My Giving and Tithing story


As a 21 year old newlywed, and just started going to church consistently over the past few years, I always would hear about people tithing and how awesome it was. I really wanted to try it but when I looked at my monthly budget, I never could figure out how it could happen. 10% of our income is a lot when living on such a tight budget.

Let me take you back to December.

Brad and I had just been started talking a little about tithing, and how we have been wanting to do it. We really wanted to make it a priority and start doing it.  But as our paychecks came in, we never broke away from the routine that we were used to. We barely had enough to pay our bills. With me being pregnant, and living on only Brad’s income, it was always very tight with our finances.

All through December, we just decided to just start giving what we could. If we had cash in our wallets, we would just stick it in the offering box. If there was extra money in our bank account, we gave. Even if it was $5 or $10, it was a lot to us and we would give it.

A few days after Christmas, Brad got a phone call from a company he had interviewed with a while back and they offered him a job! It was a great offer that was a significant pay raise that we really needed. So Brad called his current employer and told them that he was leaving and taking a new job opportunity, and when he did, they did not want to lose him so they matched the offer of the new job!  He decided to stay and got a big pay raise just like that!

Then it gets even more awesome ….

A week or 2 later, the new company that had called to offer him the job that he had turned down, called again and made another offer for Brad to come work for them with almost double the salary of what we were making originally and way better benefits! We were blown away and there was no way we could turn down the offer. It was just so much more money than what he was currently making.  All of these blessings, we just didn’t see it coming. God works in such amazing ways that will shock you. Its like He pulls the rug out from under your feet just to remind you how awesome He is and how He is in control!

God even blessed us in little things like one day I went to visit an old friend of mine that I had not seen in 6 months and she had all these diapers that she decided she didn’t like the brand (and I had tried before and loved them) and she gave me TONS of diapers, right when I was almost out and needed more. This is so fun!

Brad started his new job on January 7th. What a great way to start the new year! We decided that we definitely wanted tithing to be a priority from now on. God is who provides for us. We can give back to Him what He already gives us.  Ever since we started tithing even more side job opportunities have come up. We are finally living very comfortably and we are ready for Blair, our 2nd daughter to be born.

Giving God total control, surrendering your will for His, is the best thing we have ever done for our family. So thankful for His blessings and provision.

Written by Brooke Davidson

2 thoughts on “My Giving and Tithing story

  1. Love this blog so much! It is so true, You can’t out give God!! I have similar experience and it is SO fun!!!! I’m praying you are blessed above and beyond what you can even imagine over for sharing this and being a light to all of us!

  2. Blessings upon blessings pouring out upon you and your sweet family. Love your heart! Love your blog post! Thanks so much for sharing!

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