Listen & Obey


Pastor Robert Morris shared his heart for this year … Listen & Obey.

It sounds simple, right? 

A lot of times we pray for God to guide us and lead us, but if He guides us somewhere that we’re scared to go, or that we just don’t want to go go, then we end up just doing what we want to do. Sometimes I hear about EG girls that pray for God to speak and give a sign about a boy that they are dating, then God might give a big sign that they are supposed to go their separate ways, but that wasn’t the answer the girl was looking for so she just keeps doing her own thing. In the meantime, she hopes and prays this guy will someday and somehow change for the better, and her heart is getting stomped on over and over.

This girl has NO clue what God has for her around the corner, but He can’t move her to that blessing until she let’s go to what is holding her back. In order for us to hear God, we need to stop and listen. Sometimes our prayer times seem like we are pouring out our problems to God, listing each and every thing that is bothering us. This is totally fine but what do you do after that? Do you say, “Ok thanks God – talk to you again soon.” Or do stay and listen to hear if God has something to say to you?

God is speaking to you all the time, and after He speaks, He usually will send a confirmation so that you don’t have any doubts what God just told you.

The past few months, I’ve been getting quotes on a new Embrace Grace web design. We really need to increase our functionality so that we can have a full listing for our churches that host Embrace Grace classes as well as having much more functionality. We’ve been praying and we were leaning towards 1 company but still just waiting for God to give us a sign to move forward. There was something in my heart that just kept telling me to just wait.

This web company that we were leaning towards, emailed me twice last week checking in to see if we had made the decision but I just still couldn’t say “yes” until I had that peace and confirmation to move forward.

Yesterday, an amazing organization called us and said they had great news, they had submitted for approval a request to pay in full for the design of our website and it was approved and they were mailing us a check and it pays for the entire quote of the site plus a little more! We never requested anything like this to happen, I had just mentioned to them a few months ago that we were seeking quotes and they heard God and obeyed, and blessed Embrace Grace! And we waited until we heard God, and we now can move forward in obedience and are blessed while doing it!

I even mentioned who we were thinking we would like to go with, and the guy with this awesome organization said, “Oh yeah, that’s what I was about to tell you next. You should definitely use that company. They are great!” … More confirmation.

If you listen, God will lead. And if you don’t feel like you hear from Him yet on an answer you are seeking, just keep waiting. He is going to make it obvious and guide you through. We have the Holy Spirit as our guide! We don’t have to wander around not knowing what to do. He will show us and help us!

Just listen and obey!

Written by Amy Ford

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