Delightful Design

Image 1Yesterday I sat admiring my three year old, as she carefully selected outfits for three of her Minnie Mouse figurines. She concentrated deeply on which dress and accessories she wanted to adorn their little bodies. And while I could not see her vision for the little Minnies, I knew she carried weighted intent with getting each one just right. She completed one Minnie at a time, then she would cup the mouse in her hands and speak sweet words to the doll, walking her slowly across the room. She repeated this process with each one and placed the three dolled up Minnies in a row atop her dresser. As she adjusted their line up just so, she stepped back and took a deep breath in, exhaling with a squeal, “Oooh! They’re SO GORGEOUS!”

I giggled to myself at her precious reaction to her own handiwork, and agreed they looked just beautiful. She had done a great job dressing them up. I snapped a picture with my phone hoping to freeze in time a sweet moment of her third year of life: imaginative and expressive. She did not care whether the spotted bow matched the floral dress or if the opaque shoes went with the sparkly wings. She designed their look to fit a grand idea only she could create, and she took sweet time with each of them, to clothe them and carry on an individual conversation with each one on their way to the dresser.

Last night I sat reflecting on my day. I pulled up the picture I had taken of the Minnies that afternoon. I laughed at how fun she was to play with that morning and concentrated on soaking up every colorful pixel of the picture, to store away the memory in my heart. As my eyes scanned the image, I noticed the canvas I have sitting on top of Brinley’s dresser. I have become so use to it sitting there now, I had forgotten what it said.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson

How appropriate a quote behind such uniquely dressed Minnies, clothed by an equally unique little girl. I remembered imagining what Brinley would be like when I was pregnant with her, and I see now how she far outshines and exceeds any idea I could have dreamed. As I watch her develop into who God has created her to be, and pray and try to hone her development however He leads me, I am astounded at this essentially perfect, power packed creation. She is fulfilling a grand idea for a life only He could have created. As the world attempts to sway, change, and influence her, I must take her back to the blueprint of her design, whom no one but her can represent. She is achieving the greatest accomplishment and will continue as He guides her, no matter how wacky or outlandish from others her specific instructions may seem.

At church on Saturday we sang, “How He Loves,” originally written by Jon Mark McMillan (if you have never heard it, listen here). Every time I hear that song I flashback to when Kyle first entered our lives. Whenever he could steal Brinley away from me or others holding her, he would rock her and sing to her this song.

“Oh, how He loves us so
Oh, how He loves us
How He loves us so…”

I am humbled to have experienced the sweetest of moments like this, where the man of my dreams sang of the deepest love over the most precious of babies. So similar to Brinley speaking sweet, individual words over her perfected Minnies, as she carried them across her room to put on display, Kyle sang these precious lyrics over baby Brinley, about a Savior, who loved/loves us so much He died to give us unimaginable moments like those–thoughtful caretakers attending to such specific details of priceless little ones.

Just as Kyle stole Brinley away for those special moments of bonding when she was a baby, and yesterday when Brinley conversed with each Minnie individually on the way to her dresser, God longs to steal us away from anything distracting us from our destiny. He afforded His greatest artistry in creating each of us intentionally to be individuals. He whispers to us of His love and plan for our lives throughout our daily journey with Him. Whether or not we know just what our future career, relationship, or life looks like; our greatest accomplishment is discovering our unique identity found only in Him who created us. And when we have discovered such brilliance included within, we realize the extraordinary potential we possess in the simplest or most complex moments. We are free to be ourselves–worshipping, loving, and living freely, regardless of what everyone around us is doing. For we are the handiwork of the Greatest Artist and the Artist delights in His creation.

by Jacqueline Fox

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