babyOne of the sweetest, most precious moments is to walk into a babies room and peer over the side of the crib to behold a sleeping baby. One could daze and be enamored by the beauty and sheer bliss of peacefulness and quietness that exudes from this innocent baby as they sleep so silently. You may wonder what they are dreaming. Especially when you see the corner of their lip begin to rise up into a tiny smile when they are in the deepest of sleep.  What do they see? Do they see a giant milk bottle coming their way? Are they getting a glimpse of the angels?   Remember they are so fresh from heaven, their sweet little spirits have seen the sweetest of things.

Many have said the familiar phrase, never wake a sleeping baby. I beg to differ. So many times I just gaze down at their sweet faces, just hoping they will awake so that I can embrace them with loving arms. This same display is given when my children are sleeping. No matter how old they become, they will always be my baby.

An all time favorite book that I read to them is “Love you Forever” written by Robert Munsch.  An excerpt from the book reads…The baby grew, and he grew and he grew.. the mommy would look up over the side of his bed and if he was really asleep, she picked him up and rocked  him back and forth, back and forth and while she rocked him she sang… I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be. 

Not once have I been able to read that book without at least a few tears in between the pages. It is so tender and sweet and displays a mothers love with her children no matter what they get into, no matter how many messes they make, or no matter how they act. No performance or anything is needed to receive this love. It is given freely. A mother loves her child with an unconditional love.

As I reflected upon this visual this morning;  this same word began to play over and over in my mind… awaken. This was the precious picture that God gave me that brought tears to my eyes. Just as we gaze in to see our sleeping babies or children, God also does the same to each of us.  He gazes down upon us as we sleep and is enamored with love for us. He sees us sleeping peacefully and so content and is counting down the minutes until we rise and shine. He sends the beautiful sunrise to awaken us to begin our day. A newness. A fresh start. A new day. He has so many treasures, kisses, and surprises that He is waiting to share with you.

As you sleep, He watches over you intently. Just as you check and re-check over and over again on your newborn as you bring them home from the hospital, just to make sure they are breathing. You just can’t get enough of their sweet baby smell. You just want more and more of them. God feels the same way about you. He loves your smell, your smile, the way you look up at Him. He says you are beautiful in ever way. He LOVES YOU!

I want to surprise you today I heard as I awoke this morning.  As I began to stir, my heart was expectant of the special ways God wanted to send His love and treasures to me. The first kiss that I encountered was a sparkling gold winged dragonfly circling around me. I smiled. Secondly I drove past this piece of land that is for sale and saw a red bird soaring high and was so excited I screamed out LOOK! Over there is a red bird and its just for us!  Another sweet kiss.  This piece of land with 11 acres always stirs in my heart “what if’s” for Embrace g\Grace and the familiar DREAM BIG saying is always soaring through my mind. We will have to wait and see.

Next, I see a golden bronze statue of two girls holding a candlestick in their hands and below their feet is a stone that reads “remember to play” and good morning sunshine. I smile. I am reminded to take time to play, enjoy the moments, to let my light shine each and every day. You never know who is watching. It may spark a glimmer of hope in someone and cause a trickle effect that spreads like wildfire. This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine…

Later in the day, my son and I swing as high as we can and try to touch the clouds with our feet. Another kiss. I stop by for a quick treat at tiki hut and order a sunrise sno cone and hawaiian kiss… mmmm delicious! As I am getting into my car, I see a logo on the side of a ladies car parked beside me that read fairy dust vacations. A side note: I love to see wonder in each and every day and sprinkle a little fairy dust along the way to spark up some creativeness. I’m always in awe of how I feel like a little girl when I sprinkle the fairy dust in my hair and make believe that anything is possible. I have been known to carry little fairy dust packets in my purse and pull them out on any occasion and sprinkle on mommies, babies and ladies around me. It always brings sheer joy and delight upon their faces. I love this! Then a little later in the day, my little boy and I were sitting on the stairs. He said to me mommy look me in the eyes, and he began to give me kisses over and over. Now that is just precious! Even now as I am typing, I have a sweet girl named Zoe and her baby Landon on their way over to visit and play together. Another sweet kiss! And there is still many more hours in my day that God will shower me with His wondrous display of love and affection.

This is just a simple, single, ordinary day where God pours out a display of His love. He longs to do the same for you. Look for Him to awaken your senses and cause you to rise and shine and give Him the glory.

As you peek over the bed and watch your sleeping little ones, remember that God is doing the same with you. Embrace the goodness around you. Enjoy the little things. Life is good!

I came that they may enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows). {John 10:10}

There is an awakening movement that is shaking across our nation. Hearts are being stirred up. A call to LIFE. A call for protection for the mother and her unborn baby is being heard. The HB 2 bill that was signed into law today is such a big step to turning all of this around! Such a declaration of the sanctity of life.  Hearts are being awakened. Lives are being saved. I read a post yesterday titled “The Summer of Love” and I believe this truly is. Love is being poured out as never before. Can you feel it?

Written by Salina Duffy

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