A Sparkle in our Father’s Crown

kingscrownThis morning I was just cleaning my apartment and listening to some praise music.

I asked my 3 year old Harper, to clean up her room, and continued with my cleaning routine. I heard little whimpers, and cries of frustration because of the mess she had made. I walked to the doorway of her bedroom, and saw my sweet girl surrounded by sea of barbie dolls, babies, stuffed animals, and puzzles. With tears in her big blue eyes, she said “Mommy, this mess I made is SO big. I can’t clean it up by myself. Can you please help me?” So I said, “Of course Harper. I am always here to help you, you just need to ask.”
Isn’t that similar to Gods love for us?
Our lives are messy. Our hearts are messy. God is always there waiting, and ready to help; we just simply need to ask him to come in to our lives, and hearts, and clean up our mess; because we CAN’T do it on our own. I’ve tried, and failed ever so miserably.So I continued with my cleaning, and a song came on Pandora that brought me to my knees. Brought tears to my eyes. “Jamie’s Song” By – Kristene Mueller. -“Holy love come raining down, be jealous found.” That brought me back to my life before God. How empty, and completely meaningless I felt. How I couldn’t ever find TRUE love or, happiness. I only sought after earthly things. God constantly pursued me, and he absolutely never stopped. Only when I found God did I truly find fulfillment, happiness, and all the other things that we can never find in earthly things. -“Amazing love, oh, she’s been found.

Even after we find God in his amazing, and unfailing love for us he continues to pursue having an amazing relationship with us. -“And even if we had ninety nine, stayed at home, and stayed in line.. He would not be satisfied.” You know I see so many Christian, and non-Christian friends who lack that sparkle in their eyes, because of their lack of a relationship with Jesus. I’ve had multiple encounters with different people, and them expressing – “I don’t know how you do it Liz. 22. With two kids. You’ve been through hell and back, and back again. Yet you remain to be one of the most, warm, loving, and humorous people I’ve met.”
Let me be perfectly clear.. That is not me. That’s Jesus. 
Okay I don’t mean to ramble on. I just seriously LOVE me some Jesus! I want everyone to share the same passion, and love that I have for Jesus. I want everyone to know that they are SPARKLE in our Fathers Crown. With all of that being said I pray that our Fathers love just RADIATES through, and you sparkle. Today, and every single day. ❤
Written by Liz Shelton

One thought on “A Sparkle in our Father’s Crown

  1. LOVE this!!! Thank you for the reminder that when I feel overwhelmed that I don’t have to clean up my mess all by myself! I love me some Jesus too and I can see Him all OVER you!!!

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