Full Bloom

In the days to come, the people of Jacob will be like a plant with good roots; Israel will grow like a plant beginning to bloom. Then the world will be filled with their children. {Isaiah 27:6}

Hearts unfold like flowers before you – Casting Crowns

I love to scrapbook! It’s one of my passions to take photos and display them on a page and embellish them and create lasting memories.  Love capturing the moments.  A sweet page that I had created for my son’s baby album was titled ‘In Bloom’. Displayed on the page was a picture of me holding my ever growing tummy.  That very morning I was going to the hospital to be induced for labor.  My baby was due on the 7th, but that day came and went and another 2 days passed by… I thought when is my baby going to come?  I had been dilated at a 2 for over 2 weeks now!  I was overdue!

My Doctor came in to break my water that morning to get the labor in full motion.  I had 2 of the most amazing coaches by my side.  My husband and my 7 year old son.  They told me when to push.  When to relax.  When to breathe… I was in good hands.  Had an amazing delivery of my baby and the photos displayed on the scrapbook pages reveal the sheer love, joy and amazement expressed that day our 2nd son was born.  Such love was felt all over the delivery room.

I had a dream a few weeks ago.  It began with a green rose bush that did not have any flowers in the beginning.  But suddenly, a tiny rose bud appears, and then begins to blossom and is in full bloom.  More buds began appearing.  In my dream, it was like a movie display or time lapse, where a photographer captures hours, days, weeks, even months of a nature scene. These scenes, such as flowers, captures such beauty and the time elapse shows the budding, blooming and full bloom displayed in a matter of seconds.  What took them lots of time to capture and create, is displayed before our eyes in moments.

The purple roses in my dream began to bloom so quickly and beautifully and the blooms seemed to keep blossoming and growing into a full life size display of beauty.  When I say life size it is comparable to you and me… (this kind of life size).  It was so remarkable and made such an impression on my heart!

It will have many blooms. It will show its happiness, as if it were shouting with joy. {Isaiah 35:2 NCV}

So I have been asking God what does this dream symbolize?  Why do I keep hearing the words ‘In Bloom’ in my heart so much?  He has since then began to reveal this dream to me.  Making it relatable to a pregnancy.  At first there is just the green vines. Then a miracle happens and a tiny bud appears.  (a word search on dictionary and thesaurus gave an embryo reference for a bud) I love this visual.  So your tiny baby embryo is like a tiny rose bud.  Then water, nutrients, love and life is given to this bud, and your baby bud begins to blossom in your womb.

Your little baby bud receives all the nourishment straight from you, since the umbilical cord is attached to their naval. Everything that you take in, they also absorb. And your baby rose bud begins to blossom more and more each day.   Eventually, after months have passed, your baby is in bloom- Full Bloom! Your womb has carried, nurtured and loved this baby bud the entire time and delivery is about to take place.

The life size rose that I saw in my dream is a picture of YOU!  You are a rose.  A beautiful rose!  You have experienced a bud, blossom and bloom in your womb and it is such a miracle to behold!

Pregnancies come in many different forms.  Of course, the obvious is carrying a baby naturally.  But, there are many other pregnancies that are also carried to bloom.  Dreams, destinies, books, fresh and new ideas, creations… so many endless possibilities.  Not just for women, this includes men too!  We can all experience a pregnancy in some form or fashion.

Whether you are in the bud stage, the blooming or in Full Bloom… Embrace the Beauty of this gift that you have been given inside of you.

Let’s go early to the vineyards and see if the buds are on the vines. Let’s see if the blossoms have already opened.  And if the pomegranates have bloomed.  There I will give you my love.  {Song of Songs 7:12}

And before you know it, you will be delivering your own little blossom.  You will look back over those months, and it will be just as the photography snapshots.  The time lapse that has been captured displays the moments in time so quickly.  Soon your little blossom begins to grow and bloom into their own little rose.  Enjoy each and every moment that comes.  The beauty of LIFE IN BLOOM!

God is the Master Gardener and He tends to His fields and flowers and is full of love for you!

From now on, I am the one who answers and satisfies.  I am like a luxuriant fruit tree.  Everything you need is to be found in me.  {Hosea 14:8}

Send out your Spirit and they spring to life, the whole countryside in bloom and blossom. {Psalm 104:30 MSG}

Open up heavens and rain. Clouds pour out buckets of my goodness!  Loosen up, earth and bloom salvation, sprout right living.  I, God, generate this.  {Isaiah 45:8}

Written by Salina Duffy

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