pregnancystickDefined as a dramatic disclosure of an unforeseeable fact,

She can’t believe a revelation fits on something so compact.

Purple fingernails; hold a test, with a positive indication

And a teenage girl is baffled by this enormous, tiny obligation.

Her hands begin to shake and stomach begins to turn,

 And the tears that stain her pillow cause both their hearts to burn.

She runs to the mirror to see if she might yet be showing,

Completely mystified there is no sign of the baby growing.

Where will she go, what will she wear, who will pay her bills?

Fear fills her body as she shouts “how can this be God’s will”?

She falls to her knees and thinks I can’t do this on my own,

And a calm voice whispers gently, child you are not alone.

Her anxiety dissipates as the familiar voice calms her soul,

Soothing words of love telling her to let her worries go!

Yes, this may seem insurmountable, in this time and place,

But my wish is for you to trust me embracing God’s sweet grace.

Her swollen eyes grow heavy and she can finally fall asleep,

With the morning bringing new hope for the baby she’s to keep.

Walking out to start her day she looks around to find her test,

And is startled to find it laying, on the bible, atop the wooden chest

The result window still reveals the test’s positive indication,

But now she sees the small blue cross is actually a positive revelation!

Written by Hailey Bennett

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