Peace for Mommas

toymessSome days being a mom is hard.

You know those days or even weeks that your house just won’t stay clean enough; your children are not being obedient enough, the list can and will go on and on.

I encountered one of these times not too long ago and I had a mommy meltdown… (Or 2!) I had noticed these moments were happening more often than I like to admit. My kids were in their rooms so I could have a mommy time out and I was crying out to GOD. During this time as I was stomping around putting things away- being what I call the “mommy tornado” (considering it’s not one of my most peaceful moments) and laying my junk at GOD’s feet I looked down and saw a toy walrus on my floor. There were a few other toys on the floor throughout my house (part of the reason for the meltdown in the first place) but for some reason when I looked at this walrus it caught my attention.

At first this walrus just piled on top of the madness that I felt within, but then something happened…….. I began to giggle and laugh and thought, “How many other people can say they have a walrus in their floor?” For some reason it was really funny to me.

This revelation started to bubble out of the depths my heart and the ick I felt inside suddenly started to melt away. I felt a deeper understanding straight from GOD’s heart to mine that it is so important to find joy in all things and times, because these precious moments will fade away one day. One day that walrus will be gone, my babies will be grown and I will long for that walrus to be on my floor.

The choice for me is simple: peace in my home or “perfection” at a price.

That price being peace and joy, because I had to get in a tizzy over the 5 million Legos in the floor or my children losing the fake frosting, the horse’s carrot and the balls to the elephant game before my youngest child even got to play with it. (Yet another story for another time.) Of course, there is a balance and I was definitely the one guilty of tipping the scale. I choose not to let walruses steal my joy or the peace of my home and instead I welcome the walrus! Even right now as I type this, that walrus is on my floor somewhere. I have chosen to leave it there and each time I see it, usually in a different place, it is a reminder of my moment of healing and of the joy my babies bring to my life. It still makes me chuckle every time I see it.

So Mommies, enjoy those babies and don’t let whatever your walrus is cloud your vision to see what special gifts are right in front of you. In those hard moments go before GOD and He is sure to shine HIS light on your situation and give you that revelation that will change your whole outlook.

Written by Michele Turman, leader of Embrace Grace of Grand Prairie

2 thoughts on “Peace for Mommas

  1. That was simple yet beautiful. Funny how GOD can use the small things that seem unimportant in our lives to get our attention to remind us of the bigger picture. Sometimes as moms we get so consumed with everything going on around us that we neglect to take a moment and simply just enjoy our children mess and all. Children are gifts from GOD, and how beautiful they are. This passage has reminded me to take a moment and enjoy all what sems like chaos going on around me and just love on my daughter. Even when she’s all grown up , ill still have the memories and honor to be able to say, I enjoyed every messy minute.

    • Stephanie—It just amazes me the different ways THE LORD uses to get our attention. A toy walrus? lol Yep, giggling even right now. It was the perfect reminder and definitely humorous. I bet in 20 years that walrus will be amongst the things kept away in my keepsakes. It symbolizes a pivotal moment for me. 🙂

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