Lead with Love

fieldwithredflowersI was just a sophomore in high school when I met my now husband. 15 years old and I thought I knew it all. 2 ½ years later we were faced with the biggest challenge our relationship would endure. We were expecting. I was 17, a senior in high school, graduating and turning 18 in the next month. Brad had just turned 21, 10 days before I found out and a junior in college.

The odds were against us being so young. Even people were against us being young. We shocked the world. But you know what, that’s exactly what we needed to do. To show the world, yes we are young, and yes we are having a baby even though we still live with our parents, Brad doesn’t have a job, and I’m working at Blockbusters … AND WE MADE IT. Why? Because the most important person we had on our side was GOD. And He is still on our side, cheering us on along the way, guiding our steps and blessing us more than we thought we could be.

It’s not easy. It’s a struggle everyday of our lives. But I just would like to look everyone in the face that turned their backs on us, said we would never make it, or secretly wish we would fail, and just pray for them. God was the only one that could get us through what we have been through, and our relationship is the strongest it has EVER been.

We live in our own apartment. Brad is working to support us, and I’m taking care of our sweet blessing, Blakelee.

Brad wasn’t saved when we had our beautiful Blakelee, but she saved him. The love he had for her drew him to His heavenly Father. He accepted Christ shortly after she was born. I always believed, but she saved me as well. She showed me what true love really is, and how to build a relationship with my husband in the eyes of God. We have a strong foundation now. It falters sometimes, lets face it, we aren’t perfect. But God never wanted us to be perfect. He loves us no matter what.

Going through all that I have been through, it’s taught me that Instead of pushing anyone away in a time of crisis, whether it is through a young pregnancy, drug abuse, or a tough time, lets lead with love. Sometimes people just need encouragement and to know someone cares. That’s what draws people to Christ and leads them straight into the hands of God. Because without God, you don’t know true happiness, you don’t know true love. God is the source of my happiness and He has blessed me an amazing husband and a beautiful daughter, and we are expecting our 2nd blessing this February. God loves you, and he wants to know you. If you are going through a tough time, run straight to God. If someone else is going through a tough time, be the one person that loves no matter what. When you step up and lead with love, other people will follow.

Love without limits! Love no matter what!

Written by Brooke Davidson

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