A Birth Mom’s Love

parkergrace2All of the momma’s in Embrace Grace are so precious and dear to my heart. Each one is so unique and have such amazing gifts and qualities. I see so much beauty in each one of their hearts, I think even more than they see in themselves. The way they go to school, work one or even 2 jobs, be the mom and the dad for their baby, and still get their sweet kids to church on Monday nights, despite being exhausted. They amaze me. It’s a huge  highlight of my week getting to spend time with them and seeing their sweet faces.

Out of all the EG mommas we’ve had, we have only had a handful choose adoption. With each story, I am captivated by every step through the process. Each story is so different – some choose closed adoptions and some choose adoption with different variations. I love hearing about how the birth mom met the adoptive mom. It’s like God pairs up the perfect birth mom to the perfect family. And how brave and courageous of a girl to choose life for their baby and bless a family that have prayed their entire lives for a child. It’s so beautiful! A birth mom sacrifices her body for 9 months, just to save their baby’s life and give him or her a beautiful destiny full of hope and love. 

On Friday, another sweet baby was born that will be placed for adoption with a sweetparkergrace1 family. Sabrina had a sweet baby girl named Parker Grace. Before she breathed her first breath, she was loved by SO many. The adoptive family got their home all ready and bought her sweet baby girl clothes to bring her home in. The birth mom and baby daddy spent bonding time with Parker during their hospital stay, loving on her and taking in the beauty and miracle of life. Sabrina wanted to give her baby girl the best life possible and she knew in her heart, that blessing another family with her baby was what God wanted her to do. What Love! It makes me cry every time I think about it!

On Friday, April 26th we will be doing a Celebration of Life shower for Sabrina, as well as another birth mom, Sarah. We want to honor both of them for their selfless act of courage and bravery and for choosing life for their babies. If you would like to come celebrate with us, or contribute to gifts, let us know! I know they are ready for their new season God has for them.

parker3If more people were open and accepting of adoptions, perhaps more girls would consider it an option worth doing rather than the desperate choice of abortion. Support a birth mom and let others know about it! Let’s be a voice for adoption and make this choice famous! It’s a beautiful choice. Birth moms will always be my heroes!

Written by Amy Ford

3 thoughts on “A Birth Mom’s Love

  1. What a great thing they did for their daughter. We also adopted our 3rd child and are so thankful for birth mothers unselfish love.

  2. I am a birthmother, my birthdaughter is 1 years old and is with a great family. Her mom is not only my daughters mom but has truly become one of my best friends!!! Your story was beautiful

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