drugsI know this is a random post but it’s just been on my mind so much lately! Is it the zombie apocalypse or what? Why do I hear stories, meet people and know a lot of people addicted to drugs? Illegal and Legal – doesn’t matter. I get so lost on how to help or if I even can … 

Last week I was kicking myself, wishing I had reached out in SOME way to these girls I ran into… but I didn’t. So now I get to sit around and think about what I SHOULD have said if I would have been bold enough … but I still can’t really figure out what that would be either. 

One of my sweet friends is getting married and I was shopping for her a lingerie gift for a bridal shower. I had Judah, my 18-month old, which was in his stroller screaming and throwing fits because he DESPISES shopping. Seriously. I’m not exaggerating. He hates it. So I’m trying to rush around and find something that is cute and her style. I’m the only one in the store besides the 2 young teen girls behind the counter. 

In between Judah’s screams, I heard one girl say to the other co-worker. “I can’t wait til tonight. We’re going to the club and Jase is bringing ice with him.” My head zipped around to look at her (it was reflex, I wish I had been more cool about it ha!) and she looked embarrassed and said, “Oh I guess I said that too loud.” And then she started whispering with her coworker. 

That’s when I started getting the tugging. Say something. Tell them not to do it. Tell them drugs are bad. But I’m just an old lady that they aren’t going to listen to. Invite them to church – something! … but I paid for my stuff and left and said nothing. 

Ever since that day last week, I keep thinking about what I would have even said to them to reach out? I seriously have no clue. I have never touched drugs in my life and really have no business trying to give tips or opinions.  I know I’ve seen the effects of drugs … I’ve seen Embrace Grace baby daddies die from overdoses or drug-related deaths. I’ve seen girls lose jobs, boyfriends, and even worse, their babies because of it. And knowing what these girls have been through themselves, it’s a lot for anyone and I get the reason why they feel like they NEED to self-medicate their hurting heart. I have seen young, single moms that have investigations with CPS, come to church with their pupils dilated and that empty stare … or even baby daddies that smell of alcohol. But how amazing that they CAME to church – even high! I know deep down they want to kick the addiction, and I know that deep down the crave Jesus.  They just need Divine intervention and that final decision that they are done with it once and for all. But I still am always at a loss for words with trying to help … 

So I asked some EG baby momma’s that used to do drugs, what was it that made them stop.  I was surprised by some of the responses …. 

“I stopped because I finally realized one day how useless I was to be high 24/7 and not going anywhere in life. I got tired of the party scene and knew the lifestyle I was living wasn’t getting me anywhere and the people I was hanging out with were not my true friends.” 

“My unplanned pregnancy inspired me to finally stop.” 

“I got arrested of possession of a controlled substance and it freaked me out and I didn’t want to be locked up or on probation again. That same week I found out I was pregnant. After 7 years of using, I couldn’t even think of the risk of hurting the baby all for my ‘pleasure/fun.’ My drug charge got dropped and it was my fresh start. I never want to go back to that life. I was on the verge of self-destruction and should have died a few times and even had a seizure in 2011 from withdrawals. You would have thought that I would have stopped because of that but I didn’t. Luckily my sweet baby should make her arrival in the next few days and her life is what opened my eyes and saved mine.” 

“I went to prison for a few years. I personally think you can’t save someone who doesn’t want to be saved. You have to have it in your own mind to quit. Even if you quit to make someone else happy, you’ll always go back to the drugs. The only way it works is if you quit for yourself and decide to be finished with it.” 

“My mom introduced me to meth and for a long time, I blew off anything and anyone to be with her and we never had a good relationship. I was 11 and wanted to spend time with her. I thought that doing it with her would keep us close and give us a bond that we never had. I lost almost 50 pounds and almost all my friends until all I had left was my mom and the drugs. When I was 16, I started going to church and pulling myself away from her. God started filling in that void and I never looked back. I made a decision to be done with the drugs.” 

“When my grandmother passed away, I was so high I was seeing things and hadn’t slept for days. No one in my family knew, they just thought I was crazy. I finally realized that all the drugs I was doing was leading me down a horrible path.”

“I took ecstasy pretty much every day for 9 months straight along with smoking weed. I quit when my group of friends I hung out with started doing meth, I decided I didn’t want to get into that and just left that group of friends. Both of my step brothers died from overdose and I didn’t want to do it anymore.”

So none of these mommas ever stopped because someone said something that changed their life. Not an intervention or because someone reached out. It was a decision that they came to on their own. I’m not saying that doesn’t work … but for some of the girls I know, it was just that realization what they were doing to themselves going down the destructive path of drugs. 

So I’m just going to keep loving on the friend’s in my life that are struggling with drug addictions. Love inspires hope and change. I can’t fix everyone even if I feel an urge to do it. But I can love everyone and pray for them. Maybe if this younger generation sees a kind of life you can have without the drugs, they might be inspired to change as well. I just have to pray and wait that they get to the moment that they finally want to stop. In the meantime I got my list of rehabs ready to help as soon as they reach out. 

So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. {John 8:36}

I’m a big dreamer and my dream is for all the young girls to see their value, worth and potential and see that a God-High is way better than any earthly high you could get that is temporary. God’s is eternal and so fulfilling.

I’m going back to the lingerie store soon and do something anonymous and fun and loving for those young girls! Let me know if you have any ideas! 

Drugs are bad, mkay? 

Written by Amy Ford

One thought on “God-High

  1. This is good…….this is so good!!! Amy it’s the love & compassion of Christ AND the prayers that you and so many others extend without judgement that causes people to change their lives, yes even giving up drugs cold turkey!
    I have had many conversations with people, church leaders & ministers that like you have never touched drugs or alcohol in their lives and because they don’t understand what drove a person to those choices they have no compassion or love for them. The compassion and love of Christ is what caused to quit Meth, the prayers from people that didn’t know me as well as my family is why I know I was delivered and quit cold turkey. It was the Holy Spirit Who caused to see how others saw me and Who caused me to see me how God saw me. I can remember that day, 13 years ago next month, as clear as yesterday, but it was only until a 4 years ago that I could tell you I know it was the Lord and His people who loved and prayed me through it without treating me any different.
    Oh that the world could have more people with a heart like yours! Thank you for sharing your heart…..pray for those girls and I will for the same…..I know they too will be changed. Love them.

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