40 years

pregnantinfieldToday marks the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, when abortion became legal by ruling of the Supreme Court. “Jane Roe” (real name Norma McCorvey} was a confused single mom that thought she might want an abortion. She ended up to never actually have one but rather, went on to have her baby and place her baby up for adoption. Years later, her opinion on abortion has completely changed. She believes a life begins at conception and is now a pro-life advocate and does everything she can to stand up for Life and bring truth the world.

Even Jane Roe realizes what abortion is: death of a life. 

Leading Embrace Grace, this subject comes up a lot. Not only is this topic close to my story with having almost having one in my teens and almost never being able to meet my son, but also some of my very best friends regretfully had them in their teens and their heart aches for the child they never got to see or hold, only having an aching memory of the loss of a life.

I remember when I was little, we would stand outside abortion clinics and try to talk to girls as they were walking inside, try to dissuade them for their decision. Then as a teen myself, all my beliefs and values flew out the window when I had an unplanned pregnancy. The deceitful thoughts that swarmed in my head were all lies, but at the time, seemed very real to me: “You’re too young to be a mom. Your parents are going to kick you out and you’ll be homeless. You will lose all your friends. All your dreams and plans for your future are forever ruined. Your life will be over if you have this baby.” 

I was too ashamed to reach out to anyone, so I was left with those thoughts. Looking back, I can see how the enemy was at work and wanted to hold true to his purpose and plans for my own life: to kill, steal and destroy. {John 10:10} And all my friends that had an abortion in their past, had the same thoughts that I did. Darkness prevailed as we believed those lies as truths.

This is part of what sparked the idea of Embrace Grace. 

I’m so thankful for the pro life activists that spend their lives raising awareness for life and doing what they can politically to make a change. I believe there is a huge purpose in that and much needed. I’m also thankful for all the people that devote their lives to being on the front-lines, working at a pregnancy resource center and being able to talk with a girl and speak life to her right in that moment when she decides, life or death. So many babies have been saved by those first words spoken to a girl with an unplanned pregnancy by volunteer workers that share the truth about what abortion is.

But the way we want to save babies is a little different.

With the laws the way they are right now, the best and most effective way to save babies is to rally around these girls that choose life and support them. There are people that stand outside the clinics, begging girls to keep their baby (again, totally needed) but when the girls say, “OK, I’m going to parent this child,” then what? Where is the church? Where did all those supporters go that encouraged her to choose life? She has a long 9 months of being worried about her future, wondering how she is going to get the baby items that she needs, wondering how she is going to make it. It’s time for us to come alongside these girls and help them through their pregnancy. They need someone that will encourage them and just say, “You can do it.” They need spiritual mothers and fathers to teach them and be there to lean on. They need friends to cheer them on as they journey through this bumpy season. They need the church to open their arms and be a safe place where they can run to, not away from. This is such a pivotal moment in a young girls life, usually their life hits a big fork in the road. Do they go down the road that got them into this situation? Or do they choose the road towards the arms of a loving heavenly Father? God can use YOU to be a motivator and encourager! You might be the only light that they have in their world.
The domino effect of you investing in a young girls life is endless. Probably 90% of all girls that have been through an Embrace Grace program, are referred by an alumni that did it before them. When a girl gets pregnant in high school, the next one thats gets pregnant, runs to the first one for advice – almost always. They will say, “Yes I got pregnant but it worked out. My baby saved my life. There is a church close that can help you. It will be ok. I’ll bring you next week.” I’ve seen it over … and over … and over. What if every church in the nation did this? What would be the trickle effect?
When you love these girls, babies are saved. Generations are changed. Love can change the world.
I mentioned John 10:10 up above … but there is a second half to that verse that changes everything … “… but My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.”
God can fix everything. No matter what you are going through or what your situation is, just turn to Him – His promise is to give you a GOOD life full of satisfaction!
Written by Amy Ford

6 thoughts on “40 years

  1. Love, love, love!!! So beautifully written and true to the core! Praying for the trickle effect to come into action and like you said churches across the nation to come on board and love on all these mommies and babies and embrace them with their arms wide open!! It’s gonna be wild, its gonna be great… Swing wide the gates!!
    We can trust and lean on Jesus and He will lead us through.
    Praying life for the babies! Babies voices 11:11. Love you!!!!

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