Embrace Grace Semester #10

pregnantbellyGateway Southlake is launching our 10th semester of Embrace Grace tonight (Monday night)! We always get just as excited to meet the new girls as much as the very first semester. Seeing their sweet faces and cute bellies – we LOVE it!

Another sweet thing I love about starting a new semester is how the alumni get just as excited to meet the new girls as well. A lot of them referred girls to the class themselves and they just want to meet and encourage them.

One of my friends has referred a ton of girls to Embrace Grace because her daughter is in high school and comes in contact with a lot of single and pregnant girls. She has sent us so many, and it’s cool to see how those girls will take Embrace Grace class, and then turn around and invite a friend the following semester, and that friend will invite someone. The domino effect of mommas and babies getting fed spiritually, helped practically with tons of baby gifts, and emotions lifted by hearing the hope of Jesus and bonus they make tons of new friends too … all because of one person that took the time to invite 1 girl. 

God is pretty cool like that. It doesn’t take much to reach out to a girl and be a light in her world – it might be the light that saves a life. I’ve met a lot of post abortive women that have said that if they had known about a program like Embrace Grace, they might not have gotten an abortion. Help us spread the word! There is help out there for girls with crisis pregnancies! There is support and we are growing!

Please be in prayer with us, as well as all of the other Embrace Grace classes at other churches, for the girls to have the courage to come and for the leaders to know how to connect with each one, and for the girls to open their hearts to hear all that God would like to share with them – how much He truly loves them.

All the leaders are expectant and SO excited to get to witness all the cool miracles that we know will happen this semester!

Written by Amy Ford

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