A new road to be taken, a new life to figure out,

All the choices fill my head, and I begin to doubt.

Just like a broken puzzle, that’s scattered on the floor,

I plead to God to guide me through the perfect door.

A place they will accept me, Lord please help me see,

A place, like no other, where it’s okay to be me.

Staring at all the pieces, I know I should begin,

And I know each piece will fit, when I reach the very end.

But, right now it’s just chaos, filled with uncertainty,

And tears fall on the pieces, as I sit on bended knees,

Then bravery takes over, and I decide to grab a piece,

And suddenly, I see its match, hiding underneath.

A little streak of luck, I smile, and reach for one more,

Mixing and sorting through all the pieces lying on the floor.

Piece by piece, the puzzle finally starts to take its shape,

And I see that this work of art was only mine to make.

Sometimes there were days, each piece fell into place,

Confidently, I moved the pieces, with a smile upon my face.

But other times, I’d get frustrated, and even want to quit,

But that’s when God would guide me, and I’d find the perfect fit.

So, for all of you faced with an event or circumstance,

And for all of you who aren’t afraid, and willingly take a chance,

And for all the brave ones, who will bravely face their fears,

And for all the dreamers, who have dreamt for years and years,

Please know, I’ve been in your shoes, and walked a thousand miles,

And I’ve seen my share of tears, and seen my share of smiles,

 I’d like to offer you some advice; I know to be completely true,

So consider these last words a gift from me to you,

See a piece might not make sense, when it’s alone in your hand,

                But once you put it in your puzzle, you will know, God always had a plan!

                                                 Written by Hailey Bennett

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