No Fear

butterflynet“What would you do if you had no fear? That is what fear is robbing you from.” TD Jakes

“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” – Unknown

Every day you have 2 choices … 

#1 You can live the way of the world. You can let all the lights, drama, crazy ideas, false advertisements, television, internet and “busy-ness” of the world lure you away from taking any steps towards your God-given dreams

#2 You can seize the day! You can seek first the Kingdom of God! You can make a move towards the destiny that God has laid out for you!

He has an amazing and abundant life for you that is bigger than you could ever imagine – just grab and take hold of it! Even if it’s just a tiny step! If you take a tiny step every day – a year from now, all those tiny steps will look like a giant leap!

If you let a fear of failure paralyze you, then no one wins. What’s the worst that could happen if you just went for your dream?

One thing that helps me fight feelings of fear, is understanding the bigger picture. Why am I here? What is my purpose in life? If I’m hearing, believing and obeying God through every step of this journey, is He not going to equip me with everything I need to carry out the vision He has placed inside me? Will He fail me? No! This life is not about me!

One of my best friends was telling me one time that she was going into practice for her normal worship practice before church on a Sunday morning. Someone was sick that day so the worship pastor asked her if she could do a solo that morning. She freaked out because it was just 30 minutes before the service and she didn’t feel prepared at all. She went into the bathroom right before the service started and had some prayer time. She asked God, “God, why didn’t you tell me this was going to happen? Why didn’t you at least let me practice all week and feel prepared for this solo?!” God immediately whispered back, “Because then it would have been about you. Just go sing and I’ll help you. I will not fail you.” Oh.

When we’re walking out God’s plan for our life, it’s not about Us! When we take that Kingdom perspective and see the bigger picture, that fear is not as crippling. God will equip us with everything we need to live out our destiny.

A lot of times, where we are most talented, anointed or gifted is exactly where we feel the most fearful. I’ve heard so many famous speakers say that used to have a fear of being on stage and speaking. I’ve heard famous singers say they have stage fright. I’ve heard writers say they have a fear of rejection or critics. I’ve heard some amazing and creative people worry that people would not buy what they create. Some of the best cooks don’t think their food is worth sharing. The list goes on and on.

Of course Satan will whisper all the lies He can to keep us from pursuing our dreams. What might you be missing out on because you are letting those lies sink in? Block out all those lies and ask God to start speaking to you and showing you what your next tiny step might be.  It’s a fun ride if you just have faith and let go!

Live life with no regrets and no fears!

Written by Amy Ford

2 thoughts on “No Fear

  1. Absolutely love this Amy! So packed with truth and can help catapult each person reading this as they take their first step, and the next and the next!! I love YOU!

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