Purpose in Life


Have you ever wondered what your purpose is in life? What plans did God have for you, before you were even knit in your mother’s womb? Have you wondered if there was more to this life that you’re seeing right now?

One of my favorite parts about Embrace Grace is getting to see girls that have an unplanned pregnancy, get to this crossroad in their life. A lot of friends seem to vanish, unsure of whether to congratulate or to say they’re sorry, so they just step back into the background becoming less and less available for fear of confronting potential awkwardness in conversation. You start choosing carefully who you spend time with, usually the ones that stay by your side no matter what. Sometimes job situations need to change in order to accommodate a schedule of a new baby coming soon and you start thinking more long term, looking toward more of a career path for your future. Most of the time, you have a hard decision to make of either making something work with the baby daddy and hoping for the best, or letting go of a relationship that will never work and praying for God to bring you your future husband.

So many uncertainties lie in this short 9 months that usually demand tough decisions. Looking back on what you have been through to get you to this point, may not have been a pleasant experience. But God makes a promise that He will turn all the bad and ugly things in your life for good, for those that love Him. He can take your hurts and pains and use them to catapult you into the destiny He created for you. All you have to do is listen to His voice inside of you. He already has it mapped out for you. You may not see the final destination but He will lead you along the way.

I just finished reading an awesome book called Flight of the Earls by Michael Reynolds. It’sflightoftheearls2 a historical Christian fiction set in the 1840’s in Ireland. The lead character is faced with stepping outside of her comfort zone, a life that she has always known, to travel across the ocean to America in order to save her family’s failing potato farm. She was completely afraid of this new season in her life but she knew that it was where God was leading her. Outside of her comfort zone was a whole new world of freedom and adventure. It wasn’t always pretty, there were some hard stuff she had to go through to get to the good stuff. She discovers love, adventure, tragedy, and eventually finds God’s purpose for her life. God used everything that she had gone through to get her right where He wanted her – and where her ultimate happiness in her life was. All she had to do was to listen. This book is so good and a great way to start your new year – inspiring new ideas and hope for where God has you now and where He is leading you.

This year is coming to a close – I have a few questions for you. Are you in the same situation you were in a year ago? Are you in the same cycle of a stinky job? Are you in a relationship with a guy that treats you like poo that you are major just settling for fear of being alone? Are you hanging on to past wounds and hurts from guys or family members that is eating you up inside because you won’t let it go and move on? Are you putting up with verbal abuse from people in your life that you keep swearing you will be moving on from but you can’t seem to do it?

THE TIME IS NOW! DON’T WASTE ANOTHER YEAR OF GOING THROUGH THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER! Take a chance! Make a choice! A WHOLE NEW WORLD is just on the other side of these choices – it just starts with you. It just starts with one step and don’t look back. Don’t ever doubt in the dark what God told you in the light. Let’s make 2013 EPIC – TOGETHER!!! 

Written by Amy Ford

4 thoughts on “Purpose in Life

  1. I’m still trying to figure my life out especially why he gave me this baby at this certain time in my life. Its so hard right now emotionally :/ this was beautiful really made me think… ♥

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