Hearing God

hearinggodI think one of the most common questions we get in Embrace Grace is, “How do I hear God?” I’ve heard girl’s ask, “You and Salina always talk about how God spoke to you … that’s never happened to me before. How can I have a relationship with God like that?”

God speaks to us all the time through songs, a word from a friend, a whisper in our hearts or the most common way is through His word. Haven’t you ever gotten a scripture that maybe the pastor said that was exactly what you needed to hear. Or maybe someone texted you out of the blue and it was answering what you had just prayed about. That happened last night with one of my sweet friends. I really felt led to send her an encouraging text. It was late around 11:00. I was falling asleep and she was just on my heart and I was praying for her. I sent her a text out of the blue. She responded something like, “That just made me so happy! You have no idea how I needed to hear that tonight.”

Sometimes God gives us a vision or a dream. Sometimes it’s a still small voice that whispers to us and we can grab on to it. There are so many cool stories about how a random stranger approaches someone else with a word from God. And His words will always have confirmation from another source as well.

One of my favorite stories in Embrace Grace is how a girl was working at Whataburger in the drive-thru lane. She was VERY pregnant and so tired. Her lunch break came and she ate her lunch and pulled out her Embrace Grace binder that she had and it had the salvation prayer inside of it. She had been thinking about it for a while but she decided right then and there, that she was ready to surrender her life to God and accept Him into her life as her personal Lord and Savior. She prayed the prayer and released all her fears and worries she had been carrying around throughout the pregnancy. The lunch shift ended and she went back to her “post” at the drive thru window. A few minutes later a car rolled up and the man rolled down his window and said, “I don’t need to order anything. I was just driving down the road and the Lord spoke to me and said to turn around and tell the girl at the drive-thru window that God loves you and He is going to take care of you and to just trust Him.” He rolled up his window and rolled away while the EG girl’s jaw dropped. She just prayed the salvation prayer and just a few minutes later God sent someone with a special message that confirmed her action of releasing all her fears and worries.

Another time me and Salina had been praying about getting our 501c3 non profit status. It is a big expense but we had felt like God was finally saying YES. We just knew it. We were praying about our mission statement and gathering all the info to submit the (feels like thousands) sheets of paper to the IRS. Salina was at a Pink Impact prayer meeting and a random stranger that had never even heard of Embrace Grace and walked up to Salina and said, “Um excuse me, I just needed to ask you a question … are you going on a mission trip?” Salina responded, “No, I’m not going on a mission trip. I feel like my mission is here. I love to help girls here with unplanned pregnancies.”  The lady said, “Is there something you have been saving for or about to do?” Salina said, “Well we actually have been writing our MISSION statement and gathering paperwork for IRS.” The woman said, “How much is that?” Salina told her and this woman sat down and wrote the full amount for EG to become a non profit, right then and there. She said, “God told me I am supposed to pay for your mission.” That was another confirmation! We had already heard him speak to us to GO and then He sent someone to confirm what we already knew … it saves any doubts from coming in.

Sometimes He just sends fun kisses from heaven for us. I love how another Embrace Grace girl had just prayed the salvation prayer and asked Jesus into her heart. Later that day she went to her shift at work at Blockbuster video. She had her Embrace Grace book she was reading when it was quiet. No one was in the store except for her when right then and there, 2 of the 3 Jonas Brothers walked in to rent movies. She FREAKED out. To an 18 year old girl, this is huge (heck I’m thirty-something and I would be freaking out too!) When they came to check out, she nervously fumbled around for any kind of paper to ask them to give her their autograph. She couldn’t find anything so she just opened her Embrace Grace book and they just signed right there on the pages. That was a kiss from heaven.

We can take every thought, dream and words spoken to us captive individually and determine if it’s from God, the Devil or ourselves.

God’s voice:  loves and encourages us, , always speaks positive and truth, gently convicts us of our sin and offers forgiveness, never compares, always extends us to do more than what we think we can, wants us to trust Him, gives clear direction and instruction and wants all the honor and praise.

Satan’s voice: hates and discourages us, , speaks negatively and talks down to us, lies, condemns and shames us for our sins, blames us, rejects us, coerces comparison, tries to convince how we are not capable of something that we ARE capable of with God, makes us feel insignificant, does not want you to trust God, gives confusing instruction wants all the honor and praise.

If it’s our own thoughts, then we will know because it sounds a lot like, “ME, ME, ME and I, I, I.” Everything becomes about ourselves. The root of our thoughts have all the focus on ourselves. Maybe it’s a manipulative thought, possibly controlling or even materialistic. We see everything around us for what it is – instead of seeing things the way God sees us. We limit ourselves because we put all our trust and hope in our physical abilities and the way our world is right now, instead of putting our faith and trust in God and believing He is going to be there to help us. Oh and just like God and Satan, we want the honor and praise too. We have to align our hearts with God’s by spending time in His word and with Him, so that our thoughts become His. 

“My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,” says the Lord. “And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine. For just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.” {Isaiah 55:8-9}

So humble yourselves before God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. {James 4:7}

• If you recognize a thought that is from Satan, yell out a loud NO and watch him go.

• If you recognize a thought that is our own and not of God, repent and ask for forgiveness for letting your own selfish thoughts interfere with God’s plans.

• If you recognize a thought that is from God, say a quiet YES and He is there to help you and continue to lead.

My sheep [my people] listen to my voice; I know them and they follow me.  {John 10:27}

The closer we draw near to God, the easier it is to recognize God’s voice when He speaks to our hearts. Let God’s word of truth wash over you and lift you up. God wants us to seek Him daily to guide our paths. When I am searching for truth, I can always turn to THE Truth to get answers. Carve out time to read His word and spend time with Him and watch your life begin to change!

Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path. {Psalm 119:105}

Freedom Pastors at our church dive deeper into this topic and are recorded on podcasts – you should DEFINITELY check it out! http://gatewaypeople.com/sermons/119334

Written by Amy Ford

2 thoughts on “Hearing God

  1. Great post. I love your point about recognizing God’s voice more clearly as you get to know Him better. It’s just like when we get to know humans. When you answer the phone, a friend is on the other line and you hear their voice, you know exactly who it is because you’re familiar enough with them for it to be so.

    If we feel like we don’t hear God’s voice often or clearly, we may be so busy “serving” and “obeying” that we aren’t actually familiar with Him. Or, we may be so distracted by all of our various forms of entertainment that the noise drowns out His voice. Doing isn’t supposed to be the center of the relationship. Sharing love together is.

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