Perfect Love

cloudsHow many times do we worry and stress out about a circumstance in our life? And most of the time, that circumstance is probably way out of our control. Especially having an unplanned pregnancy, it can be hard to not let anxiety take over when you have so many unknowns about your future. Fear can easily consume you so much that it’s all you ever think about.

Ever semester we have a new set of Embrace Grace girls that come to class for the first time and all have the same look on their faces, FEAR. You can see it in their eyes, some more obvious than others. How will I provide for my baby? How will I finish school? How will I find childcare I can afford? What will happen with the baby daddy? The questions can be endless and can take over all your thoughts if you let it.

So how can you just STOP having fear? Can you just wish it away? Can you try to force your thoughts into peaceful thoughts? Can you just chant, “I will not have fear. I will not have fear. I will not have fear.” Ummmm … maybe but probably not. I think I would be having anxiety over trying NOT to have fear!

There are SO many scriptures in the Bible about not having fear. It must be pretty important – but how do we Fear Not? I think one of my favorite verses is 1 John 4:18 “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear …” 

God is the only One that has perfect love for us. Do you KNOW that God loves you? When you finally KNOW it – like not just with your head but with your heart too, it changes everything. When you know that God is FOR YOU, that He has plans FOR YOU, that He created you for a purpose and it is GOOD, that you are chosen and highly favored, everything you fear starts to melt away when you understand how much you are loved.

When u realize God is FOR u, u wont fear what happens TO u, because u know God is working IN u. ~ Craig Groeschel

We’ve posted many blogs about how our words are powerful. If you’re not sure that you KNOW how much you are loved, try speaking that over yourself as you’re driving or before you go to sleep or as you in the shower – just keep saying it until you KNOW it. God will blow you AWAY with His love and will sweep you away with His love. He is wooing you and wants you to just trust Him.

How do you develop relationships with someone? How do you learn to love someone and feel loved? You spend time together! Spending time with God every day is so necessary to really feel God’s love – spend time talking to Him and listening for His voice.

Try to make new goals for this year to at least try to spend time with God every day! He wants you to KNOW how much you are loved and feel it always!

You don’t have to try to resist the fear, you just have to embrace the LOVE. 

Written by Amy Ford

One thought on “Perfect Love

  1. Perfect, Amy, this is the ONLY way out of fear I’ve been able to make stick. Thanks for the reminder, it’s easy to forget in all the rush of the holidays. May you yourself come to know even more deeply the depth of His love for you this year. Bless you for rescuing so many out of such torment!

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