t believe how many gifts I got for my baby Girl.  I will for sure tell her about this experience when she grows up. I will tell her how blessed she was receiving gifts from people who cared about her without even knowing her or knowing me.  I know that God is good, wait I mean AMAZING!! He really does help everyone and anybody.  He loves us for who we are and already has a future for us.  But thank you so much to everyone.  I love you all from the bottom of my heart.  By the way, my baby’s name will be Genesis! 🙂 I know she will love you all for this too! Love, Christy V. {Frisco}


Dear Kaitlin,

Thank you sooo incredibly much for everything you got for me and A’veiya.  Everything you got was absolutely amazing and it truly is such a blessing. I couldn’t be more thankful for you.  You are a blessing.  I hope one day we can hang out and become more than just facebook friends.  Our kids can play, when A’veiya gets a little older of course.  I couldn’t thank you enough.  I never imagined just one person or family, that I don’t know, would do all of that for me.  My family didn’t even do that much for my own baby shower!  Thank you so much again! Love you Kaitlin! Love Always, Tabi and A’veiya 

Thank you so much for all the beautiful gifts! I am so glad and thankful that God put it in your heart to do something so wonderful! I am so grateful and blessed more than words can say! Love Always, Ruby

Stephanie was such a sweet blessing to baby Judah and to my life! The way she gave to a complete stranger was such a selfless act of love and I feel so lucky to have met you. I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done for us! You are truly a light in the dark and we an only hope that there are more people like you. With Much Love, Sadie & Judah

Thank you so so so much for all that you all provided for us. (I did not expect so much!) You are such wonderful ladies! We LOVED the handmade blankets/burp cloths and the diapers helped so much. We were almost out. It brings tears to my eyes to see my son get new things when I can’t afford it. It made me so happy. P.S. Also loved the outfits and the binky with the frog on it! We named it Gilbert. And I especially loved my Devotional Bible.    Love you all so much and you have touched my heart for life. Love, Sterling & Chanzton

Dear Ladies, I just want to say thank you so much for blessing me and my little family. Everything meant more to us then you could imagine and being able to share that day and moment with so many of you. I wish we could have met everyone but I know that you guys are all awesome women of God. The fact that you had never met us and still blessed us the way you did was amazing and I pray you guys be blessed 10 x’s more. Not only did you help with gifts but you also gave us the chance to celebrate Kasey’s life with my momma. She was touched and you guys started a healing in her heart that brought her closer to our baby boy. She is that much closer to touching my belly for the first time and finally being okay with celebrating his life. I can’t thank you all enough for everything. I love you guys and so does my family. Love, Raven and Kasey

Thank you so much for all the beautiful gifts you ladies bought me. It means so much that you ladies went out of your way to make sure that I was taken care of. I honestly couldn’t imagine more beautiful women to adopt me. You ladies didn’t even know where I came from and you still opened your arms to take care of me and my baby! Aria and I love you so much and we will definitely keep in touch! God bless, love you guys! Love, Kristin B.

Michelle & Jessi, I want to express my gratitude for your generosity but no amount of words could convey the amount of love I felt from you. Every gift is useful and special to me. I will surely think of you ladies each time I use your gifts. I know you have a heart for girls in my situation because you were once in my shoes, I want you to know that I plan to continue this legacy and when I’m older and can bless other young girls the way you have blessed me. Thank you so much for thinking of me and my son.  Sincerely, Amber & Bennett

Ladies, I cannot express my gratitude and how much of a blessing you all are to me! All the love and support I felt has made this journey just more bearable and I truly feel God has taught me so much from this selfless act of kindness. I feel like I have known you for ever and have not had the opportunity to meet you all. You all feel like my family of God. I love you all so much and thank you from the bottom of my heart! Love, Nycole

Thank you so much for the beautiful gifts! Seeing so many bright faces is so encouraging. I cannot express my gratitude for you ladies enough. It’s a relief to know that baby Andre will come into this world with him prepared parents due to the generosity of others! I know God blessed me and my family with the opportunity to meet you wonderful ladies and I am so thankful for what you have done. Much love, Kayla

Thank you so much for blessing Zane. You are such wonderful women and I’m so thankful for getting to meet you all of you. I hope that wonderful things happen for your family. Thanks again.  Love, Jenn & Zane

Dear amazing people, you have blessed me with such great gifts. 
My son and I are forever grateful and it meant so much. I now have everything I need to take care of my son. I’m so happy! You have helped me so so so much! I just wish I could help you in some way. Thank you so very much. Love, Jennifer D. & Liam

Thank you so much for all the gifts and incredible shower for all of us mommas! It’s amazing to have so many lives celebrated by so many people. Embrace Grace has been so good to me and my baby. I’ve had so much support from women and girls who were complete strangers where those I used to call friends and even some family … abandoned me, or stopped talking to me completely. I’m so blessed to have these women and mommas in my life. Thank you for supporting me and such an amazing organization! It really is changing and saving lives.  Love, Sarah & Grayson

To the wonderful group who participated in the Embrace Grace shower, 
thank you so much for all the wonderful gifts that I received for Paisley. It meant the world to me to have the unconditional support, love and prayers as I embark on the wonders of motherhood. I loved each and every gift that was received and I know Paisley will get great use of them all. Embrace Grace has been such an incredible group to be a part of. When I found out I was pregnant I was afraid how I would fit in and be able to have friends that know what I’m going through as a single mother. With the help of joining Embrace Grace, I feel the strength to carry out God’s plan for me. I feel so blessed to know that I have so much love and a great support system behind me. Thank you again for everything you all have done.
 God bless each and every single one of you.
 Love, Whitney

Just wanted to thank you all from the bottom of my heart, for all the wonderful gifts my son, Noah, was blessed with. It truly means a lot to know that people still have care in this world for single mothers. Never would I have imagined that I would ever be a part of a church, let alone a mommy group such as Embrace Grace. Many thanks and blessings to you all and I again thank you so much/ Love always, Kristen H.

I just want to thank each and every one of you guys for getting me all those amazing gifts for my son. All of you are amazing and I am so thankful and so very blessed for each gift from everybody. I love embrace grace it has provided me and my son so many opportunities and giving me a place to go to every Monday night and meeting all these wonderful, amazing, beautiful, caring ladies; and knowing other people’s story and know I’m not the only one going through all of this alone it’s AWESOME ! Anyways I appreciate everything from embrace grace they have done so much I couldn’t thank everybody ENOUGH ! – Love Zina Alaniva

Thank you so much for all the gifts. They were all very thoughtful and meant the world to me and my fiance. I have never felt so much love and joy from individuals who knew nothing but my name and a few details and it reminds me that God is so good! You ladies truly blessed me with your gifts and I couldn’t be more thankful. I will always remember that there were individuals who did so much for me, a stranger. And I will hopefully one day have the chance to do the same for another girl from embrace grace! Thank you so much! Love, Zoe

Dear Kristin and her group, Words cannot express how blessed Aiden and I are that God has placed you in our lives. You are truly a blessing to us. Honestly, I was amazed at how someone that does not know me or my story could be so generous. Walking into the baby shower I was floored by all the gifts, food, love and support that was showered upon all of the young mothers. When my hostess escorted me to Aiden’s table I just knew that everything that was there was not for Aiden and Aiden only and I couldn’t believe it was. You are blessing that has made our lives so much easier. Only a sponsor sent by God could manage to spend more time and effort and providing and praying for Aiden more than his own biological father. I have worried daily about how I was going to provide just the basic necessities for Aiden on my own and with the help you and Embrace Grace I do not have to worry about most of those things because you have blessed us with them. Additionally, I greatly appreciate you sharing your story with me. I am so very thankful that God led you to Aiden and I. Being a single mother is no walk in the park but you and the Embrace Grace organization have made this experience much easier. I honestly was at a point to where I wanted to break down before I joined Embrace Grace. I am so very thankful that God led me to Embrace Grace because if it was not for Embrace Grace I would not have met you. Frankly, if I would not have been so far along once I found out that Aiden’s father had a baby by my friend, I would have honestly chosen to get an abortion but God had another plan for me. I thank God every day for my blessing; I never knew that I could love someone as much as I love my son. It is truly a blessing to know that he is loved just as much by others as well I love how God brought us together through our names and my due date. I also love the fact that you want to stay involved in our lives. I cannot wait for Aiden to be able to understand the extent of how you blessed us. I will forever tell my children and my grandchildren about how we were blessed by you and Embrace Grace. I look forward to continuing a great relationship with you. I have already taken your advice and put it into place with my life and I am just living my life for God and Aiden right now. I will definitely be sending pictures and updates of Aiden and I. I cannot wait until we meet again! I pray that God continues to bless and keep you and your family. Love, Kristin J. and Aiden

To all the women that helped with the baby shower and Embrace Grace, Ever since the first class at Embrace Grace, I have just believed this whole organization was an amazing, amazing thing and very helpful to me at a time where I felt all alone in my pregnancy. Not having that much money or coming from a family with money, finding out I was pregnant (though I was excited), I was very scared on how I was going to make it through this and give my daughter everything she needed. Embrace Grace has been my rock, and helped me so much. When I found out about the shower, I was thrilled and thankful that so many people who didn’t know me were just eager to help me out in my time of need. Walking into the shower, and seeing all the presents on and around one table all for me just made my heart melt. Everything I got from the shower was just amazing and much needed. I appreciate this so much and will always have a place in my heart for everything women like you do. In my eyes, ya’ll are my heaven sent present straight from God. Thank you all so much, Ciera

I have enjoyed the Embrace grace semester because it has given me an opportunity to bond with people in similar situations and get to know other first time mommies. I absolutely enjoyed the EG Shower! It was most definitely a blessing! Had it not been for the generosity of these women, I don’t know how we would have been able to afford all the thing’s baby Sophia would have needed. I am so genuinely thankful for the generosity! Thank you again, Jessica

Words can’t express how grateful I am for the gracious gifts that Janet gave to me. She arrived at my home with so many gifts, that it overwhelmed me with joy. This semester has been so amazing for me and has helped renew my faith in Christ. Never in all my life, have I experienced such compassion from such a supportive group of women. I will never forget this class or this experience for the rest of my life.With Love, Christine

I just want to thank each and every one of you for all the amazing gifts you got for my daughter. You are all so amazing and I am so thankful and so blessed for all of you and all of the gifts. I love Embrace Grace it has provided so many things and opportunities for me and my daughter and meeting all these wonderful amazing women. I loved hearing their stories and knowing I’m not alone. It is amazing and life changing. I feel so blessed to have found this church. Thank you again and God bless you all! Love, Kyndall

I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful gifts you provided for Maddox. Thank you and God bless your family. I appreciate everything so much and so very grateful. I loved the card that I received as well with the sweet words that were written for me and Maddox. I am so thankful for all of you! Love, Kimberly

Thank you so much for all the gifts you gave me and my son. I am so grateful and so blessed. It meant so much to me to have women that didn’t even know me came just to bless me. I was so amazed and will never forget it. I have loved being a part of Embrace Grace so much. Thank you all so much! Love, Jordan

I have been so blessed by all the wonderful women I have met through Embrace Grace! I don’t know how I would have gotten through everything without ya’ll. I want to thank everyone who was kind enough to get baby Cheyanne and I all the gifts we got. I have never been more grateful! I love you all! Love, Christy

** Grand Prairie’s Embrace Grace will be having their baby shower next Saturday on 12/1 and they still need around $2,000 to complete their gift list to help girls with crisis pregnancy. Email if you can help!

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