I Am the Lost Princess

princessincastleMovie night at the Franks’ house often are some kid movie that I myself have seen 20 times and want to watch anything BUT what the kids pick out.  So I bend, you know it’s really not about the movie, but more about just being.  Being in the same room, under the same blanket cuddling, just being.  Well the other night the girls picked Tangled, ummm seen it like 30 times.  But deep down we all know that as girls, we really do love a good princess movie, especially the ones where the prince rescues her.  This 31st time God decided to show this movie thru His eyes.  And so the story begins.

Every birthday the King, Rapunzel’s father, sends out lanterns as a symbol to say, “You may be lost but NEVER forgotten.”  Even 18 years later, tears stain his cheeks because of the pain of not having His daughter with Him, where she belongs.

This old lady kidnapped Rapunzel and so she grew up in a tower.  We are going to call this her familiar place, her “known” place.  The older she gets the more she takes note that there is a whole world out there that she has yet to see.  Her “mother”, (really the lady that kidnapped her), convinces her that the world out there is not safe, that there are evil people and things that would hurt Rapunzel in an effort to use her hair.  Rapunzel’s hair had special powers (let’s keep it real here-it’s only a movie).

That is the only truth that she has ever “known.”  But still she is curious and longs for to know something more than just her tower.  So she comes up with a plan to send her mom away so she can sneak out of the tower…we all know the story from there.  The boy comes and she gets out of the tower.  She experiences the unknown, the unfamiliar newfound freedom and she likes it.  She suddenly has feelings she has never experienced before and she likes them.  All of the feelings and this unknown world keeps wooing her to know it more.  To dig deeper, to experience more.

Well her mom comes back early and realizes Rapunzel had left the tower.  She immediately goes looking for her and convinces her that these new feelings are not real and that this unknown world is just going to hurt her and that is why all these years she has kept her in the tower because she didn’t want her to get hurt.  But let’s face it, her mom knew.  She knew if Rapunzel were to ever experience the unknown, she would never want to come back to that tower.  The unknown world is the only thing that the mother had power over her with.  In fear of losing her she brings her back to the tower, the “known” place.

However, try as she may, her mother could not break the desire of Rapunzel’s heart to want to believe that the “unknown” although unknown it was a beautiful “unknown”.

Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we can not see.  {Hebrews 11:1}

And then Rapunzel gets it!  I mean she gets it!  She realizes this is not my home.  She realizes that she was not made to live a “familiar” life with the walls of this tower and in a cage.  She realizes that she has been living in darkness and that the “unknown” is THE light.  She realizes that she is THE PRINCESS!  The words that come out of her mouth after she wraps her mind around this truth are life changing.  Rapunzel’s mother even tries to make her believe everything she did was to protect Rapunzel.   Rapunzel realizes she has spent her whole life hiding from people (in the tower-the “familiar”) because of her special powers (glowing hair), when she should have been hiding from her kidnapper mother!  satan was trying to take the very gift God gave her and use it for his glory.  But satan doesn’t get the final say.  She stands up to the old woman and declares that she was wrong and she will NEVER let her mother (Satan) use her hair again!

How much is this movie a reflection of our very own lives.  Once it registered that I was a princess, it was game on with Satan.  He knew I had tasted the freedom from him.  In that he tried to grasp my wrist and make me stay with him on the “familiar” side of life.  It was right then and there I realized that I would not give up!  No matter how hard he tried, how tight his grip tightened, I would, with every breath in me, never stop trying to get away from him.  It has not been easy every time, but I can tell you EVERY TIME it has been worth it!

You may feel like a lost princess – trapped in the routine of life when you don’t even know how there is a life filled with love and freedom – and FUN! God came to give us ABUNDANT life so we can be free! God is still remembering you – and sending out His love to you – waiting for you to come back Home. He LOVES you!

Written by April Franks

5 thoughts on “I Am the Lost Princess

  1. love the symbolism and the life giving words you have written..if only everyone could see that they are created for greatness and are truly royalty.

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