Focus on the Solution

crossIt’s hard to not get so caught up and focused on all of our problems. How am I going to pay my bills this month? How can I kick this drug problem? When will I quit craving alcohol so much? Why do I keep going back to the same boyfriend that treats me so bad? When will I find a job that uses my gifts and talents? Will I ever get married? Will things ever change? Why do I keep having sex with this guy when all I really want to do is stay pure before marriage?

Those are some common questions I hear a lot from my sweet momma friends. And I’ve noticed one thing that seems to pull these girls out of their problematic situations faster than any other way is: Don’t focus so much on the problem. Focus on the solution.

What’s the solution? Well there’s just one thing – JESUS.

We can get so consumed with the problem and try, try, trying to stop doing that problem or spinning our wheels trying to get out of our messes when Jesus can take care of all of it. The more time we spend with God and we surrender our need to fix it all, God takes our hearts and aligns it with His will. Those addictions start softening. Those desires you used to have start changing to God desires. He changes our hearts FOR US.

I’ve seen God come through in some major ways for people this week. As an outsider watching, I can’t tell you how MOVED I am seeing #1 God’s people having a burden to help others in need and all come together for one cause to make a HUGE difference and #2 those things we worry about just take care of themselves when we trust God.

There was a family of 5 this week that will be forced to move out mid-next week from their apartment and needed a place to stay for 3 weeks while they save their money for another rent deposit to another place. They had fallen behind on payments because of job changes and other things that they got so far behind they couldn’t quite catch up. They just needed a few weeks to recharge and reset. They had no idea where they were going. They gave all their problems and worries to Jesus and God just took care of it. Another family (that is completely BEYOND amazing) said they would move out of their OWN home and go stay with family members, just so this family in need could have a place to stay and stretch out. Only God can change people’s hearts and create stories so beautiful.

An Embrace Grace momma just had a baby just a week ago and at the same exact time, had to find another place to live. She moved in with a family member but no one had a truck to move her bigger stuff, which included a couch that she used to sleep on. So when she came home from the hospital, she had to sleep on the TILE floor! That is so sad!! God’s people sprang into action and a guy with a big truck went and picked up the couch so she could sleep on it. God changed and burdened the heart of this man to put love into action and make a difference. She gave it to Jesus and it was taken care of

I seriously have the best and most fun life ever!

And just a note for church leaders, church members, and all my friends that have been a Christian for a long time … if you see people in your life, whether at church or just outside circle that struggle with addictions to sin or consistent problems – just LOVE them. Encourage them. Speak life into them. God’s love being poured out in a tangible way changes their hearts.

Once there was a young guy that came to church and he had a strong smell of alcohol on him and was talking a little loudly. We were all getting situated in our classroom and I mentioned it to the baby daddy’s leader, “Just FYI, that guy might be a tad drunk. He majorly smells like alcohol.”  Guess what my leader friend said …. “Awesome.”

I smiled SO big!

I know what he meant. He’s not saying, “awesome” to the fact he is drunk. He is saying “awesome” to the fact that this guy was drunk and obviously covering his hurts and pain with alcohol and it wasn’t enough so he finally decided to make his way up to the church to get loved on by God’s love. He needed to connect quick with God’s presence. And he came! Awesome.

I watched that baby dad’s leader walking down the hall with a scraggly looking bunch following behind him. Guys with tattoo’s, gauges, one had a severe limp, saggy pants, jailhouse tattoo’s and one that smelled of alcohol. Awesome. I bet that’s a little like what Jesus and all the people that followed him looked like. Tears filled my eyes as I watched them walk to their classroom. All God wants is their hearts.

We’re ALL just a scraggly looking bunch but Jesus loves us anyways. He sees our destiny and our purpose. He loves us no matter if our scraggly looking stuff is more evident of it’s more concealed under our churchy clothes and words.

Church leaders, quit getting hung up on the problem. Just pour out the solution! More of Him changes everything.

If we focus on the solution (jesus) and not the problem (or even the evidence of the problem), things start changing. Hearts start changing.

When we focus on the solution even with helping others in need, our heart starts changing as well.


Written by Amy Ford

One thought on “Focus on the Solution

  1. This is why I love EG so much! It’s such a tangible expression of the Father’s heart. Being involved has helped me to see people the way God sees them. I hope we see a day when the whole church is known for it’s love!

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