These Boots are Made for Walking

There has been something on my heart this week and confirmations keep coming more and more from God, sweet friends, songs and more. Praying for simplicity in revealing what I am hearing so that I can share with you.

These boots are made for walking, that’s just what they’ll do, one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you… From today on… I am taking a stand. I am going to walk by faith. I am making a declaration and proclamation today… on Good Friday. These boots are going to walk all over the enemy. What the enemy meant to kill, steal and destroy and bring destruction and death, God has brought to Life. We declare LIFE!

You may be wondering where I am going with this. Especially with the song choice of These boots are made for walking… I know, I thought the same thing too. Let me bring it to light for you. A few days ago I was sitting in a rocking chair in the nursing mothers room at Gateway Church. I love to come here to reflect and pray. I get lots of “God downloads” in this very spot. I always feel God’s loving arms holding me as He rocks me back and forth and whispers His heart to me.

It was during this particular moment that I was crying out to God about some things that were heavy on my heart. I kept hearing the words brokenness, weakness, and then suddenly heard… BOLDNESS!  Instantly this song came to my mind and felt the Holy Spirit say “you tube this song and stand up and walk around the nursing mothers room as you sing this song.” *I you tubed the clean version video of Nancy Sinatra (its from 1966 girls so it’s black and white… lol! and she is wearing a knee length dress standing by a staircase… video is by (nyrainbow2).

I joined in and began singing along with Nancy and making a declaration as I am walking around the room in my boots. (side note: I am wearing 1 boot that is a theraputic orthopedic boot since I recently broke my 4 toes… 🙂 I was more hobble walking, but was being obedient nonetheless. I felt something shifting as I was praying and believing for the brokenness in our world.

You see, I have a black brace boot on my foot and people automatically notice and ask… “Oh my, what happened to you? Are you ok?” There have even been people stop and ask if they can pray for me and my toes.. and of course I say, YES! please do, I love all the prayers I can get. This boot is a type of sign that shows my brokenness and weakness in my toes right now. It is evident and can be seen by others.

So many times, we walk around in brokenness on the inside of our lives and others do not even know we are walking around with it. We may be hurting and crying out on the inside and just hoping that someone, anyone will notice.

Brokenness inside. Brokenness in relationships. Brokenness in family. Brokenness in homes. Brokenness in body. Brokenness in heart. Brokenness in our nation. The …ness goes on and on…

My heart has felt such a burden for women walking around in brokenness and as I made a declaration and walked around the nursing mothers room, it was as if I took a stand and said no more enemy, I will no longer sit on the side lines and allow you to bring destruction to our lives. I will walk by faith. Even though I do not see the outcome and what is to come. God I choose to trust YOU! You never let go. You always hold us close.

As an army gears up for battle, we can choose to do the same. We as women can gear up and get our combat boots ready. We can take a stand for ourselves, our children, and others to take back what has been stolen, lost, or broken in our lives and families. I keep seeing a picture of soldiers that are lined up and prepared to fight with us. They have their weapons and we do too. They say that we are not alone. That we do not have to fear. Take courage. Be bold. Walk in your boldness.

I am asking for all of you that read this today to join with me and take a stand. Step out, step up and take a walk with me. It does not matter if you are walking around in your home wearing your P.J.’s, holding your baby, and have a lot on your plate to get done today. Wherever you are, sometime today, just make a declaration walk. It can be super short or as long as you like.  Declare LIFE. Speak Life into your areas of brokenness today!

The enemy came to bring death and destruction and he thought he had won when Jesus was being beaten, bleeding, broken, bruised and betrayed by the crowd around him on Good Friday. He saw Jesus hanging on the cross and as Jesus took His last breath and said “It is Finished” the enemy took it as ok, He is gone, He is over and done with. That takes care of Him. But, no, no, no!! Our Jesus had just begun! He went down to the pit of hell and took back the keys and all the authority the enemy had robbed. Jesus was raised from the dead 3 days later. Now that’s Resurrection Power!

Brokenness is defined as :: reduced to fragments, ruptured, torn, fractured, weakened in strength and spirit, not functioning properly, out of working order. 

Are there areas in your life that you feel brokenness? Jesus’ healing hands can touch any area of brokenness that you are experiencing. Just ask Him to heal you in those areas. He is big enough and strong enough! Jesus rose from the grave and is seated in Heaven with God and longs to restore WHOLENESS to you!

I love when God does this… I am almost done typing this post  and praying over it, and this song comes on Pandora and it fits perfectly with this topic. Confirmation upon confirmation.

The River ~ Meredith Andrews

Everyone is broken. And in need of a Savior. So He came and was broken. For the mocker, for the shamed. Still our eyes are blinded. By the culture, by the lies. We can’t see that we’re filthy. We’re fallen and so dry…But He invites us. Can you hear Him say? He invites us. Hear Him call your name

Welcome to the river. Come drink, come wade. Come find your very life. Welcome to the river of GodWhere your brokenness is washed away

Everywhere is the sorrow and the pain of empty living. You can see it; look in their eyes all the hopelessness of the world.

But look closer, He is right there. In the midst of every fear. Living water is the offer. Restoration is the call. Find your healing. Find your freedom. In the river of God. Your healing here. Your freedom there. In the river of God

Welcome to the river. Come drink, come wade. Come find your very life. Welcome to the river of GodWhere your brokenness is washed away

Times of refreshing come from the Lord. {Acts 3:19}

Written by Salina Duffy

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