February 25, 2003

I made a choice on this date. It was not to marry my husband. It was not my first date. It was not my salvation date.

It is the date of my abortion.

It is the date I ended not one life but two. It is one date I cannot forget.

10 years.

I struggle to breathe this morning as I remember ten years ago.

I am struggling. There I said it. Putting my heart out there. No walls. No fake smile. This date is forever burned in my heart.

Even through tears this morning, I have to choose to walk in freedom and remember I am forgiven and set free. I have to choose to hear His words of love truth and understanding over the screaming pain in my heart and words being whispered in my ears.

Today I can choose to lock myself up inside my home all day, and make this day all about me or I can make today all about the babies who are gone because of abortions. I can make today all about women who at this very moment are struggling with the abortion they had. I can make today all about women who are thinking about choosing abortion. I can make today all about the brave moms who choose life instead.

I can choose life over death. I can choose that today be about life and a day praying for life.

This is what I am praying for:

1. For our government today to see with their eyes that life begins at conception. That life be valued at the first moment it is conceived. I am praying that today will be a day of new truth be revealed to our leaders.

2. For all women who have been through an abortion to be able to forgive themselves and walk without the chains holding them down. That His love be revealed to them in a real and tangible way that they understand. That today be a new journey of freedom.

3. For all the moms who may be considering abortion that there would be an intervention today. That today there would be a word spoken to them that would change their mind or an event that stops them.

4. For all the pro life people out there who share their message in a hateful way. That today be a day their messages are changed, that they see hate will never change a mind, but love never fails. Today be the day they start a new way to lead.

5. For the men involved to be able to stand and take responsibility. That today be a day where men learn to say yes to life and no to abortion.

6. For generational curses to be broken today. That abortions that have been passed down from generation to generation end today. Today that curse be broken in the name of Jesus.

7. For all who have been hurt by abortion. That today be a day of healing. Abortions don’t just kill the baby and hurt the mommy. Abortions hurt the daddy, the grandparents, the friends and other families. Today, wounds will start to heal and lives redeemed.

8. For the abortion industry. The counselors, the nurses, the doctors and the clinics. That today doors start to close. That a burden is put on their hearts to see what they are truly doing. That these men and women be called to a new career. That today to be a start of a new vision for many.

9. For the girls and boys growing up in the world. Today will be the day children are taught that ALL life is precious. Today be the day we teach them to be brave, bold and speak up for those who do not have a voice. Today be a day of protection over all life.

10. For the moms who are in the midst of criticism and chaos but still chose life. That hope and provision come to each and every one. Today may the moms be loved on in a way that they know choosing life was the best choice.

Today I am praying for life. So many years on this day I would have picked death. Life truly is better. Will you pray with me?

Written by Kaleena Barnett

3 thoughts on “PRAY FOR LIFE

  1. Oh my gosh, Kaleena! That was beautiful! I am in such total shock and awe of your strength and beauty. Wow! You are a true gift from God and the amazing wisdom that he has put in your heart to share your story to help others is truely amazing! I am so glad that we have connected. You are a true hero and inspiration in my eyes!

  2. Kaleena, Bless you for sharing today. May I recommend SaveOne to not only you but all men and women who have been in your shoes. It is a bible study for men, women, families that have had or been affected by abortion. The forgiveness and restoration that God gives is for everyone, no matter the choices. It set me and my family free. Go to God Bless you.

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