Comfort Zone

rubberbandWe all have our comfort zones. 

We like our comfy beds and pillows that we sleep on every night because it’s “ours.” We like our bodies to be healthy, well and whole. We like our bank accounts to have enough in it to cover all of the bills and then some. We like our weather at 70 degrees with lots of sunshine (well most of us do). We like our life routines that we have set up for ourselves that keep us doing the same thing every day.

But as soon as we get stretched, we get upset or maybe even scared and worried.

Do you think it’s God’s purpose to give us a comfortable life? Do you think his goal is that all of His children get what they want and when they want it? Is that what you think about for your own child, to appease every demand and want that they have? Probably not … What would happen if you did? Well, we would probably be self centered and bratty.

He’s not a genie in a bottle where you get a wish and he complies.

He has a way better idea. His thoughts are higher than our thoughts. He wants to take our life and mold and shape us into warriors with amazing character and integrity that can carry out the mission He has purposed for us before we were ever even born. He can take every trial that we have ever been through and use it to push us into the next season He has for us. Keeping a kingdom perspective on our trials help us get through them so much easier.

And what about our daily routines in life. We wake up, make our coffee, get the kids to school, go to work, come home, eat dinner and go to bed. Every day. Over and over. Days and even years go by with the same routine.

Recently I was asked to speak for a video shoot, sharing my story and testimony for an awesome ministry. At first I was SO excited, thankful for another opportunity to share my story. But then as each day passed, getting closer and closer to film day, I had a few “excuses” that flew through my mind of how maybe I shouldn’t do it after all. It’s pretty far away. I’ll have to get a sitter. I don’t have anything to wear. I won’t have time to get my hair done before. I was getting nervous about being “stretched” even though deep down, this is my DREAM. I would love to really get out there more and travel and speak! But to accomplish a dream, you have to DO and ACT on it. Even when it feels a little uncomfortable as you step out of that safe zone you are accustomed to.

As I was having those thoughts of “But “I” this and but “I” that …” I suddenly realized I had a lot of “I’s” in my thoughts. Since when is my life about me? If God is placing this opportunity in front of me that is pushing me towards the dreams that He planted in my heart, will He not equip me with everything I need to accomplish His will?

Stepping out of our comfort zone makes life WAY more worthwhile and interesting! Stepping out of our comfort zones might be staying up late and writing that book we’ve always dreamed of. Stepping out of our comfort zones might be waking up WAY too early to get that workout in so you can meet your goal of health and fitness! Stepping out of our comfort zones might be trying out for the church worship team to use your gift and talent God has given you for His glory. Stepping out of your comfort zone might be starting that company or ministry that you think about every day about “what if …” 

A sweet 18 year old Embrace Grace girl once told me, “Faith is like a rubber band. It’s only useful when it’s stretched.” She was single and pregnant with twins. Her faith was stretched. She was way out of her comfort zone. But God was there helping her the whole way through.

I just want to encourage you this week to stretch your faith. Step out of that comfort zone. Keep a Kingdom perspective on the uncomfortable stretches – bad or good, He will use it to shape us for the good of the fulfilling and abundant life He made for you!

Written by Amy Ford

2 thoughts on “Comfort Zone

  1. I love the idea of~ “Faith is like a rubber band. It’s only useful when it’s stretched.” Maybe we all should wear rubber bands around our wrist when we know we need to be reminded of this. 🙂

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