Deer Daddy

deerGive thanks to the Lord, for He is good! His faithful love endures forever. {Psalm 136:1}

Psalms 136 is an entire chapter calling us to give thanks and each verse ends with His faithful love endures forever. This stirs something inside of me that compels me to do the same, and my hopes are that it will do the same for you.

Our Heavenly Daddy is so good! Have you told Him today how thankful you are for Him? Take a moment to give Him thanks right now.

There are so many ways to express love to our Daddy. To give Him thanks for all that He has done in our lives as well as in Embrace Grace. I was just thinking of an email that Amy sent out this week. It was a list of all Southlake EG mama’s and salvations. Guess what the number of girls we have had so far in our 10 semesters… 136! Whoa, when I saw that number and reflected back on the Psalm 136, it totally amazes me! We began with 3 girls and that has grown immeasurably now. Sooo many more to come too! With each addition of new campuses, churches, as well as pregnancy resource centers opening up their doors and embracing these sweet mommies and babies! EG is mushrooming and multiplying rapidly! We have Embrace Grace classes meeting across the metroplex, in Oklahoma and Arkansas is starting their class in the Fall. There are so many more EG’s to come! Hopefully one will be in your area soon! The vision that God gave of the little pink hearts popping up on the map all across the area and then the nation showing where an Embrace Grace is held is coming true! There are even churches internationally that are seeking us out and asking what we are doing and how they can add this type of program to their area. This is so exciting!! This is a beautiful mission and such an honor to be a part of God’s heartbeat to draw in the single and pregnant girls so that He can love on them and show Himself to them in a real and tangible way. He shows off big-time to these girls and their lives are never the same after getting a glimpse of who He is! It is all for His glory! Thank you Daddy!

This is so God! All in His timing. He is so faithful! I asked Him last week for a spark. It was the only word that came to my mind at the time and I wasn’t sure of the significance. I jotted the word down in my journal and added to my prayer God box.

On Father’s Day I began thanking my Daddy for all of His creation and nature that we are so blessed to enjoy all around us. I see God in everything. Big and small. He is at the center of it all! He created all things for us to richly enjoy. He delights when we take a few moments to soak up His creation and natural wonder. To see Him, His heart, His creation in the midst of it all.

Our family went to East Texas to celebrate Father’s Day with 4 Generations of Duffy’s. Big Papa (great papa), Lil Papa (papa), my hubby and his boys- the little Duffy’s. To see the interaction and joy upon their faces as they shared stories and loads of laughter together, it brought sweet tears to my eyes. Thank you Daddy for this sweet moment! As I began to thank Him for all the sweet moments encountered throughout this special day, He impressed upon my heart to write Him a letter expressing my love and thankfulness.

My little one has been writing thank you notes and love notes to his family. Each letter he begins by writing Deer Mom, Deer Dad, Deer Papa… it’s so cute and tells of his love for us. It makes me smile and that is what impressed me to even write this post and title, Deer Daddy.

As soon as we arrived to Lil Papa’s house he excitedly told us… Ya’ll come here, we have something to show you! We walked to the back porch overlooking their heavily wooded backyard and saw the most amazing display. There were 2 mama deer and their sweet babies that were so tiny and so freshly newborn. They had white little spots on their backs and fluffy whitetails. They frolicked and played and looked so adorable when they jumped. They would nurse and cuddle up close to their mama. Oh it tickled me to see the deer so comfy and content in their new habitat. They had made Big Papa’s back yard in the woods their home. They felt comfortable and secure. Such a delight for us to watch them in action.

I began to wander about the daddy deer. Is he close by too? Then my hubby explained that he more than likely will not be seen around them anymore. Immediately my heart thought about this instance, and was turned to the Embrace Grace mama’s and babies. Some instances, the baby daddy is not in the picture. Then had this impression upon my heart that was so heartfelt and so true. It was an impression straight from your Heavenly Daddy. He says although you may not always see me, I am always here for you and your baby. I am everywhere and all around you. I will always care, provide and surround you with my everlasting love. There is nothing to fear. I am always near. Admiring the mama deer and her sweet babies always brings me back to EG. Seeing the mommies and babies together. So full of love. So full of expectation of what is to come. Thank you Daddy!

A ladybug was crawling on the walkway and I bent down to scoop her up in my hands and whispered Thank you Daddy! Hundreds of birds and hummingbirds flew up to the bird feeder throughout the day and we looked closely with our binoculars at all the detail and brightly colored feathers. God you are so creative and intricate with your designs! Thank you for the birds that bring sweet melodies when they sing.

Fireflies came out at dusk and we had our nets and bug catchers ready. Tip toeing through the tall grass and watching my hubby and little one as they gently caught the lightning bugs together and had such joy with the capture of each one. Another big thank you!

Then the gentle whisper came… A spark… you asked me for a spark last week and I am giving it to you. Right here, right now, in this moment. Your spark is here. As you are catching fireflies with the ones you love most. The little spark, the little light that glows on the tail of each lightning bug that I created….this is your SPARK. Enjoy my precious daughter. 

Ahhh, something melted inside of me at that moment. Like I could feel a liquid love being poured over me like wax. Sweet tears began to fall. It was indescribable the emotions and love swirling around inside of me. Loved it! Thank you Daddy!

Right after those words I heard, write me a letter. So that is what I did. I began with Deer Daddy… and thanked Him for all the beautiful ways He showed me glimpses of Himself through the beauty of His creation and nature. We were on the dock overlooking the lake. All 4 generations of Duffy’s gathered together and looking out at the glassy smooth waters. They couldn’t wait to get their fishing line in the water to catch some fish. Lots of joy and amazement with the cast of each line, hoping and waiting for their next fish to come. They found a honey hole that was sure to bring a fish with each cast. A fisherman’s dream. Relaxing on the dock and enjoying the stillness around them.

A beautiful swan appeared from the reeds. We have been out at this dock so many times over the past 13 years and never once seen a swan. I smiled and looked up to the heavens and said Thank you Daddy! She is beautiful!

I love the way my Daddy speaks to me through His nature and wildlife. He has given me many nature names for our Embrace Team and just wanted to recognize two of them today that are on my heart and obviously on God’s heart too!

The deer nature name was given to Michele Smith a leader of Embrace Grace~

You really and truly know God’s word.  You pant or long for more and more.  As you thirst for more of His word, you are leading the embrace grace girls around you to search and know more of His truth. 

As the deer longs for streams of water, so I long for you, O God. {Psalm 42:1} the song “as the deer panteth for the waters oh my soul longeth after you…You alone are my hearts desire and I long to worship you.” Your life, your heart really portrays this song!

The swan nature name was given to Megan Perry an alumni and leader of Embrace Grace~

I closed my eyes just now and pictured you as a swan, gliding gracefully across the water.  As you glide, others gaze to see your beauty.  It is the inner beauty that radiates from the innermost part of you that is portrayed and captured. You will help others to see the beauty that is within them.  They think of themselves as not pretty or worthy, but you see them as lovely and graceful and you will help others to glide along beside you in the streams of life.  

This is the first time either of these two wildlife, the deer and swan have appeared on this land here in East Texas and I think it’s pretty special that God chose Fathers Day for them to appear. He sees His daughters. Each and every one of you! He delights in YOU! He loves you and His faithful love endures FOREVER!

Below is a letter written to my heavenly Daddy. Maybe you will be inspired to write a letter of your own soon. We would love for you to leave a comment by giving your thanks to Daddy!

Deer Daddy~

Happy Daddy’s Day from your little girl, your ladybug girl. I Love to love YOU! I enjoyed so many sentimental moments today. My heart is drawn to you. I am moved to tears. I felt you whisper, write me a letter, express to me how much you love me and how you are so thankful for the many beautiful ways that I show my love to you.  Daddy, how can I put into words the way you make me feel? Words can not give this any justice. I will try my best. The peace, serenity and sheer delight that I feel when I’m with you is indescribable. I see you everywhere! I feel you everywhere! I trust that you are here with me everywhere, even now. I kept blowing you kisses and saying thank you Daddy for the amazing acts of kindness displayed in our children’s hearts. The love they have for you, their Heavenly Father, and their earthly father. And the love that my husband has for his father as well as his Dad for Papa. 4 Generations of love on display today. A legacy of love shared between Fathers and Sons. Thank you so much Daddy! I am honored to be your daughter! 

Written by Salina Duffy

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