These Boots are Made for Walking

There has been something on my heart this week and confirmations keep coming more and more from God, sweet friends, songs and more. Praying for simplicity in revealing what I am hearing so that I can share with you.

These boots are made for walking, that’s just what they’ll do, one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you… From today on… I am taking a stand. I am going to walk by faith. I am making a declaration and proclamation today… on Good Friday. These boots are going to walk all over the enemy. What the enemy meant to kill, steal and destroy and bring destruction and death, God has brought to Life. We declare LIFE!

You may be wondering where I am going with this. Especially with the song choice of These boots are made for walking… I know, I thought the same thing too. Let me bring it to light for you. A few days ago I was sitting in a rocking chair in the nursing mothers room at Gateway Church. I love to come here to reflect and pray. I get lots of “God downloads” in this very spot. I always feel God’s loving arms holding me as He rocks me back and forth and whispers His heart to me.

It was during this particular moment that I was crying out to God about some things that were heavy on my heart. I kept hearing the words brokenness, weakness, and then suddenly heard… BOLDNESS!  Instantly this song came to my mind and felt the Holy Spirit say “you tube this song and stand up and walk around the nursing mothers room as you sing this song.” *I you tubed the clean version video of Nancy Sinatra (its from 1966 girls so it’s black and white… lol! and she is wearing a knee length dress standing by a staircase… video is by (nyrainbow2).

I joined in and began singing along with Nancy and making a declaration as I am walking around the room in my boots. (side note: I am wearing 1 boot that is a theraputic orthopedic boot since I recently broke my 4 toes… 🙂 I was more hobble walking, but was being obedient nonetheless. I felt something shifting as I was praying and believing for the brokenness in our world.

You see, I have a black brace boot on my foot and people automatically notice and ask… “Oh my, what happened to you? Are you ok?” There have even been people stop and ask if they can pray for me and my toes.. and of course I say, YES! please do, I love all the prayers I can get. This boot is a type of sign that shows my brokenness and weakness in my toes right now. It is evident and can be seen by others.

So many times, we walk around in brokenness on the inside of our lives and others do not even know we are walking around with it. We may be hurting and crying out on the inside and just hoping that someone, anyone will notice.

Brokenness inside. Brokenness in relationships. Brokenness in family. Brokenness in homes. Brokenness in body. Brokenness in heart. Brokenness in our nation. The …ness goes on and on…

My heart has felt such a burden for women walking around in brokenness and as I made a declaration and walked around the nursing mothers room, it was as if I took a stand and said no more enemy, I will no longer sit on the side lines and allow you to bring destruction to our lives. I will walk by faith. Even though I do not see the outcome and what is to come. God I choose to trust YOU! You never let go. You always hold us close.

As an army gears up for battle, we can choose to do the same. We as women can gear up and get our combat boots ready. We can take a stand for ourselves, our children, and others to take back what has been stolen, lost, or broken in our lives and families. I keep seeing a picture of soldiers that are lined up and prepared to fight with us. They have their weapons and we do too. They say that we are not alone. That we do not have to fear. Take courage. Be bold. Walk in your boldness.

I am asking for all of you that read this today to join with me and take a stand. Step out, step up and take a walk with me. It does not matter if you are walking around in your home wearing your P.J.’s, holding your baby, and have a lot on your plate to get done today. Wherever you are, sometime today, just make a declaration walk. It can be super short or as long as you like.  Declare LIFE. Speak Life into your areas of brokenness today!

The enemy came to bring death and destruction and he thought he had won when Jesus was being beaten, bleeding, broken, bruised and betrayed by the crowd around him on Good Friday. He saw Jesus hanging on the cross and as Jesus took His last breath and said “It is Finished” the enemy took it as ok, He is gone, He is over and done with. That takes care of Him. But, no, no, no!! Our Jesus had just begun! He went down to the pit of hell and took back the keys and all the authority the enemy had robbed. Jesus was raised from the dead 3 days later. Now that’s Resurrection Power!

Brokenness is defined as :: reduced to fragments, ruptured, torn, fractured, weakened in strength and spirit, not functioning properly, out of working order. 

Are there areas in your life that you feel brokenness? Jesus’ healing hands can touch any area of brokenness that you are experiencing. Just ask Him to heal you in those areas. He is big enough and strong enough! Jesus rose from the grave and is seated in Heaven with God and longs to restore WHOLENESS to you!

I love when God does this… I am almost done typing this post  and praying over it, and this song comes on Pandora and it fits perfectly with this topic. Confirmation upon confirmation.

The River ~ Meredith Andrews

Everyone is broken. And in need of a Savior. So He came and was broken. For the mocker, for the shamed. Still our eyes are blinded. By the culture, by the lies. We can’t see that we’re filthy. We’re fallen and so dry…But He invites us. Can you hear Him say? He invites us. Hear Him call your name

Welcome to the river. Come drink, come wade. Come find your very life. Welcome to the river of GodWhere your brokenness is washed away

Everywhere is the sorrow and the pain of empty living. You can see it; look in their eyes all the hopelessness of the world.

But look closer, He is right there. In the midst of every fear. Living water is the offer. Restoration is the call. Find your healing. Find your freedom. In the river of God. Your healing here. Your freedom there. In the river of God

Welcome to the river. Come drink, come wade. Come find your very life. Welcome to the river of GodWhere your brokenness is washed away

Times of refreshing come from the Lord. {Acts 3:19}

Written by Salina Duffy

A Father’s Love

heart sealKyle and I just celebrated our second anniversary on March 11. I always giggle a little inside when new acquaintances ask me to tell them about my family. They usually start with asking how long we’ve been married, followed by if or how many children we have, and then how old the kids are. After sharing how long we’ve been married (currently two years), followed by the age of our oldest daughter (currently three years old), I can usually see the gears begin turning in their brains, trying to make sense of Brinley being older than the amount of time we’ve been married.

When we were first married (as if it was a decade ago), I would feel slightly insecure during those moments of meeting new people, like I needed to throw down my testimony right there, explain my past and legitimize the whole situation. But over the course of our first nine months of marriage, the Lord began to reveal something to my heart, so remarkable, yet so awesome no amount of words could truly describe it well enough, but I will make an attempt.

Two years ago at this time my family was in a season of waiting. I remember swimming in uncertainty; questions of what if and how floating between the to-do thoughts of each day. When Kyle and I got engaged we knew we were going to pursue his adoption of Brinley after the wedding. Although we wanted to jump on this process immediately, we were required to be married six months or more before proceeding. We were equally giddy, antsy, and concerned during those few months. All I knew was the promise God had given me when I was still pregnant with Brinley: He had the perfect daddy picked out for her, who would adopt her; she would be his very own daughter and he would be her very own daddy.

Even with this promise, as the six-month mark closed in (September 2011), I wondered if we should really pursue the adoption. Life was peaceful and sweet. I did not want to stir the pot, for fear of poisonous overflow disrupting this beautiful thing we had going. But I felt God urging my spirit, urging Kyle and I to, “Go!” And God directed us to a God loving lawyer, who began our case in October.

After about two months of subpoenas, the biological father had wholly defaulted, and failed to respond. Kyle and I were summoned to appear before a judge the very early morning of December 8, 2011. (Did I mention I was eight months pregnant at this time, too? It was a sweet time, but so much was happening.) Kyle walked and I waddled up to the bench in the courtroom. What was going to happen? Would the judge order further investigation? Would she see our case as truth or desire more evidence?

We stated a few facts for the record, like our names, birthdays, that sort of thing. I had to state Brinley’s name, birth facts, etc. And then we waited. For a few minutes that felt like hours, the judge flipped through the pages of our case file prepared by our attorney. When she looked back up at us, she stated as a matter of fact, the biological father’s rights were involuntarily terminated; Kyle Fox was the new legal guardian and father of the child; Brinley Elizabeth Hope is now Brinley Elizabeth Fox. Knock! She hit her gavel, signed a paper, and declared the file completely closed and sealed never to be reopened.

My sighs and tears pierced the deafening silence of the courtroom. That was it. Within a few brief sentences I witnessed a promise God gave me brought to life. I could never have known it would happen in such a way, and there were many days I wondered if it would actually happen at all. But I had a knowing in my spirit that I couldn’t have made up a promise like that, a promise of a good and perfect gift could only come from Him. The judge asked if I was going to be okay, and I nodded and tried to get out some kind of mumbled response like, “… they’re just happy tears…”

Brinley was back home sleeping, and we made it home before she awoke. When she started babbling on the baby monitor, nothing could have slowed Kyle from bolting into her room to announce all that was made official just an hour before. And while she was too little to understand, the joy and elation gushing from him, as her daddy, is amidst the most beautiful memories in my heart.

The entire process, every event taking place to reach this beautiful moment, was part of God’s unmistakable plan to reveal a glimpse of His adoption of me and matchless love for me, his daughter. The journey of Jesus’ life was not necessarily enjoyable. The price He paid, so that I could be a child of God was ultimate, the greatest sacrifice. But the end result? Oh, it is glorious, because nothing can separate me from my Savior. The deal is sealed, just like Brinley’s adoption decree. So now, when people ask me about my family, my children, etc., it brings me joy—the way we became a family unit–regardless of their internal calculating or judgment, because I know our story and it is a great picture of my very own Father’s love.

Brinley dashes to the door when Kyle gets home from work, squealing, “Daddy’s home! Daddy’s home!” He answers so proudly to this name, meeting her inside the door, scooping her up in his arms, squeezing her tightly. She is secure in his love for her, his protection of her, and He is enamored with his princess. There is no other daddy on this earth to her. There is no one equipped for the job of being just the daddy she needs quite like Kyle. What an honor to be entrusted with the raising of her little, sparkling face!

Did you know this is God’s love for you? From the moment you were conceived, God has longed to be this kind of love and provision for you. He has giddily, excitedly, and fervently awaited the arrival of His child, to run unabashedly into His outstretched arms. Jesus died on the cross, and sealed your adoption decree with his blood, so that you could experience the most unflawed, overwhelming, abundant love of the most perfect Father. Because of this, we have access to endless love; mercy; grace; forgiveness; wisdom; the list goes on. We are His forever and always, no matter the past. We cannot be separated from His love.

He is waiting to meet you where you are, to be all you need. He cannot wait to call you part of His family, his very own child! Will you entrust your life to His plan, be secure in his love and protection for you? The inheritance is rich and the company is sweet.

Furthermore, because we are united with Christ, we have received an inheritance from God, for he chose us in advance, and he makes everything work out according to his plan. – Ephesians 1:11

by Jacqueline Fox

A Birth Mom’s Love

parkergrace2All of the momma’s in Embrace Grace are so precious and dear to my heart. Each one is so unique and have such amazing gifts and qualities. I see so much beauty in each one of their hearts, I think even more than they see in themselves. The way they go to school, work one or even 2 jobs, be the mom and the dad for their baby, and still get their sweet kids to church on Monday nights, despite being exhausted. They amaze me. It’s a huge  highlight of my week getting to spend time with them and seeing their sweet faces.

Out of all the EG mommas we’ve had, we have only had a handful choose adoption. With each story, I am captivated by every step through the process. Each story is so different – some choose closed adoptions and some choose adoption with different variations. I love hearing about how the birth mom met the adoptive mom. It’s like God pairs up the perfect birth mom to the perfect family. And how brave and courageous of a girl to choose life for their baby and bless a family that have prayed their entire lives for a child. It’s so beautiful! A birth mom sacrifices her body for 9 months, just to save their baby’s life and give him or her a beautiful destiny full of hope and love. 

On Friday, another sweet baby was born that will be placed for adoption with a sweetparkergrace1 family. Sabrina had a sweet baby girl named Parker Grace. Before she breathed her first breath, she was loved by SO many. The adoptive family got their home all ready and bought her sweet baby girl clothes to bring her home in. The birth mom and baby daddy spent bonding time with Parker during their hospital stay, loving on her and taking in the beauty and miracle of life. Sabrina wanted to give her baby girl the best life possible and she knew in her heart, that blessing another family with her baby was what God wanted her to do. What Love! It makes me cry every time I think about it!

On Friday, April 26th we will be doing a Celebration of Life shower for Sabrina, as well as another birth mom, Sarah. We want to honor both of them for their selfless act of courage and bravery and for choosing life for their babies. If you would like to come celebrate with us, or contribute to gifts, let us know! I know they are ready for their new season God has for them.

parker3If more people were open and accepting of adoptions, perhaps more girls would consider it an option worth doing rather than the desperate choice of abortion. Support a birth mom and let others know about it! Let’s be a voice for adoption and make this choice famous! It’s a beautiful choice. Birth moms will always be my heroes!

Written by Amy Ford

Wonder in Creation

naturefeetI awoke this morning with joy in my heart. I smiled as my alarm sounded and thought, “yippee, it’s the first day of spring!” Spring is my favorite time of the year.

Flowers blooming, trees budding, new life is sprouting up all around. What once was dormant and dead during the winter now springs to life in a beautiful display.

Last week I had a word on my heart. The word was wonder. To my surprise, that very same day there was a new book just waiting for me to pick up on the shelf at Mardel titled, Wonder Struck- awakening to the nearness of God by Margaret Feinberg.

I glanced at the front and back and knew it was the perfect choice to accompany me on our spring break getaway in the country. I reclined back in a chair in the woods and read this book and was enlightened and inspired with the turn of each page. I could feel myself awakening to a new sense of wonder all around me. It has always been here, but in a sense it was lying dormant just as the trees and flowers do during winter.

Wonder: to be filled with admiration, amazement or awe, marvel

I have always been a “nature girl.” Sit me outside anywhere in a garden or park and I am fully content for hours. I can gaze at the sights around me and become enamored with the beauty of creation. Birds, trees, flowers, bees, you name it, I LOVE IT!!

Upon getting to the last chapter of the book “Wonder struck” my heart was almost a little sad. I wanted the book to keep going and not have an ending.

To my amazement there was a bonus track at the back giving a 30-day challenge to experience God even more. To capture the wonders around you and to awaken your senses.

Margaret Feinberg encourages to pray for wonder every day. I accepted the challenge and am enjoying every single moment. Today is the 4th day and as I saw the word for today… Creation. My heart skipped a beat as I read the challenge for today. She inspired to look for a place outside such as a park and enjoy the colors, sights and sounds all around.

Creation: act of producing, a work of art

That’s exactly what I did. I found a perfect spot at the park overlooking a pond with a fountain bubbling up and a windmill gently blowing by the wind close beside me. I reflected back to my morning as I first walked outside before my day began.  I heard the sounds of geese as I glanced up the 5 geese flew overhead above me. It was now noon and as I sat down on the park bench to soak up all the wonder-FULL creation all around me, I began to take it all in. Ducks floating in pairs, seagulls flying, dragonflies, butterflies and ladybugs- Oh My! Things with wings surrounded me. Speaking of ladybugs, there has been at least 4 flutter past me in the past 5 minutes as I am writing. Love, love, love the ladybugs! I was in heaven (on earth)!!

Suddenly I heard the sound of geese squawking as they approached me. It seemed to be their “let’s eat” call. I looked at them and said, “I’m sorry. I don’t have anything to feed you.” All five geese kept approaching me and anticipating feeding themselves. I glanced behind me and noticed a mom with her 2 small children walking up behind me. Oh, that explains it. The geese saw the bread bag in their hands and knew it was time to eat. Their instinct and seeing the bag told them so.

I began to laugh at myself and was amazed and awed by how the geese could sense. Well of course, they were designed by God and He whispers to them when He has food for them. Whether the grass, leaves, herbs, grain, aquatic plants or minnows are on the menu. The occasional bread torn in tiny pieces by sweet gentle hands of the little ones shared with glee. They enjoy each bite.

I thought of how God also whispers to us and gives us our daily bread too. He gently sprinkles manna here and there and everywhere for us to gather, eat and enjoy. He does this by His Word, a friend’s encouraging word, your babies sweet coos, birds chirping and so much more. When I picked up my little boy from school, I just could not wait to get back to that park and let him feed the geese and ducks pieces of little bread torn by his tiny hands.  I savored the moments!

His creation is speaking all around us. Are you listening? Are your ears tuned to the sounds He loves to bring? Are your eyes opened to capture the beauty all around you? Take time to savor the richness in the moments.

As I was basking in the sunshine, I closed my eyes and imagined myself as a flower soaking up the sun’s rays and light. I could feel God’s Presence so near. Enjoyed the moment. Then as I sat up from the park bench, I saw that all 5 of the geese were also laying down and resting right beside me. Such a peaceful and relaxing afternoon. God desires to bring you this sweet peace, rest, and contentment too!

Your idea of a day of wonder may look completely different than mine, and I love that! God designed us each so unique and you are wonderfully made.

His desire is to custom tailor your day with your favorite things. Just ask Him.

I thank you, High God- You’re breathtaking! Body and soul, I am marvelously made! I worship in adoration-what a creation! You know exactly how I was made, bit by bit. How I was sculpted from nothing into something. Like an open book, you watched me grow from conception to birth, all the stages of my life were spread out before you. {Psalm 139:14-15 MSG}

You are a work of art! Your baby is a work of art. A masterpiece in the making.

Take some time this week to soak up some sunshine for yourself. Maybe pick some wildflowers. Make a wish as you blow a dandelion and watch the small particles float in the air. Something, anything, just have fun. Join me in praying for wonder in your day.

I pray for a spring in your step, a smile on your face, and a glow all around you. As you soak up the Wonder in Creation.

Written by Salina Duffy

Ties to the Soul

holyheartHave you ever found yourself trying to leave a boyfriend, knowing full well that he is not the one for you … but yet you keep finding yourself back together. He say’s just the right thing … he makes a lot of empty promises and you hope that it’s different this time … you get back together but the reality is, it’s not meant to work out because he is not God’s guy for you. You’re not happy with him, you only have the hope of what it could be. No matter how hard you try to break it off, you end up texting him late at night, or vice-versa. You end up on his doorstep in a weak moment.

I have 2 words for you: SOUL TIES. 

Soul Ties are when 2 souls become 1. 

When you have deep emotional relationships, your soul can become 1. Or, even more frequently, when you have a physical relationship with someone, your soul can become 1, even if it was just a one-night-stand. Part of your soul is on the other person and part of his soul, is connected to yours.

When you’re married, it works perfectly. God created our souls when joined together, to be like velcro where our soul attaches to each other like glue. We become one in every way. God created sex to be an intimate act to consecrate a marriage, joining each other for the rest of our lives.

Have you ever had dreams about a random guy from your past that you used to fool around with? Maybe it was even someone that you cringe at now, wondering why you ever let your guard down and let that happen. I know I used to. I would wake up thinking, “Eeeeew. Why did I randomly think about that guy? Gross! UGGH!” and then try my hardest to get the memory out of my head. That was because I had a soul tie with him. Even though I had no feelings for him whatsoever anymore and he was a distant past, part of our souls were still connected. He’s walking around with a part of me and I’m missing that part. I need it back! And I’m walking around with a part of him that I do NOT want attached to my soul. When I figured that out, I wanted to fix it immediately!

So here’s the good news. God is a God of Restoration. He fixes, restores AND blesses on top of that. He forgives. He makes new! 

When you get married someday, do you want to give your future husband a soul that is missing huge chunks and have gross boys attached to your soul? I hope not. You want your soul. Whole, shiny and new. So you can give your all to your husband. Your 2 souls can become 1, not 32. HA! (Sorry I’m not sorry HAHA!)

So one of the Embrace Grace girls asked me this week, “OK, HOW do I do this? How can I get all of me back? How can I take off what’s on my soul that doesn’t need to be there?” 

First, list each person specifically and pray the prayer for each person. For some of you, you might need to go back a ways. And sometimes I’ve heard, but what if I don’t remember his name? God knows. We’ve had girls put, “couch boy,” “guy at Jody’s party,” or “the guy in the red truck.” I know you might giggle at that but it works just as good. Make a list and then when you’re done, burn it. Trash it. They are in your past for good.

Second, ask for forgiveness from God for each sexual act and also choose to forgive the person that you have a tie to.

Third, pray this prayer:

“Lord, I reject the soul tie with [name]. I ask You to break the sinful bond with [name] by Your power and in Jesus name. I reject all the uses of my body as a tool of wrongdoing and I admit to any participation that was intentional. I choose now to give my entire body to You as a tool of virtue and as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable. I choose to keep the sexual use of my body for marriage only. Thank you for forgiving me and making me white as snow and that you love and accept me just the way I am. Thank you for restoring my soul. Lord, let your Holy Spirit fill all of me and help me keep my body in right standing with you.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

After I broke my soul ties, I quit having the random dreams. My mind quit wondering and thinking about past relationships. Sure the person might come up in conversation or a random thought occasionally might drift by, but it will be different and you’ll notice it. There will be no emotion tied to it because your soul isn’t connected anymore.

Let us know if you pray this prayer and sever the ties that are not of God! We love stories of restoration!

Written by Amy Ford

A Season to Celebrate!

pregnantandgreenIt’s that time again! It’s time for the Embrace Grace baby showers and Celebration of Life Parties!

It’s always such a fun time of planning and preparation and watching how God provides all of the items and gifts for the for all the mommas and girls. Just as a leader, we get to watch the miracles happen. Everyone gets accounted for. Sometimes God likes our faith to be strengthened and it’s the last minute, but He has never failed us. It is so obvious and apparent how much God loves these girls so much!

We have different ways you can help and different showers coming up soon!

Upcoming Embrace Grace Baby Showers: 

Friday, April 12th :: Gateway Southlake & Frisco Shower at the NRH Campus

Sunday, April 28th :: Aurora Baptist Church

Saturday, May 4th :: Grand Prairie

May date TBD :: JourneyChurch.TV in Oklahoma

If you would like to help with any of these baby showers, let us know which one and how you’d like to help! You can Adopt a girl and take care of an entire list of needs she has, make the purchases and bring them to the shower or we can arrange for pick-ups too if you can’t make it! Or if you’d like to take a partial list or even just one or 2 gifts, it’s still a huge help and needed! We can send you a list of options of how you can help. Or if you’re not into shopping but still want to help, you can send us gift cards or cash/check! We value any help and the girl’s are always overwhelmed and blessed by the donations. We have even had a girl in the past, surrender her life to God the night of the shower. She was so moved by how people that she never met before, came to bless her with gifts. She wanted the same God that they had. Email any questions to !

Also, we have an awesome night to honor birth moms that choose adoption. At the Gateway, Southlake campus, we have 2 girls that we want to bless. One girl is due next week and has already chosen her family to give her baby to as well as another girl that blessed a family with hers the summer of last year. We believe these girls are heroes for sacrificing their body for 9 months to save a baby’s life! This Celebration of Life party is scheduled for Friday night, April 26th and we want these girls to be overwhelmed with God’s love! If you’d like to purchase gift cards or donate money to bless them, email us and we will send you info on how you can help!

Thank you so much for your love and support. These girls feel it. That’s why they come back every week. They leave the darkness in their home life and are drawn to the light that is inside of each of you. They feel your prayers and they feel your love.

We appreciate everything you do!

Written by Amy Ford

Listen & Obey


Pastor Robert Morris shared his heart for this year … Listen & Obey.

It sounds simple, right? 

A lot of times we pray for God to guide us and lead us, but if He guides us somewhere that we’re scared to go, or that we just don’t want to go go, then we end up just doing what we want to do. Sometimes I hear about EG girls that pray for God to speak and give a sign about a boy that they are dating, then God might give a big sign that they are supposed to go their separate ways, but that wasn’t the answer the girl was looking for so she just keeps doing her own thing. In the meantime, she hopes and prays this guy will someday and somehow change for the better, and her heart is getting stomped on over and over.

This girl has NO clue what God has for her around the corner, but He can’t move her to that blessing until she let’s go to what is holding her back. In order for us to hear God, we need to stop and listen. Sometimes our prayer times seem like we are pouring out our problems to God, listing each and every thing that is bothering us. This is totally fine but what do you do after that? Do you say, “Ok thanks God – talk to you again soon.” Or do stay and listen to hear if God has something to say to you?

God is speaking to you all the time, and after He speaks, He usually will send a confirmation so that you don’t have any doubts what God just told you.

The past few months, I’ve been getting quotes on a new Embrace Grace web design. We really need to increase our functionality so that we can have a full listing for our churches that host Embrace Grace classes as well as having much more functionality. We’ve been praying and we were leaning towards 1 company but still just waiting for God to give us a sign to move forward. There was something in my heart that just kept telling me to just wait.

This web company that we were leaning towards, emailed me twice last week checking in to see if we had made the decision but I just still couldn’t say “yes” until I had that peace and confirmation to move forward.

Yesterday, an amazing organization called us and said they had great news, they had submitted for approval a request to pay in full for the design of our website and it was approved and they were mailing us a check and it pays for the entire quote of the site plus a little more! We never requested anything like this to happen, I had just mentioned to them a few months ago that we were seeking quotes and they heard God and obeyed, and blessed Embrace Grace! And we waited until we heard God, and we now can move forward in obedience and are blessed while doing it!

I even mentioned who we were thinking we would like to go with, and the guy with this awesome organization said, “Oh yeah, that’s what I was about to tell you next. You should definitely use that company. They are great!” … More confirmation.

If you listen, God will lead. And if you don’t feel like you hear from Him yet on an answer you are seeking, just keep waiting. He is going to make it obvious and guide you through. We have the Holy Spirit as our guide! We don’t have to wander around not knowing what to do. He will show us and help us!

Just listen and obey!

Written by Amy Ford