A Season to Celebrate!

pregnantandgreenIt’s that time again! It’s time for the Embrace Grace baby showers and Celebration of Life Parties!

It’s always such a fun time of planning and preparation and watching how God provides all of the items and gifts for the for all the mommas and girls. Just as a leader, we get to watch the miracles happen. Everyone gets accounted for. Sometimes God likes our faith to be strengthened and it’s the last minute, but He has never failed us. It is so obvious and apparent how much God loves these girls so much!

We have different ways you can help and different showers coming up soon!

Upcoming Embrace Grace Baby Showers: 

Friday, April 12th :: Gateway Southlake & Frisco Shower at the NRH Campus

Sunday, April 28th :: Aurora Baptist Church

Saturday, May 4th :: Grand Prairie

May date TBD :: JourneyChurch.TV in Oklahoma

If you would like to help with any of these baby showers, let us know which one and how you’d like to help! You can Adopt a girl and take care of an entire list of needs she has, make the purchases and bring them to the shower or we can arrange for pick-ups too if you can’t make it! Or if you’d like to take a partial list or even just one or 2 gifts, it’s still a huge help and needed! We can send you a list of options of how you can help. Or if you’re not into shopping but still want to help, you can send us gift cards or cash/check! We value any help and the girl’s are always overwhelmed and blessed by the donations. We have even had a girl in the past, surrender her life to God the night of the shower. She was so moved by how people that she never met before, came to bless her with gifts. She wanted the same God that they had. Email any questions to amy.ford@iembracegrace.com !

Also, we have an awesome night to honor birth moms that choose adoption. At the Gateway, Southlake campus, we have 2 girls that we want to bless. One girl is due next week and has already chosen her family to give her baby to as well as another girl that blessed a family with hers the summer of last year. We believe these girls are heroes for sacrificing their body for 9 months to save a baby’s life! This Celebration of Life party is scheduled for Friday night, April 26th and we want these girls to be overwhelmed with God’s love! If you’d like to purchase gift cards or donate money to bless them, email us and we will send you info on how you can help!

Thank you so much for your love and support. These girls feel it. That’s why they come back every week. They leave the darkness in their home life and are drawn to the light that is inside of each of you. They feel your prayers and they feel your love.

We appreciate everything you do!

Written by Amy Ford

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