A Royal Awakening


There are beautiful testimonies posted on this blog at least once a week, sometimes more. Tales of princes riding in to save the day, battling dragons; the King conquering villains who’ve hurt his daughters; servant girls discovering their true identities, rising into royalty–stepping into their rightful places as heirs of the King; real life fairytale, princess stories can be viewed right here in previous and future entires. If you happen to be a cryer like me, or probably even if you’re not, you find yourself blotting tears with your shirt sleeve or fully bawling and snotting all over as you read these enchanted life scripts. Do you ever wonder why they’re so moving to you? Or why any tale of good trumping evil is so intriguing and leaves you with a full-heart, yet longing for an unknown “something” at the same time?

While still pregnant with my first daughter, without hesitation I decided never to call her a “princess,” because the term carried a less than inspiring connotation. It kind of made me want to gag. Growing up, the only child I had ever heard referred to as a princess was more like a spoiled rotten brat. There was no way I was going to give my daughter the impression that she could act the same way and deserve such an entitled nickname. No princess nicknames, shirts with princess sayings, wall quotes, picture frames–nothing “princess” would adorn my child, her bedroom, or grace my lips in reference to her. And even after I held the shining beauty in my arms, I was committed to the vow I had made.

Months later, around the time my daughter was three months old, a consuming flame had ignited within me for seeking the healing and freedom accompanying my discovery of God’s great love for me. I was hearing His voice like never before. I had just pulled into the parking lot of church a few minutes early for my date night with Jesus (the Saturday evening service). As I straightened my car between the parallel lines of my chosen space and placed it in park, I heard a strange and unexpected question.

Do you believe I am the most high God, the King of all kings?

I immediately knew we were about to have some preservice ministry time, God and I.

Of course I do. I assuredly replied.

And you know you’re my daughter? He inquired, as if he didn’t already know my answer.

I had no clue why we were retracing the things I had become most certain of in the past few months, but I answered, so curious to discover what he had for me in this moment.

Yes, I know I am your daughter…

He started to summarize the already brief dialogue, which I almost tuned out, until his intended question changed my life.

So, if you believe I am the King and you are my daughter, what does that make you?

I began mulling over the different titles in a royal family like I was attempting to tackle a difficult word problem…

If there was a daddy and he was a king, then he had a daughter, she would be his… PRINCESS! I curled my lip, disturbed, wanting an explanation.

YOU are my child. You are my princess, and so is your daughter.

A collision of worlds happened within that moment. All of the beautiful, merciful, redeeming characteristics I learned about God that inspired me to live in a new way, under his covering of grace, holding myself to a higher standard, and learning I am worthy of his love was interlacing itself with this eight letter word I had sworn off.

Could it be that I was a princess? Could it be that the world taught me a definition of this word far different than its true, initially intended description?

I am a daughter of the Most High King. I am, in fact, a princess. I am His princess. I am extended this title with no price to me, not because I drive an expensive car, have a million friends, or spend boo coos of money to perfectly accessorize with designer brands. I am a princess because the creator of the universe is my Daddy–the God who’s son’s life paid my price for my opportunity to live and fully experience the plan my daddy has written just for me. I have done nothing but accept my place, adopted as His very own, because of the blood that Jesus shed for me.

While no amount of good deeds can earn his unconditional love, recognizing that I am a princess inspires me to live a certain way. My daddy has a plan for my life (Jeremiah 29:11), and in this plan I play an irreplaceable role. No one else’s story will ever look quite like mine. And I would not be right to play the lead role in anyone else’s either. I trust this plan of His, and while I know that I will encounter difficulties and struggles (John 16:33), I also know God has equipped me with everything I need, he is right by my side, and together we will triumph over any obstacle toward the next beauty He has awaiting me (Matthew 28:20).

Because I know these things I am confident in freely extending love to other people, because they are my King Daddy’s children, and that is the way He loves them. I feel less tempted to gossip about the people I do not care for, because, yes, He loves them just the same. I can be grateful for what I have at this very moment, because each person or thing is within my possession because He has blessed me with it. And I don’t have to fear what will happen tomorrow or worry about how I will do “x, y, and z,” because good daddies provide and protect their children–and I’ve got the greatest one of all (Matthew 6:25).

I am a princess. I am not called to live in the princess way twisted by this world, but to live with character, grace, love, and every beautiful attribute of my father, because I am His daughter and I want to make Him proud. I aspire to be living proof of his goodness and love. He has written me a beautiful story I have every intention of discovering word for word, page by page, one exciting, riveting event to the next.

Even after I have already experienced what I think was the most difficult time in my life and I am living in a season of joy, I still am moved, changed, and brought to tears upon reading other’s victories and life changing moments with Jesus. Yes, because seeing the goodness of God do it’s awesome goodness thing causes me excitement, since I too have lived through a terrible time when that same breathtaking goodness captured me and never let me go. However, I think the truest reason I am so moved by reading other’s princess tales is because of that thing I mentioned earlier, that having a full heart yet still longing for “something” more after reading their story. My heart yearns for more testimony, more of God’s impact, plan, greatness to unfold in my life, and my desire will not be disappointed. For there is more. He has the next page full of captivating promise just as soon as I turn to it.

Does your heart long for “something” in your life to happen like in the testimonies you’ve read on this blog, too? Well, He has a mind boggling, fairy tale, action thriller, princess story for you, too. He is waiting for you to acknowledge your place as his child, adopted into the royal family, unconditionally loved no matter the circumstance, and assume your role as princess–child of the King of all kings. Shake off the old labels you’ve acquired, any impressions you’ve received from this world’s definition of the word, and live like the princess you are designed to be. He has an irreplaceable role for you to play in a testimony unlike any other you have read–just as impacting, beautiful, and inspiring! You were made for greatness, too–destined to share your story with the world, of how you came to be a daughter of the King and how he has radically transformed your life into something far better than you could have written without Him.

Take your place, girl! The King is waiting to show off, you, His princess to the world!

Written by Jacqueline Fox

2 thoughts on “A Royal Awakening

  1. Jackie, this is AMAZING!!! You write so beautifully and effortlessly as you break down walls and invite each of us to step into our inheritance as daughters of the King! What a stunning example you are of a true princes. Thank you so much for sharing this!

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