Do Not Despise Small Beginnings …

carI stepped off of the train this evening on to the platform and headed towards my car.  I wore my super high new heels to work today, and my toes were ready to hit the floorboard and find some relief!  In the midst of my woes, I noticed a car not too far from my mine and I almost laughed out loud.  It immediately took me back to my younger days and the first car or two that I had that well, after a while, didn’t really resemble cars as much as they were practically road hazards.

My first car was a Hyundai Scoupe.  You probably don’t remember what they even look like, doubt they make them anymore.  I thought I was hot stuff at the time!  It was standard, so my first car came with some on the job training.  I had to learn how to drive a stick really quick or I was bound to not take myself anywhere.  Needless to say the car did wonders – took me to work, provided enough room in the back for two car seats, and of course, allowed me to hang out with my friends.  Well, the thing is that I wasn’t too careful of a driver.  I got into a few fender benders, as did my boyfriend who I was with at the time.  Back then cars had the kind of seatbelts that connected to the top of the car door, so when you opened the door, the seatbelt pulled with it.  One day I was driving down a residential street that had a sharp left hand turn.  As I turned left, my passenger side door flew open!  While driving I had to grab hold of that seat belt to slam my door back shut!  It was scary at the time, but now every time I think about it, I crack up laughing.  And that wasn’t even the bad car…

The Scoupe eventually bit the dust and I had a few cars in between, but the real kicker was a Ford Ranger that I had.  It was white, single cab.  I managed to take better care of this truck seeing that I was older, but that wasn’t enough to save it from some serious traumatic events.  One day while driving through a business district, I sort of drove the Ranger right into one of those big moving trucks.  Not an 18 wheeler mind you, but the big ones nonetheless.  In my defense I could have sworn he was turning right!  Needless to say, I slid into the bottom of the trailer in the back of the truck, causing my windshield and the frame around the windshield to smash in.  I was not harmed, and my truck was drivable.  So what does a young single Mom do with limited resources?  If you guessed that I drove the truck home, you would be correct!  I guess it was the stubborn streak in me, but I wasn’t the kind of girl that let anything hold her down.  It was my only vehicle, so drive that truck I did!  I had to climb in and out of the passenger side door, which was very unlady like might I add.  I had no driver side window, so you can kiss good hair days goodbye!  Oh, and let’s not even talk about what I had to do when it was raining, it was down right pathetic!

Why am I telling you all of this?  So that you don’t despise small, frustrating, heart wrenching beginnings.  Whether your whole family is living in a one bedroom apartment (mine was) or whether you have to pray every day for your car to make it down the street (like I did)…this will pass.  And one day you will look back from where God has brought you, and you will crack up laughing, sharing your stories with your kids.  We may not have had to walk 10 miles barefoot on a dirt road to get to that schoolhouse every morning, but we have definitely all had our share of small beginnings.

Written by Jamie Stapleton

2 thoughts on “Do Not Despise Small Beginnings …

  1. I loved reading this. I can totally totally relate!!!!! I have so many memories that at the time I thought my financial situation was so horrible but now I laugh at and love those memories. (I have also climbed in and out if the passenger side of a car to get to drivers seat. Lol) God is so faithful and he is a God of promotion and increase!!! The key is to never give up, never loose hope, and to be thankful in the times of small beginnings. Expect increase and dream big!!

  2. That is so true! It makes me laugh every time I think of all the little mile stones I’ve gone through and where I am today. I can’t wait to see where God leads me.

    Cheers to dreaming big!

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