Merry Christmas!

christmaskissWe just want to take a moment to let you all know how thankful we are for each one of you! It has been a fun year meeting new brave and courageous girls that chose life and getting to cheer on the alumni that are young moms or birth moms. As leaders, we are so inspired and forever changed by getting to watch the miracles that take place – God always provides and blesses his girls!

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is how people are a little more in the giving mood. People stop to realize how blessed they are and want to reach out and help someone else that might be in need. A few Embrace Grace blessing stories we’ve been excited about this past week that were posted on facebook:

The most amazing thing just happened at Target! Joe and I were buying Kenzly stocking stuffers and we were using the last of the money we had.  While we were waiting in line, the sweetest lady in front of us whispered something in the clerks ear. All of a sudden she starts scanning our stuff! We look at the clerk with confusion and the lady looks back at us and smiles and says Merry Christmas! She bought all of ours toys for us! It brought tears to my eyes.. People are so amazing and God is great! God bless everyone and have a merry Christmas! — Kyndall (18 year old mom of 5 month old baby girl)
An Embrace Grace girl (19 years old single mom) has been praying for a Christmas Miracle – she has a 4 week old and when her baby was just 1 week old and still recovering from a c-section, had to go back into the hospital with intense pain, only to stay for another week and have her gallbladder removed due to gallstones and pancreatis. When she finally got released home (again), her boyfriend got hurt on the job and tore his rotator cuff. She has a tube coming out of her stomach and he has his arm in a sling – plus a newborn. They NEEDED a Christmas miracle after so many unexpected medical expenses – they barely had enough to pay their rent but had nothing left over for food or gas for the 1 car they share. Well I just got to witness that miracle happen when a Christmas Angel came by with about $500 in gift cards to the grocery store, target, walmart and even a restaurant for a date night (because God likes to go over and above our daily needs) – GOD IS AMAZING and even if you feel like He isn’t listening to your prayers, HE IS!!! He just wants you to trust Him in the process because a lot of times He is a “just in time” God – so we learn faith and how to trust. TOTALLY AWESOME!
A 20 year old Embrace Grace momma had been struggling and going through a hard time kimberlyfinancially. She was in a hole that was hard to dig herself out of with bills stacking up and was without a job. She was the mommy of 2, a 3 year old and a newborn and needed help. She prayed for a perfect job opening that was close and for assistance with daycare and she just found out she got the job – with great pay! The next issue was that she really needed a car. How could she be reliable with her job without transportation and having to rely on everyone to help give her rides? She prayed again for a miracle when this past week, Gateway Church had called and asked her to come up there for a meeting, when only to see a car that they were giving her for her fresh start. She was shocked and so amazed at how even when she couldn’t see how everything could possibly work out, God was continuing to bless her over and over! The past 4 months she has seen so many cool miracles! 
My christmas wish for this year is for every girl to realize her worth and how she is a priceless treasure full of value and beauty and for every baby to have a chance at LIFE and to live out the destiny and purpose God has created for them. 
We would love to hear your Christmas wishes and will be in prayer with you! 
Written by Amy Ford

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