I’m Glad I Chose Life!

toddler and momIn case you haven’t noticed, God works in funny ways. I didn’t acknowledge this at the time when I found out I was pregnant, barely seventeen years old. In fact, I think I mouthed words that I wouldn’t want to say in front of my grandparents and truly thought I was being punished. How foolish of me. Little did I know God was in the process of saving my severely damaged soul? I can see how God has constantly extended His hand out to me in my life to offer unconditional love, and peace. Of course we all know as an angst teen, I shooed His hand away every time. Well, He had to get my attention somehow!

So there I was. I was Pregnant. I went to the teen health center located in the high school. You walk in and everyone knows why you are there. Completely mortified, I saw the two popular girls walk out with little brown bags filled with the morning after pill and a months’ worth of crappy birth control.  They smirked at me and shook their bags. I felt sick. After having the “doctor” hand me about eight hundred tissues when the results came back, he gave me a stern talk. “You are young. You have your whole life ahead of you. What about the dad? Doubt that he will be ready for a baby.” This went on for a while, and during that whole time I tuned him out. Suddenly the friend I brought with me started to shake me from my day dream. I started to smile. I couldn’t help myself. I just knew I was going to have this baby. I sort of started laughing uncontrollably and the doctor finally said “So. I guess that means you are happy about this?” and it turned out I was. He sent me away with a brown paper bag. My bag was different though. Cheap brand of prenatal vitamins, options literature, and a phone number to an abortion clinic just in case I changed my mind. My friend Dana looked at me like I was crazy and I waited until she got her morning after pill. How strange to know that I just saved my child’s life at the same time my friend possibly ended her child’s life. They could have been friends.

You know how you hope the reaction from your parents won’t be as bad as you think? Well it was bad. I sat there baffled as my mom rallied the troops to convince me to have an abortion. I had to point out the hypocrisy when they said this was my “choice,” but the only choice they gave me was abortion. My god mother who I thought was a good friend said she’d pay for college if I aborted. I’m working on forgiving her and all my family. I found out that most of the women who talked to me had abortions in their past and were obviously still grieving from this choice.  I told them I’d think about it but went upstairs to research as much as I could why I couldn’t have an abortion. I was not prepared for what I found.

In high school I was the activist girl and that side of me was stirring again after I saw the horrors of abortion. But I set that aside because I wasn’t sure if I was actually pro-life. I had doubts and questions that hadn’t been answered yet. My boyfriend at the time already knew I was pregnant and was horrified when I said I was still trying to decide what I was going to do. Travis had grew up pro-life and used to pray outside of clinics with his mom and three other siblings. They also used to pray with Norma McCorvey! He bought us a baby name book and could tell I was being pressured to abort. My mom’s soon to be son in law was angry with how I was being treated and asked me to move in with him and his mother. Travis is four years older than me. His mother was concerned but was all in at this point. They loved me. They comforted me during all the bullying. And soon Travis proposed to me.

The good news is my mother came around! She came to doctor appointments and was there when we found out we were having a baby boy! I thanked God for the very first time for this gift of life and for reaching His hand out to my mother. We got married on June eleventh and our wedding was simple and a blast! I’m a pastry chef and made our cakes. The morning sickness I endured was worth the experience. Once I began showing I wasn’t prepared for the hate and snide remarks I’d get from complete strangers. I’d come up with quick clever remarks said with a smile that would leave people shocked. I was okay with what I said because I was shocked by how rude their questions were. “How old are you exactly?” “What do your parents think?” “I would NEVER have gotten pregnant at your age” “Don’t you think you are way too young to be doing this?”  Later in the car I’d weep, but my husband kept me strong! And none of those remarks bother me when I look at my beautiful boy. October 21st 2011 at 9:46 pm I met my baby boy face to face. He was beautiful. And I was proud that I delivered him naturally. I proved people wrong but more importantly I proved myself to God that I could handle this gift. I had the awesome realization that motherhood is hard no matter what age you begin and that as a society we should embrace a mother no matter how old she is. God knows exactly what He is doing! Some days I need to remind myself this, especially because baby James Anthony is a toddler now! But I’m so proud to be a young mother. I hope to unify our community as much as I can because when we are together with God on our side we are unstoppable! Have you noticed the funny ways God has worked in your life? My best advice is to go with it and enjoy the ride!

From the heart of a young mom, Sierra Champion, 19 years old

3 thoughts on “I’m Glad I Chose Life!

  1. so moved with compassion…Sweet tears are flowing down my cheek as I read your beautiful story of choosing life! Thak YOU! And your baby boy thanks you too!
    Love this statement.. “we should embrace a mother no matter how old she is”…
    I pray the whole world can grasp this!!!

  2. This is Sierra! Thank you for reading my story. Pray for my brothers conversion. I feel God is shaking his beliefs right now and trust me that’s a good thing! God bless y’all!

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