Love Nuke

lovenukeI posted a blog last September called Love Bomb. Every day, I would prayerfully go through my phone contact list (or facebook friends to message) and I ask God, who needs encouragement and love today? A name (or names) will pop out at me or I’ll picture someone’s face in my mind and I’ll know that’s who God is showing me that needs some love.

Then I Love Bomb them. 

I’ll send them a text message saying that I was just thinking about them and that God brought them to my mind and I just wanted to encourage them and tell them how much I love them and just inspire them wherever they are in their life at that moment. The responses are greatness. It’s SO fun! I’ve been bad about it lately but I’m picking it back up again!

So today, me and my girls got to take it a step further. What’s bigger than a bomb? Well a nuke. A Love Nuke.

We had just run to several different places looking for one of those plug in foot massage things that you put water in it and soak your feet. Mackenzie has been wanting to start charging people money and giving them pedicures. She got all the foot soak salts and lotions and even nail polish art kit.

We then decided to get their favorite, Panda Express. Our plans were to just run through the drive-thru and get home to eat. We had just placed our order and we were waiting for our turn at the window to get the food when Kenzie decides to take the nail polish out and open it. This nail polish wasn’t different than normal. It was like 2 colors, one on each end. So you had to turn one way to get one color open, and then close it and turn it upside down to twist open the opposite color. Sounds easy enough right?

Kenzie opened the nail polish the wrong way and I wasn’t paying attention, until she started screaming as this nail polish is starting to drip and we couldn’t get thing screwed back on. And in that moment, we panicked! We couldn’t figure it out and it was about to drip onto the leather seats in my car so I quickly rolled down the window, as I’m screaming at Kenzie for even opening it in the car, it’s dripping down my hand and I was afraid the BLACK nail polish was going to splatter on our WHITE suburban. We’re still in the drive through line, holding nail polish out the window, screaming at my daughter … yeah, good times.

I couldn’t figure it out, you would think it was rocket science. I just tossed it into the bushes. I had no other choice. I felt bad though. As I’m still screaming at Kenzie asking her, “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?? DADDY’s GONNA KILL US!!” and we rolled up to window and I looked over at the woman working and she had big giant tears rolling down her face. I stopped yelling at Kenzie and got real quiet. She told me how much I owed and I tried to think of something nice to say to this stranger and I was already so flustered, I came up with nothing. She handed me my food and I said, “I hope your day gets better!” The tears started pouring even harder and she couldn’t say anything, she just nodded her head yes.

I kept thinking, did she get yelled at? Was her boss mean to her? Was it a family issue? But on top of that, I’m still terrified there is nail polish on the door of my car that splattered. Luckily, right next door was a car wash and we pulled up, and got out and we DID see nail polish. We got the baby wipes and got to scrubbing. SO thankful it came off! It took some elbow grease but me and kenzie kept wondering exactly what daddy was going to say to us when we got home if we didn’t get it off!

Once we got it all off, the topic turned back to the lady crying at Panda Express. Our problem didn’t seem so big anymore. We were thankful that God answered our prayer getting the silly paint off our car, so the girls got the great idea to go back to Panda Express and bring that lady some flowers and a card! She was obviously hurting really bad to be crying at work. We wanted to try and cheer her up a little.

We ran to the grocery store and found a cute arrangement with hot pink flowers, and found the perfect “cheer up” card. We put a love bomb inside and then we drove back to Panda Express to love nuke her. When we got there, her coworkers said that she had already left and they LOVED the flowers so they called her cell to tell her to come back. They said she lived really close so we waited and when she got there, we ambushed her. Kenzie was holding the flowers and Landry was holding the card. Tears poured down her cheeks again.

Her name was Maria. She didn’t speak much english but the only words she could get out flowerswas that she had a family emergency, her dad was in bad health and she had to fly to Mexico in the morning. She kept saying thank you but she couldn’t talk much because she was crying so much. We gave her a hug and told her that we would be praying for her and her father.

She walked back outside and I looked over at the girls and they were smiling SO big. They loved it! It was fun! We loved Love Nuking someone! I know a lot of the Embrace Grace girls have been Love Nuked and I’ve gotten to see the other side of the affects of a random act of kindness by a complete stranger – here are a few EG girls that told me about Love Nukes that meant a lot to them:

“Ariel and I were at Brio for dinner when he first got out of boot camp and he was in his Dress Blues. We had one family buy our dinner and thank him for his service & we had another family give us a $100 gift card to Brio all in the same night. It was amazing; I cried my eyes out.” – Rachael D. 

“Being a single momma, living alone was hard with a newborn. I had a little one bedroom apartment in the “hood”and when my trash got full I would put the bag outside my door. (Just carrying trash to the dumpster took work!) Many times I would walk out and it would already b gone and thrown in the dumpster for me! That was 5 years ago, but I will always remember that. How Jesus took that trash out for me.” – Sarah W. 

“At a pink impact conference two years ago at the end of service an older lady came up to me and put money in my hand. She said she felt like I needed it more than she did. I hugged her and thank her but didn’t find out until I really looked that she had given me one hundred dollars. It was perfect timing and a huge blessing.” – Olivia B. 

“The most amazing thing just happened at Target! We were buying stocking stuffers for my baby and were using the last money we had and while we waiting in line, the sweetest lady in front of us whispered something in the clerk’s ear. All of a sudden she scans our stuff! We look at the clerk with confusion and the lady looks back at us, smiles and says, “Merry Christmas!” She bought all of ours toys for us! It brought tears to my eyes … People are so amazing and God is great!” – Kyndall O. 

“On Good Friday this year I was working at a mexican restaurant and i had a table of 3 adults and 2 kids.. they asked if I had kids so told them I had a two year old and a baby on the way. The guy went on to ask if my husband and I were ready for Easter and I told him I was a single mom and continued on with my night. When I got the guys credit card to cashout his ticket he followed me to the cash register to sign the recipt. When he handed it back to me, he said ‘Happy Easter and God bless you and your family.’ I looked down at the receipt to see $100 tip and I instantly started crying and hugged him and thanked him. What he didn’t know was that I was behind on billls and the $100 caught me up completely.” – Amanda W. 

“I was at QT like 3 years ago getting me and Cam muffins for breakfast because I had no money for real food and putting my last $20 in gas to look for a job and a man told the clerk to buy all my stuff and my gas with his card and told me that God wanted him to do it and he was apart of gateway church. And 2 years later, I looked into Gateway and found Embrace Grace and all of you amazing ladies because of him.” – Sabrina D. 

Going a little out of our way, can ultimately change someone’s life. You never know what difference you can make when you Love Nuke someone – most likely it will inspire even more love. Love feeds love!

In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father. {Matthew 5:16}

Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you. This is the essence of all that is taught in the law and the prophets. {Matthew 7:12}

Pray and ask God to bring you someone you can bless this week! And spread the word! We would love to hear your stories!

Written by Amy Ford

3 thoughts on “Love Nuke

  1. this is so amazing! I love how you spread the seeds of His love everywhere you go. What an impact on your sweet girls. God can take something that seems bad and brings joyful tears. Your girls are impacting the world and bringing the kingdom at such a young age. BOLD LOVERS!

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