A Masterpiece


Restoration, what is restoration? By definition restoration is the act of restoring or state of being restored, as to a former or original condition; the replacement or giving back of something lost or stolen.

This morning while I was at church for a special prayer service I kept hearing the word restoration. In my heart it made sense but in my head I was a bit confused. While I was sitting at work editing photo after photo God began to speak more things to help me understand.

In my life, restoration is a key part of what got me to where I am today. It seems lately I’ve been so broken and bitter. It’s hard to see who I am under all of that sometimes. Today I realized with God’s restoration, I’m made new.

Let me explain… I see God as a master artist. I see him sitting in front of a blank canvas with a paint brush in hand slowly and precisely making strokes with paint. He uses many colors. Some are vibrant and some are desaturated and muted. When he’s done with the painting it’s perfectly balance. It’s a true masterpiece.

He then displays the work of art for everyone to see. He sits and looks at the strokes, colors, and textures all while smiling in pleasure of what He’s created. The piece of art, having a mind of it’s own, allows others to come in and add colors to it’s canvas. Over time the masterpiece begins to change. What once was vibrant and beautiful becomes muddy and unbalanced. With every new stroke, the painting forgets how it was originally created. Over time it looks nothing like itself but more like a piece of work given no thought and tossed to the side.

Desperate and broken the painting cries out for it’s artist. The artist comes in and restores the painting back to it’s original masterpiece.

I see humans as a painting and God as the artist. He created us beautiful and spotless. Through trials and decisions we let others paint us until we look nothing like the way God created us. The beauty in this is restoration. God repairs us to his original work of art…beautiful, and spotless.

I’ve never seen restoration in a more clear way than I did today.

Written by Olivia Boyd, Embrace Grace alumni

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